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Mary J. Blige Calls That Notorious Burger King Commercial ‘Buffoonery’

Mary J. Blige Calls That Notorious Burger King Commercial 'Buffoonery'

So you remember that controversial Burger King commerical with Mary J. Blige? You know the one for which she got paid $2 million to sing about chicken wraps? The one that got people all upset, calling her a sellout, with many being bitterly disappointed with how she could have stooped so low (I still remember one commenter saying she sounded like “an old slave”). And just in case you’ve forgotten the commercial, it’s posted below.

Well, Ms.Blige wants you to know that she’s not happy about it either, and, in an interview today on radio station Hot 97 in New York, she spoke out for the first time, telling her side of the story and letting us know what the hell she was she thinking.

According to her, the commercial wasn’t supposed to turn out that way, and she apologized to her many fans: I want to apologize to everyone who was offended or thought that I would do something so disrespectful to our culture. I would never do anything like that purposefully. I thought I was doing something right, so forgive me.

As she said in the interview, she was shocked and my heart dropped down to my stomach,when she first saw the ad.

But it got even worse, adding, I got this sweat and I said real calm, ‘This too shall pass’. But it kept getting worse and worse and worse…and all I can see is ‘Burger King’ and ‘chicken’ and ‘buffoonery’. It just broke my heart.

And still further: “I would never just bust out singing about chicken and chicken wings. It hurt my feelings and crushed me for two days.

In the interview, she explained that the reason why she stayed silent for so long was because: There was too much going on for me to stick my head out there and say anything. So I just pulled back and watched everyone and everything.

Now as for what exactly went wrong, she explained that she was originally convinced on the idea that the commercial “would be shot in an ironic way.” What she meant by that, she didn’t explain. But she added that she also saw the ad as a “great branding opportunity.

In the end, she said that it was a mistake when you look at it at the end of the day, because people look at it as a mistake. But I did it because I thought that it was something that wouldn’t come out like that.

She didn’t say though if she was going to return the $2 million.


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I'd do this any number of times for 2 million, and wouldn't apologize.


This is damage control and Mary doesn't seem too upset why didn't she give back the $2 million dollars? We all make mistakes but this was a big mistake by Mary J Blige. Another poster said it is okay to like eating chicken and that's true. But didn't Mary know the history and all the stereotypes about black people and fried chicken? Why doesn't Mary give Burger King back their money if she's so upset? Give me a break.


Thank you Comment Police! Why are we claiming racial offense b/c of the commercials stereotype reference, and then turning around and referring to MJB as at "bitch" and former prostitute? That doesn't make any sense. And it's very disrespectful to black women, especially those who share Mary's background – which should be (and is) irrelevant.

Again, I am actually not offended by the commercial. Other commercials have been more overtly offensive and demeaning to black peoples history and musical traditions. So leave MJB alone, really. Some of these comments are very shallow. The "bitch" / prostitute thing, not cool!


Mary's commercial wasn't the only one that was offensive. If you look at the Selma Hayak commercial it has various stereotypes of Mexican women , the call it "role play" . Burger King knew exactly what they were doing stirring controversy. Mary's commercial was the only one pulled from viewing . There are 30+ channels for Latin audiences where they see various images of themselves, maybe that's why they didnt get upset. Black folks don't even have 5 so when we see this portrayed for everyone to see , it's hurtful. And if you think the commercials' not that big of a deal , you need to go take a college course or go to a seminar on black , Latin or other minorities images in film.


Come on she is a former prostitute, we cant expect her to be an enlightened individual with her lack of education just because she is a celebrity. Singing for money is what she does. That is not a noble profession. Just be glad she is not selling ass.


My problem with the whole set of commercials was that you have David Beckham/Salma Hayek being portrayed as sexy and desirable, but the Black woman was… singing about chicken. I mean, unless she's saying that somebody dubbed "chicken" into the commercial without her knowledge and that's NOT what she sang, I don't get how she was so surprised.

Arnold Drummond

And then the check cleared…

Dumb Haters

Mary J is the Queen .. I support her. She don't need to return the money ! Stay out of her bank account Indiewire !
And all you dumb haters .. Go throw your worthless self into speeding traffic


Where's the beef?


I honestly don't get what the issue is with the ad. Peace.

Field negro

For 2 million, I'd sing 'bout chicken too boss.
Got a song for ya, wanna here it? Here it go..


The only thing offensive about this commercial (to me) is Mary's intonation, phonation, and pitch. Wow…. The fast food industry has used black aesthetic and music for years. I'm actually more offended by the Cadillac-GMC-Chrystler commercials with Gospel choirs, "Imported from Detroit," than this. Why does this get the negative attention and those do not? Both are disturbing. Probably b/c of MJB's fame. But if we call her out, let's also call out the Popeye's Chicken lady. She does everything except sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" while hocking those chicken tenders.


O___o. Mary j have a seat boo boo

Miles Ellison

If she's looking for sympathy, she'll find that in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. While the book is open, she can look up ironic.

the black police

Bullshit! You climb inbed with devil now hold your stained bed sheets high, wave it and be proud! Why cant people just own their decisions???


OK. I am usually very sensitive to stereotypical portrayals of Blacks in the media. But what was the problem? Because I see nothing offensive about the spot per se? Was it the fact that she Black and sang about chicken? Was that the problem? If that's case then there will always be problematic when Black public proclaim certain food stuff for fear of reinforcing stereotypes. I can understand that because of the historical association with Blacks and the "yardbird". But will we always be offended when we do things that are viewed as stereotypical. I am more offended by those 1990's McDonald's commercials targeted to Blacks than this.


Oh, okay Mary. Is it just me or did she not really make any sense?

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