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More ‘Scandal’ Casting Moves: Bellamy Young (Wife Of The Prez) Promoted To Series Regular

More 'Scandal' Casting Moves: Bellamy Young (Wife Of The Prez) Promoted To Series Regular

Things that make you go hmm…

I do recall Shonda Rhimes suggest in an interview after the season finale, that Olivia Pope’s handing in her White House badge/pass as she walked out of the White House compounds at the end of the season finale, might imply that she’s done with that specific circle of people, and that entire narrative thread may not be continued next season. 

I believe her words were: “she [Olivia Pope] burned a very important bridge,” referring to her relationship with the White House, and specifically, the Prez.

So today’s news might suggest otherwise… 

The Prez’s calculating, ambitious wife (played by Bellamy Young) will be returning next season to Scandal. TV Guide reports that Young has been promoted to series regular on the ABC drama.

I don’t think they’re going to settle down into happiness… But they play the happy couple quite well these days. A baby’s got to come from somewhere, so that’s going to be an interesting road for them,” Rhimes told TVGuide.

As already reported, some other shake-ups in the series for next season include Joshua Malina also being promoted to series regular, while Henry Ian Cusick will not be returning.

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Bellamy Young is absolutely great in this role. I can't help but focus on her whenever she's in a scene, so thanks Shonda! The best villain since Alexis Carrington, even though I barely remember Dynasty. It's a blur but I remember she was cold blooded.


BTW – Rhimes dropped a tweet today on the new abc family show, "BUNHEADS", and its lack of diversity… I don't know… maybe you all covered this already…

Bond girl

I figured such. Mellie's standoff with Olivia really struck a cord with viewers, and the audience seems content with her as the show's villain. I'm wondering if she will take an adversarial role next season. I enjoy her acting choices, her line delivery, and her Lady MacBeth personality.


It only stands to reason. They have to keep the WH crew in the mix. Right now the feeding frenzie is the Fitz and Liv story line. The key thing to a story line like that has truly captivated people is give it to us in increments. She has to fill 35 episodes they can't all be about Liv and Fitz. So here is where it gets real challenging for the writers. Me personally, I want it to drag out for at least 2 seasons. Do not give them an HEA yet. ( I make Mvid on Youtube so you know I'm counting viewers) . Truthfully, Liv & Fitz could easily be considered Shondra's Royal Flush. A very powerful hand if she ever pursued the HEA for those two. A ratings bonanza!!!


Tambay, Shonda may not be the best writer around but she ain't no fool! lol She very well knows that many people watch the show to see Olivia interacting with the WH crew, particularly Fitz. So I highly doubt we've seen the last of that narrative, despite what Shonda says. And I must say that I'm a bit disappointed that Henry Ian Cusick isn't returning to the show, as his character was the only member of Olivia's team that I actually liked. Lastly, I just finished watching the first season of the Starz series Boss and…oh my! THAT is the show Scandal wishes it could be. Looking forward to seeing Sanaa Lathan on the second season.

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