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MTV Looking To Bring ‘Scream’ Series To TV

MTV Looking To Bring 'Scream' Series To TV

Last fall, Wes Craven kept some kind of dim hope alive that a “Scream 5” might get made, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. While “Scream 4” managed to make $97 million worldwide, it was the first in the series to fail to crack $100 million, but most crucially, became the poorest performer of the lot. Domestically, it couldn’t even do half of what “Scream 3” did. But since franchises never say die, it looks like the concept may live on.

MTV is now developing a “Scream” series promising a weekly supply of horror irony/parody or something. The music network (if you can call it that any more) has been branching into original programming, scoring a hit most recently with adolescent (and pretty shitty) werewolf thing “Teen Wolf.” And we’d guess they’ll want to follow a similar template here, with hot young things wrapped up in some mild horror/drama. There’s no word if Wes Craven or Kevin Williamson are involved, but undoubtedly, the Weinsteins must have their finger in here somewhere, considering they have the rights to the franchise.

Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley are the producers behind the project that for now you might as well just stack up the rest of the multitude of Movies Being Turned Into TV Shows. But man, 1996 feels so long ago…. [TVLine]

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let me guess it's gonna be about a bunch of mindless teenagers that think they're tough because they watch movies all day getting killed one by one yet the main characters conveniently get stabbed in places that won't kill them. and this will be on mtv? so the killer is gonna be some chick crying about her boyfriend for attention? oh wait they did that already in a movie. don't even want to see what it would be like on a network that annoying teens all watch today. they should just let scream rest in peace until they do any further damage like with 3 and especially 4.

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