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Noel Clarke Talks Remaking ‘I, Robot,” Returning To ‘Dr Who’ & Working On ‘Star Trek’ Sequel

Noel Clarke Talks Remaking 'I, Robot," Returning To 'Dr Who' & Working On 'Star Trek' Sequel

Brit renaissance man Noel Clarke has a movie coming out (in the UK) this Friday – the sci-fi/horror flick Storage 24, which we’ve covered quite a bit on this site – and he’s been actively promoting it as you’d imagine, making the usual press rounds. 

In the series of videos below, Clarke interviews with Digital Spy, and in them, he answers fan questions including what movie he’d really like to remake/reboot/sequelize/etc (I, Robot, so don’t be surprised if there’s suddely further discussion of that), whether he’s ever walked out of a movie (I actually liked his response to this question), and more; he also talks about whether he’ll be returning to Doctor Who (I know a few of you are fans of that show), and working with J. J. Abrams in the sequel to Star Trek.

Watch all 3 clips below

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Tambay is WHAT?! Let's see how this works. So he's "absessed" with this guy because… wait now, here comes the big gang… Tambay is absessed with Noel Clarke because he posts information on him like he does hundreds of other actors, writers, filmmakers, etc. If that's your contention, I'd be the first one to tell The Black Police and James Evans that you guys are looking for love in all the wrong places. I mean, y'all must be looking through a filtered lens or suptin'. Now I would venture to say Tambay has an unenviable job. He realizes that his readership is comprised of individuals throught out the world. Consequently, it's his job to post as much diverse information as he can. And more importantly and to that point, if one WAS looking with a keen eye, he covers a vast range of topics, movie genres, actors, screenwriters, etc. And for the boys up in the balcony, did y'all ever stop and think of the monumental task it must be to present enlightening material on a continual daily bases? If you did, certainly you would know that task is not for the weak… and one has to consider the fact that it's impossible to please everyone, every single day. Therefore, in short, having said all of that, it's woefully inaccurate to say Tambay has an obsession for Noel Clarke, simply because he has posted a few of his projects and aspirations.


I speculate Noel Clark's interest in "I, Robot" is under discussion because the Will Smith version strayed somewhat far from the book.

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

Tambay, it seems, has many obsessions. I wish he'd be at least be a bit more discriminating in his tastes. Gets to the point now where I just skip over certain headlines on S&A and sigh. Gotta admire his gumption though.


Magbe this is just because I've never seen his work (my bad) but this dude sure does talk a lot! Every other article is him discussing remaking something, invading the US, or some other lofty ambition. Someone clue me in: does he have the goods?

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