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Obamacare And The Uninsured Artist

Obamacare And The Uninsured Artist

It took a Black man to give us healthcare. The importance of diversity in all sectors of society is critical. Diversity brings in voices that have a broader and more sensitive reach. People who have walked different roads and have suffered different pains; remain open to the plight of those that resemble themselves.

Many people are not aware that they are entitled to Obamacare, NOW. If you (or your children) are uninsured and have not had health insurance for the last 6 months. AND, you have a pre-existing condition, you are entitled to the health plan. You do not have to wait until 2014. Each state has the coverage and there is a fee for the coverage. The fee varies by state. Pre-existing conditions include migraines, eczema, diabetes, etc. The bar is not that high.

Unfortunately, the fee is costly. And, in 2014, the fee for coverage will be costly. However, I believe the Obama Administration is looking into subsidies that are related to income. I have suffered through different types of insurance plans. Let me tell you, having strong healthcare coverage makes a difference. You will now have access to the same health insurance that government employees have.

Now, let’s think about this. For decades, the leadership of this country has made it their duty to keep healthcare coverage from the citizenry. So, it took a tremendous amount of scholarship (President Obama is a Constitutional Scholar) and creativity. I remember President Obama talking about the importance of bringing creativity to problem solving. This is key. Don’t get frustrated by an issue, be creative and find a way to solve it.

President Obama is an amazing example of leadership. In my opinion, he will go down in history as one our best Presidents, if not, our best. Yes, he falls short in many areas. Who wouldn’t? The United States government is locked into a legacy of catering to the wealthy and not to the citizenry. He is a President that is tuning into our needs. Yes we can, and will, debate until the cows come home about what he is NOT doing. Specifically, for Black America. Yes, let us debate this. It’s important that we do. And, that we do something, concrete, about it.

Don’t just rail. What’s your plan? It must involve the creation of a strong movement that presents a real challenge to the system. Specifically, a plan that involves the pooling of resources by our ‘wealthy’ that links to the needs of the ‘least of us’. We have to create an AGENDA and stick to it. Threatening to withhold our vote if our AGENDA is not met. Things do not change if there is no pressure or threat that we will withhold a substantial amount of capital or votes. Or, create a visual, consistent, well attended form of protest. It will take a combined, concerted effort. Will it ever happen? I think so. When? I don’t know. Right now, I think Black folks are still believing that ‘they can’, individually. That our personal wealth is more important than the community.

In the meantime, look up the pre-existing condition plan in your state and see if you can get healthcare, NOW. The actual name of the Act is The Affordable Care Act. Here are the plans for NYC and NJ: and<division_insurance/njprotect/index.htm.

Again, it is available in all states. Check to see what the plan is in your state

I stated, from the beginning, that I have President Obama’s back. President Obama 2012. And, yes, I am highly critical of him- when needed. He is dragging this country into the 20th century (heck, the 18th century). Unless you have a better plan, I suggest you join him.

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ENEN is EverNewEcoN

Any government program conforming to oligopoly will
benefit the oligopolists, just as programs supposedly
benefiting mortgagors mainly benefit the banks
and the Liquidity Trap and no earnings on savings benefit

Going naked for 6 mos. before getting relief from a choice
of go naked or premium death spiral is a cruel hoax.

Maybe that's why Boehner, Lieberman, Baucus, and Conrad
are content with Obamacare even though it replaces a
shell Game.

Risk equalization removes the monopoly that
is held up a capitalism and is the false benchmark
against which others are slandered not-capitalist.

Simply remove immunity from the antitrust laws
and use the same accounting used in Medicare for
equalizing risk instead of passing it to the taxpayer
and entrenching pricing power.


thanks for this post. i needed a break from arguments about tyler's sexual preferences.


Hello Tanya, I was searching for the phrase "It took a black man to get us healthcare" in Google and your article was the first one to show up! I was floored to find out that someone actually wrote an article expressing this sentiment. I completely agree with your article and want to thank you for expressing this. It may seem as though nobody is reading it but let me tell you, your words matter and they matter in this historical moment.


Hello Tanya, I guess it's just me and you on this one. I totally agree with your take on President Obama. I've frequently said "If not Obama, then who? I can go on about that, but not here. So in your spare time, when you have nothing else to do, I am inviting you to read a post on our 44th president. Here–> Title: Twenty Fives Miles To Go And I can Hear My Baby Calling My Name!/2010/10/twenty-five-miles-to-go-and-i-can-hear.html. Actually, I've written about 10 of them. If you're so inclined, there's a box in the upper right-hand corner. Type in the name Obama… all ten will pop up. And keep doing what you do because I enjoy your style.

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