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Peter Berg To Direct Mental Disability Drama ‘Father’s Day’

Peter Berg To Direct Mental Disability Drama 'Father's Day'

Lest you think “Battleship” springing a leak at theaters might have tanked the career of Peter Berg, guess again. The director was smart enough to make a one-for-them-one-for-me deal with Universal way back in 2009 when he signed on for the board game movie, so he’s already getting set to shoot his Navy SEAL movie “Lone Survivor” for the studio this fall with Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch and Ben Foster. He’s also got that “Friday Night Lights” movie kicking around, and now he’s adding one more movie to his plate.

Variety reports that Berg is attached to direct “Father’s Day,” which is — no, not a Garry Marshall movie — but an adaptation of the book by Buzz Bissinger, the writer behind “Friday Night Lights.” However, unlike his previous sports-centered books, this one is a change of pace for both the writer and director. The film will tell the true story of Bissinger’s relationship with his mentally challenged 24-year-old son Zach — born three minutes apart from his Penn state graduate brother Gerry — and the road trip he takes with him to revisit the places they’ve lived in an effort to better understand who he is.

Sounds like a potentially touching tale, and something a little bit outside Berg’s usual testosterone-soaked wheelhouse. This is all early days, with Universal taking a peek as part of their first look deal with Berg. So just file it for now, and we’ll see if how this develops down the line.

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I actually really want to read this book. There's a whole thing in the review I read that listed everything that could be done in three minutes (well not everything…), and then it said how three minutes can change a life. Apparently Zach can't have kids, will never be able to drive a car, but has these crazy navigational skills. It sounded super touching because Zach's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck (that's what I think I read), and my brother had the same issue when he was born. When I went to look for it at the local bookstore they were out, and by the time Amazon would've delivered it, Father's Day would've came and went. It sounds like an amazing book. Translated to movie format though, I feel like we could get into "Marley and Me" territory.


Damn, he must really be reeling from Battleship's failure.


This has a 0% chance of being anything other than sentimental trash.


Jason Katims on board to write? Please?

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