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Podcast: The Playlist Talks Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’

Podcast: The Playlist Talks Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'

We’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to record our very own podcast here at The Playlist. The format of the show is still very much a work in progress, but we hope this content serves as a chance for our readers to listen in to all the chatter happening around The Playlist water cooler. Editor and occasional contributor Erik McClanahan will be your host, and we hope to feature all members of our staff on shows to come. So please let us know what you think about this new endeavor. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will no doubt help us move forward on figuring out a structure for the podcast. 

In our debut episode, I gathered two of our leading voices on The Playlist for a SPOILER-heavy chat about Ridley Scott‘s divisive return to science fiction, “Prometheus.” Comptroller Rodrigo Perez, Managing Editor Kevin Jagernauth and I all have varied opinions, theories and thoughts on the film. A few notes: even with a near hour long discussion, we managed to miss a few major points on the film (we’re still working out the kinks for this podcasting thing). The theme of immortality plays an important part in the film, and if you consider that a certain dude by the name of Jesus was born 2000 years ago, well then perhaps that’s some motive for those pesky Engineers to do what they do in the film. And if you still haven’t gotten your fill of “Prometheus” after listening, head on over to our latest The Good, The Bad & The Ugly feature on the film where a few similar topics are broached.

Let us know if we missed anything else, or if you agree or disagree with any of our takes by sounding off in the comments section below. SPOILERS abound in this podcast, so we suggest you listen to it after seeing the film. You’ve been warned. 

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Larry Nocella

I like the idea of discussing film in this detail, but I want to propose a challenge for ya'll. Next podcast, no one is allowed to say "summer tent pole." ;)

Also, it seemed one of you was claiming that the alien at the end was what showed up in the first movie, but that wasn't its first appearance – in the vase room, there was a mural with a xenomorph on the wall, so the Engineers knew something of the xenos.

Good call on black goo = midichlorian (?). In keeping with the Damon Lindeloff theme, I'd also propose the black goo = the black smoke of Lost.

Maybe a little shorter next time and include more than one film. P.S. Also the captain's theory that the area was housing WMD was just a theory – he might be wrong.

Okay, enough from me. Keep up the good work, lads.



As an avid reader of yours, I really enjoy this and I certainly hope you do this again!


Really liked this guys. Good talk about the film. I hope you do more and at least one about Mark Millar. Just a whole episode of you three ripping the shit out of him.


Pretty good if not a tad long. Tends to ramble a bit when you get to talking about Lost. One note about a weakness in the movie is that they tell us they are going to a solar system that is referenced in all these ancient civilizations and yet they actually go to a planet [or moon] that is a way station along the way. Why would the ancient civilations reference a planet that is along the way to the main one? That needs explaining.


When are y'all going to be up on iTunes?

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