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Preview Centric TV’s New Series ‘Amateur Millionaire’s Club’

Preview Centric TV's New Series 'Amateur Millionaire's Club'

I’m definitely not one for reality TV series (I barely watch TV unless I absolutely have to), but I’m actually a bit curious about this one. I like the idea – essentially showing audiences the path to wealth taken by everyday folks like you and I, and how they handle financial success when they achieve it. 

Of course, it’s all in the execution of the series, so we’ll have to see how Centric TV presents it. 

Titled Amateur Millionaire’s Club, it’s described by the network as “a fresh and exciting new reality series that will follow the lives of nine newly minted Black millionaires, chronicling their rise to wealth and the challenges that come along with their new found status.

Look for it to premiere on Centric, with back to back episodes, on Saturday, July 7 at 9P/8C.

Watch the preview below:

PREVIEW: Amateur Millionaire’s Club from Centric TV on Vimeo.

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I am confused. What type of network marketing are they into. I mean what is the product and/or service they sell?

Miles Ellison

This looks like more new minstrel foolishness.


Sad that BET's version of people in Network Marketing has you perceiving that it is such a ratchet! Some of the wealthiest people in the world and some EXTREMELY classy people are Network Marketers or own Network Marketing companies, Mary Kay Ash, Robert Kyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett to name a few. When my husband and I lost our income in 2009 we had no job to turn to, home was being foreclosed and I was introduced to a company and earned 9,000 in 2 months. Saved my home and my family…2.5 years later i want to HELP EVERYONE that wants to change their financial future! No tears here! Only JOY!


I am very irritated now that I have seen the show. How dare they show a pyramid scheme!! Only the people on top get rich…why are they feeding this crap to people? On top of that these millionaires behave very poorly. It is just one more show that is a poor example for the youth. So sad.

Adam Scott Thompson

@Pamela: It's called multi-level marketing; at its worst it's exactly what Blutopaz said, a pyramid scheme (though just to be clear, I won't no parts of either one). @Michele: SOOO with you on the Black Enterprise team-up. This thing would've come off a lot better. @Bluetopaz: I wonder how may black people tune in to watch "Suze Orman" versus "Basketball Wives." Just sayin' — ratchet seems to sell rather well in our "community."


I thought I had seen this before and it's not exactly what you think. It's semi ratchet. They all made their money on one of those you bring in three people and move up and they bring in three people situations (sorry the type of business this is escapes me). I've seen I know three or four episodes of this somewhere and I was not impressed.

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