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Project of the Day: Pirate Television

Project of the Day: Pirate Television

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“Here Come the Videofreex!”

Tweetable Logline:

An inspiring documentary about a pioneering video collective from the 1970s, built from their own incredible archive of video tapes.

Elevator Pitch:

“Here Come the Videofreex!” tells the story of the most radical video collective of the 1960’s and 70’s. The Videofreex came together when CBS was trying to find a way into the counterculture and revolutions of the day. But they ended up forging their own path, ultimately building the nation’s first Pirate TV station. It is the quirky tale of ten people’s optimism and creativity, and their vision of what television could have become at a time when the three big networks ruled the TV airwaves. The film will be told through their own recently uncovered, amazing archive of videotapes.

Production Team:

Producer/Director: Jenny Raskin
Producer/Director/Editor: Jon Nealon

About the Production:

“We first learned about the Videofreex when we were approached after a screening of a previous film by a friendly audience member. We went out for a drink and this person (Bart Friedman who was in the Videofreex) told us an almost unbelievable story – the story of the Videofreex. We immediately knew that it sounded like a movie. When we dug deeper and saw some of their tapes we were blown away by the intimacy and immediacy. It was like a time machine back to 1969. We knew we had to tell this unlikely and inspiring story.” — Jon Nealon

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
Kickstarter Page

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Roger Schulte

Sounds amazing. So important to preserve the memory of this rare and wildly ahead of it's time movement!

paul krassner

The Videofreex represent one fine facet of alternative media in countercultural history…Bravo!

Tobe Carey

We love the Freex!

linda grossman

Not only do I want to see this film….. I can't wait!!! I've been a fan of these creative geniuses since they began! They made television so personal. Real. Easy to watch. Very "user friendly". With all the talk about "reality tv"…. there really hasn't been anything that even comes comes close to what they provided. By all means, SAVE THE TAPES!

John Francis Peters

Support these folks …dedicated artists…pioneers…..important messages to keep alive for history.
Bart Friedman and Nancy Cain continued the cause in to the 80's with Mediabus…..they were very supportive of me as an artist.

Paul R

This project will enrich our collective memory, bringing to life fading voices from a time of trouble and joy to our own time of trouble and joy. They have so much to say. I so hope the're able to speak.

Rhea K

My father was a member of the Videofreex years before I was born, and learning about this project has jolted my understanding of technology and history. What a gift for me and the rest of the iMovie/reality TV generation!

Peter Burton

What great inspiration and dedication preserving such a unique and meaningful piece of our heritage.

David Littlejohn

This movie must be made, if only so we can all see the far-out old tapes the
Videofreeks made back in the 60s and 70s. A piece of revolutionary media history. Help them if you can–so I can see it!

Joseph K

Cool stuff–I remember these guys back in the day upstate and it was wild, and hilarious. Can't believe someone is rediscovering them now. Here's hoping they get the funds. This is what kickstarter is supposed to be about!

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