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Project of the Day: Zombie Camp

Project of the Day: Zombie Camp

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“Camp St. Zombie”

Tweetable Logline:

After his campers start turning into zombies, a young priest must protect his bible camp from a horde of the walking dead.

Elevator Pitch:

“Camp St. Zombie” is a horror/comedy hybrid sure to please genre fans with a mixture of over-the-top gore, dark humor, and other staples of classic exploitation cinema.

The film will tell the story of St. Lazarus, a camp for wayward children run by the Catholic Church. After two inept military soldiers dump a barrel of toxic waste into the lake, the children begin mutating into flesh-hungry zombies. Now a young priest and the rest of the camp counselors must defend themselves against a horde of undead children.

Production Team:

Director: Joe Van Wie
Producer: Brandon Halsey

About the Production:

“Everyone attached to this project is from Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania is really the birthplace of the modern cinematic zombie film thanks to Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead and other seminal classics that George A. Romero shot here. With this movie we’re bringing zombies back home.” — Brandon Halsey

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

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Planet X 2012 man! get the champagne man


Just pledge to this, it looks sick

Danny d

If these psychos are making it, I'm watching it!

Grey Goose

I actually saw a film on show time the other night, "forged" that I realized after IMDBing these guys I realized Joe Van Wie was an executive producer on that film. He was the only one with an IMDB page but "Forged" was very well done and it got a great independent film review from the New York Times. Judging by the kickstarter video… I think they can do it and do it well.


Never have so many f-bombs been dropped in a single Kickstarter video. I salute you.


Jesus was the original zombie.


Oh, good, a zombie movie. It's about time someone made one of those.


This looks awesome, love me some zombies!!!!!

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