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Robin Rumors Circulate ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ & Harvey Dent Becomes The Focus Of Ongoing Viral Campaign

Robin Rumors Circulate 'The Dark Knight Rises' & Harvey Dent Becomes The Focus Of Ongoing Viral Campaign

So, believe it or not, Forbes is covering geek news now. Guess the 1% likes their comic books, either that or they realize more people read geek news online than what’s happening with the Asian stock markets. In any event, some guy has penned a pretty elaborate argument on how Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s character in “The Dark Knight Rises” — John Blake, a cop assigned to cover Bruce Wayne — could possibly be Robin aka Dick Grayson, and uses a few clues to put it together.

Using the chalk symbol that John Blake leaves around Gotham as a starting point, the writer notes it looks (vaguely) like the Nightwing symbol (which for those of you that don’t know, is what Grayson became after he hung up the Robin suit at the age of 18). Then in a pretty big leap, the writer notes that if you turn the chalk symbol upsidedown it looks like a bird (eyeroll). But is it a possibility? Sure, we’ll go with that mostly because Christopher Nolan and co. have kept everything so under wraps anything is possible. Could Batman hang up the Batsuit and pass the reigns onto Robin/Nightwing to protect Gotham in the lump of the throat ending? Perhaps. And it certainly seems that Blake is more than just an average cop, chatting with Selina Kyle/Catwoman about Bane. 

Meanwhile, the viral campaign continues online for those who are following it (does anybody really care?) with some Harvey Dent related material landing online including Mayor Anthony Garcia’s passage of the Dent Act as well as an issue of the Gotham Observer led by a story about Harvey Dent Day (via Collider and Comic Book Movie). But we noticed an ad on the last page pointing another viral site Rykindata, a tech company in Gotham who have come up with a patent-pending way to scrub someone’s personal information online from all known databases….hmm…. Who wants to have their past wiped out?

Check all that out below and get the answers when “The Dark Knight Rises” opens on July 20th.

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people its a movie, in the comics out of 5 robins none were named John Blake even though all the robins had 2 first names like Richard Greyson, Jason Todd, Timothy Drake yeah. but it doesn't mean he's robin no he's just another person with 2 first names. he's overthinking it besides enjoying the great movie it. maybe he just needs to find random thing that seem relevant. see he's putting 2&2 together and getting 22 why would he draw a nightwing symbol if he's robin? robin was before nightwing. so robin was planning to leave batman and already had a symbol he just needed a reason to leave.


i read that robin turned into a cop in bludhaven hmmm….


Does anyone notice that the 'R' in ROGUES is the same R that's used as the robin logo?


Horoscope incorporates Bruce Waynes birthday- Feb. 19- cool little touch.


Just a FYI, the Rogues' Mascot looks alot like The Shadow! (In the 70's Comics, Bruce teamed up with The Shadow!)


As for clues, has anyone else noticed that Nolan sneaked the last shot of each of the first two films in that film's trailer? Batman Begins ended with Batman flying through the scene and existing stage right. In that film's trailer. And in TDK Batman races off away from the camera on his Bat-pod. In that film's trailer, too. My guess is that for TDKR it's the shot from the trailer of Batman perched on top of the Bridge facing away from the camera. And I don't think it's Bruce Wayne in the suit. In fact there are two other instances of someone else pretending to be Batman in these recent trailers: The shot of Batman fighting alongside Catwoman and the shot of Batman in the cave sneaking up on the guy with gun. So I think John Blake is that guy. I also think Blake is that kid from BB who Batman gave his high tech gizmo to and who got saved with Rachel in the final sequence.

Parting thought — wouldn't it be great to find out that Nolan has been misleading us about The Joker not being in the film and find out he is the one who saves Batman by killing Bane?

Mark Poulsen

"Someone from your past will make a surprise appearance" – Ra's Al Ghul anyone? What if he actually was the one behind it all. If Bane wasn't actually the true master behind everything, but Liam Nesson was. Bane would still be the main antagonist, but the plot to destroy Gotham was never abandoned perhaps? Liam Nesson is also set up for the role as Ra's Al Ghul if you check IMDB, so he will be there.


I care, Kevin. I care way too much.


Did anyone notice all the hints within the horoscopes? They let more than one cat out there… No pun intended


Yeah, when I saw the chalk symbol in one of the trailers I immediately understood it to be a bat. It looks nothing like the Nightwing symbol.


I would really like a "Nightwing"/Robin movie. I think so much has been made about Batman and how great Batman is. I remember seeing Nightwing show up on that WB show and he was kinda' rad.


I am pretty sure the chalk symbol is a bat. It was on the cover of the soundtrack case.


I doubt we'll see any sort of Robin/Nightwing introduced, because much of the talk has been about this film definitively ends this particular franchise, and introducing a new Robin character would simply open it up to continuation with Levitt as the lead. Unless they've been calling everyone's bluff all along. There does seem to be an increased focus on the GCPD this time around, so Levitt's likely our P.O.V. character on the ground.


I'm surprised no one mentioned the "R" in Rogues in the newspaper clip of the fans holding up the sign letters is actually the same R-font as the R in the Robin comics.

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