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‘Sin Nombre’ Helmer Cary Fukunaga To Tackle 2 Film Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘It’

'Sin Nombre' Helmer Cary Fukunaga To Tackle 2 Film Adaptation Of Stephen King's 'It'

Well, Ron Howard tried and failed (and is still trying) to get a monumental three film, two TV series adaptation of “The Dark Tower” off the ground, but Warner Bros. is hoping they can get their own epic Stephen King story onto the big screen. And unlike the plethora of King related projects on both the small and big screen, the talent attached to this has us at full attention.

Sin Nombre” and “Jane Eyre” writer/director Cary Fukunaga is set adapt King’s classic “It” into a two movie series. Way back in 2009, Warner Bros. tasked Dave Kajganich (“The Invasion“) to pen the script and he’s been something a regular on King material, writing a draft of the “Pet Sematary” remake that’s in development, as well asThe Stand” for Ben Affleck. But Fukunaga will take over, writing a new script with Chase Palmer; the pair also collaborated on the brewing Civil War heist flick “No Blood, No Guts, No Glory” that Fukunaga is attached to helm for Focus.

But before he gets to telling the tale of about a bunch of bullied kids, a shape-shifting demon clown, and what they have to face 30 years later, Fukunaga will first knock out his exciting HBO series “True Detective” with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. We’re big fans of Fukunaga, and moreso because, like many of our favorite directors, he’s curious about doing things he’s never tried before. Fukunaga’s take on a King horror story? Yep, we’d love to see it. But if you really can’t wait, you can always find the 1990 TV mini-series, which hasn’t aged all that well. Needless to say, there is room for improvement. [Variety]

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That fake It trailer with the Beetlejuice score you posted is hilarious.


1. This will never happen.

2. Who the f*ck will go watch 2 IT movies?

3. It could easily be one movie. King's a good writer but his books are so bloated that a judicious screenwriter who's not wedded to the material (only to the spirit of the story – as all adaptations should be), could axe a load of extraneous story, preserve the good stuff, and render a single taut narrative. However as we saw from his needless remake of The Shining (of all his film adaptations, that's the one he doesn't like? Seriously?), Steve's not such a fan of this process.


Yay! Can't wait for another over-directed, under-written, contrived re-imagining from this guy.


Sin Nombre sucked, i gave him another chance and Jane Eyre was definitely better, but still forgettable so i'm not really excited to see this one, even if it's a Stephen King adaptation.


All the buzz…. This director is new! daring! an original! Without having made a
memorable film, now turns to genre. Welcome a new Eli Roth on the lot.


Much to the chagrin of "It" fans Bradley Cooper will play Stuttering Bill Densbrough.

Report from the future


Yeah…. the mini-series…. I had great memories of it as a kid but watching it lately it's pretty bloody awful. Tim Curry is still amazing of course but that's maybe 10 minutes out of the entire affair.

Hopefully Fukunaga can come up with a solid way of ending the story instead of King's mass of WTF at the end – let's stomp on the spider & gangbang the one girl in our group…. yeah, that's naturally the only way to end the story.

Speaking of which… isn't it time we started hearing about Frank Darabont doing another King adaptation?

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