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‘Snow On Tha Bluff’ (‘A Riveting Account Of Thug Life’) Gets A DVD Date + New Trailer, Poster

'Snow On Tha Bluff' ('A Riveting Account Of Thug Life') Gets A DVD Date + New Trailer, Poster

Every time we’ve written about this flick, the comment sections of each post have been very active – most of you thrashing it, even though none of us has actually seen it yet.

I’m curious enough to check it out, especially as it was recommended by trusted sources; but I haven’t seen it, so I’m just as in the dark as the rest of you are.

If you HAVE seen it, please do share your thoughts.

Indie distribution company Screen Media Films acquired the film for distribution, as announced some months ago, and it made its theatrical premiere in NYC on April 20th at the reRun Gastropub Theater. I couldn’t attend that screening.

A quick recap…

Exec-produced by Michael K. Williams, and directed by Damon Russell from a script penned by Chris Knittel and Curtis SnowSnow On Tha Bluff’s synopsis reads:

After a dope deal gone wrong, Atlanta street thug Curtis Snow starts filming his everyday life with a stolen camera. The footage he captures depicts the grittiness of his life on the harsh city streets where anything goes. Brutal and unforgettable, Snow on tha Bluff, is the most authentic look at life on the streets ever captured.

The question of course being whether any of what you see is real-life, as in a documentary or docu-drama, or whether it’s a *fake*, or a mockumentary in the same mold as those Hollywood hoax flicks like Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism

Again… I dunno… I haven’t seen it. And I’ve stayed away from reading any reviews of it.

But you’ll get your shot to check it out for yourselves if you like, as it’ll be released on home video 2 weeks from now, June 19th

Speaking of Michael K. Williams (his first executive producer effort via his Freedom Productions company)… he’s been actively pushing the film lately, especially on Twitter; he even created a promo video which I embedded below.

Also, a new trailer for the film has been cut, which is far less incendiary than the previous trailer which you all saw, and debated. The new trailer is also embedded below.

The DVD cover art is also below.

Snow On Tha Bluff premiered at last year’s Slamdance Film Festival, and later screened at the Atlanta Film Festival, where it was reported that some audience members were unsure of the authenticity of a scene in which a kid puts his hands into a pile of cocaine with a razor blade in it, causing a bit of a public raucus, which lead to a police investigation.

Or was that report also a *fake* and a marketing ploy by the filmmakers?

Find out in 2 weeks. 

In the meantime, watch the new trailer and Michael K. Williams promo below::

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Na man i lived in areas like that my whole life real enough if you ask me..i know people like curtis and his boys they really exist..the movie brought me back to reality..i say ho for it curtis but dont ever change unless(aside from the armed rbbery and drug dealing)you are real in my eyes..


100% REAL

Anthony Profits

Best movie I ever seen in my life!

L Thomas

Similar to a Project X type of movie. A realistic impression of reality. I was enthralled in the drama of it. Sadly familar. Entertaining. I enjoyed it. I recommend it. It didnt seem to mock a thug lifestyle but rather depict the harsh reality of it. This is the hood that mainstream media doesnt like to talk about.

M.G. Words

A harsh sad reality. And that makes it a nightmare. That can either be an insult or compliment depends on how you look at it.


The comment below by Alison is actually a very accurate review of the movie and how one would feel after watching the movie. The position you find yourself in after watching a baby lose the one person that can help him get out of a generation of poverty is very uncomfortable. I found myself in tears because I wanted to help that child so intensely but there was simply nothing anyone could do. My opinion on curtis is although he has done negative things all his life, and that he is not living his life correctly and is definitely not someone to be admired or likened to, I got the impression of a smart man stuck in the hood. It's a shame that god doesn't have the influence that everybody says he/she has. Of course god does put the options in front of people and it's free will that takes over that point. The mother got killed and hopefully is in a better place but god has given Curtis a choice now, step up, be a father as well as a dad and better yourself and your life. He has a choice.

Alison Jordan

I think this movie is a monumental example of a real life drama of what the streets are really about. This is not your typical 'Boyz in the Hood.' A lot of movies imitating the "ghettos" around the U.S. could not compare to the reality of this cut throat documentary. This film highlights the rare footage of a dope dealers dirty work. From the money and the guns, to the robbery and revenge.. This is by far an eye opening experience for anyone who witnesses the rawness of the ATL streets unfold. Anyone who hates on this movie is simply just that.. a HATER. Its easy to ignore the dark side of America, or claim the documentary is 'staged', or 'fake'. The reality to the situation is this is all real, live footage of a young man playing the cards he was dealt in life. I pray for the child in this film, as he lost his mother at the expense of his fathers problems. Its crazy to think this is just one life, from one hood, in a pool of millions. God bless the babies born into a life such as this. Its like they were born into poverty and destined for failure. Maybe thru god, they will find a better path thru their journey of life.


This movie was hilarious, none stop laugh riot. Comedy of the year hands down, man when that lid was crying I thought I was gonna pee my pants. Tyler Perry should make a movie with this guy, they be perfect together….


this movie is fiction but the idea is a real day to day life style… movie similar to project x


Just peeped the flic and fool authentic or not the shit gutta, it describes life out here in the south. Im reppin that 305 Dade County Mia and that shit look like they done followed a solid nigga round for a bit and captured the true meaning of makin shit happen regardless of da circumstances.


After the baby cried for his mama I couldn't watch anymore. But on another note dude on the right of curtis isn't he the dude that just ate the homeless dude face?!


Its real im from Georgia and I have many friends who live in the bluff (betta leave u f**kin fool).. And they said its real and know curt personally..


Wow…I think this is a real documentary. Very sad that this is a way of life and they don't know any different. Its even more sad that there is another generation that will grow into the men and women that their parents are. This is a sad state of our black men and women. Imma keep praying the get out like I was able to!


Just finished watching this and I am sad and disappointed. Real? Who gives a phuck! This azzholes and others like them are just lost and sad. This ghettomentary is worthless.

Northside of St. Louis

You dont have to be a genius to use a camera ive seen some of the hardest criminals film weddings, bdays parties and drive by shootings with shooters face with style. Ive seen stuff like this go on everyday where im from and i believe the movie is real but the beginning about the robbing the college kids is just to throw people off into making them think its fake i know real when i see real.


when baby curtis is crying for his mama – there are no words to describe the pain that you can literally see that he is feeling.. IF this is fake, there is no way in the world that a child could fake that kinda sadness. if anyone watches this and doesnt wish they could jump thru the tv and hug that poor baby – they aint human..

g ray ski

Authenticity isn't the question, (I mean Omar produced it) bigger issues are at hand. For instances, how is Snow a free man and even though totally addictive how will this influence wannabe jump out boys into chasing fame through recorded crimes?
I loved The Wire, it couldn't have been without MKW, his murder was worse than the seasons final episode. Snow, although a generational criminal, was very likable and it takes that kind of thug to become a true G. Imitators can't emulate and will be easy to see perpetrating

bruce p

Good ass movie I wish it was longer tho

blah, blah

Don't know if it is real or a mockumentary but it is sure crazy.

cortez phillips

(Spoiler alert) The scene involving the crying baby and Curtis Snow is as heartbreaking a scene as I've ever seen– you have to feel the baby's pain even if the movie is fake, that baby is really crying hard for his mother. Solid flick, more authentic than most gangsta genre flicks.


Some of it feels real, some of it appears staged. The main issue in terms of authenticity is the cameraman/people have an uncanny ability to get some good looking shots despite the handheld. I've got a feeling this is recreation of what was probably some ropey actual footage combined with some rare usable shots thrown in for good measure.

The language and use of vernacular does not pander to anyone, I'm fairly good at deciphering what's being said but I think a lot of people will struggle.


These dudes are genius. Definition of successful independent filmmakers.

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