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‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

'Snow White and the Huntsman'

If you have to deal with another version of Snow White (which I don’t understand why we do) you would think that a kick-ass Snow White might be the answer to your prayers.  Not so much.  Kristen Stewart plays the princess held in the tower by the evil Queen Ravenna played by Charlize Theron.  The queen keeps her power and hold on the kingdom — including her obsession with being the fairest of them all —  by living off the blood of young girls.  Charlize looks gorgeous and is exquisitely costumed yet has really not much to do aside from screaming “Get Me Snow White” to her creepy albino like brother with a very bad haircut.

Snow White who has escaped the Queen and spends most of the film in preparation to avenge her kingdom.  She runs into the huntsman who had been hired by the Queen to retrieve her so she can eat her heart and remain young forever, but he winds up joining her aide and helping her to take down the Queen.  And of course, you can’t have a movie about Snow White without the dwarves who in a failed attempt to be clever are played by amazing actors like Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan and Toby Jones.

The entire movie leads up to the epic battle which is where we get to see Snow White don armor, ride a horse and kick some ass.  The biggest problem is that Kristen Stewart looks incredibly uncomfortable as she calls her troops together imploring them to follow her into battle.

This film tries to give a whole girl power feel to it.  Snow White fights for her future and her people.  She fights, which is clearly a huge step forward.  But she needs better words to say and an actress that make us believe that she wants to fight.  Just because she’s not a limp fairy tale character doesn’t make her a feminist heroine in my book.

Let’s also note that this film is the directed by first time director Rupert Sanders.  Here is a guy who was handed over $100 million to make this movie.  And with that money he created a gorgeous looking mess of a movie that just doesn’t hold together.  No first time female director would have been given that much money, ever.

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I disagree. This film does " hold together" in a wonderful way. I love it….girl power at its finest. I especially appreciate how at the end of the film, Snow White isn't forced to choose between either man, nor does she get married. Both men love her—but she remains single and free. It's a great new "take" on a very old fairy tale.


Finally saw this (with my 22 year old son). His comment? The producers backed down from making what could have been an amazing female "action-adventure" film and instead made it more about the Huntsman and the Queen's brother.

I have to agree. The Huntsmand got most of the action, which included rescuing Snow White several times. The Brother got to be the full-on nasty. How much more interesting it could have been if the Queen had come out of her castle more and if Snow White had been more enthusiastic as a warrior-princess.


I have to agree with Zoe below. Ms. Stewart's discomfort was because her character literally says out loud I'm uncomfortable with leading people to their potential death. (I'm paraphrasing) I think Ms. Stewart honored what was written on the page. I think the bigger issue is that what was written on the page was not as good as it could be. And Melissa, you must have vampires on the brain or something. The evil queen did not use the blood, she inhaled young women's souls. And in defense of the evil queen, her obsession with being the fairest was because she would lose her power if she was no longer the most beautiful. I thought that was actually a great justification for her obsession. I might be tempted to be so vain if I was going to lose all my power. In my opinion, it was a somewhat decent movie that sadly, had the potential to be so much more…


The character of Snow White is supposed to be emotionally regressive. She's been held captive since a child. Why would someone who has the mental state of a girl (see her playing with dolls) look comfortable calling men to action? Kristen Stewart played that exactly right. The point is she goes above and beyond who she is at that moment to lead men. Sometimes feminism doesn't have to be loud and in your face.

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