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So much for being ‘Unchained.’ Adidas Intros JS Roundhouse Mids With Shackles

So much for being 'Unchained.' Adidas Intros JS Roundhouse Mids With Shackles

I normally wouldn’t post an item like this, but this one I just couldn’t pass up for what should be obvious reasons.

S&A contributor Anthony sent these images to me this morning. My immediate reaction was, are these real, or a Photoshop job?

Anthony then sent me a link to the Adidas Originals Facebook page, and, sure enough, there they were being advertised; they are indeed the real deal, and are coming soon.

This August, Adidas will release the new shoe design you see in the photos above and below, called the JS Roundhouse Mids.

Maybe inspired by “slave-movie-fever” perhaps? Adidas brass looking to capitalize, as Anthony noted in his email? Or is this just entirely unintentional on Adidas’ part, although ignorant of what the design of these new kicks might suggest to some? Or not even worth discussing?

On the Adidas Originals Facebook page, where the photo was posted earlier today, the following words accompany the image:

Tighten up your style with the JS Roundhouse Mids, dropping in August. Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?

As you’d expect, several thousand of the 14 million fans of the Adidas Originals Facebook page see something else in these shoes that Adidas apparently doesn’t (or didn’t, when they decided that it would be a good idea to sign off on the designs for these).

I doubt this is what Run DMC envisioned when they rapped about their 50 pairs of Adidas way back when.

I’m trying to picture guys and gals strutting down the street with these on.

I’m sure a dissertation could probably written about these, given the group that would most likely be seen wearing these.

But what do you see, if anything?

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Savage SoS

Ok well me personally Iam black ,but have never been oppressed by any image ,df ,,ppl need their freedom of speech when regarding w.e else they won't in their stye or fashion since when did "shoes" ever come into play as to what slavery mean to any one so u telling me your offended buy shoes with shackles ,if these shoes wer intended to offend anyone pleas tell me his how ,bright ass orange chains and sackles ,I can see if they said these wer only for blacks ,or blacks can only buy ,man Drop then damn shoes and say f**k conclusion from you flat out who won't them buy them who don't levem off your feet and ur your mind cuz we have choice of wearing what we won't

the black police

Why do a lot of American blacks LOVE to OWN slavery (I am not American)? Black people do not have a monopoly on slavery or shackles… Slave is not synonymous with Black. I am NOT bothered by this. Whoever things it is cool to wear them has it ob their head. I think they are ugly and nonsensical.


Just a few things-the sane stupid kids that will camp out, steal, kill and whatever for $200 Jordans will be the same ones camping out for theses shoes. Those of us with issues with the shoes are not the issue-we weren't planning to buy those racist things. It's the ones who will ACT on those urges to do something to those who wear the shoes you need to worry about. I don't think we want to read about some white kid wearing these shoes and he gets Rodney Kinged because of those shoes. And what school district would allow kids to wear those shoes? It's bad enough we got kids already trying to be like jailbirds-we don't need anything else encouraging it. Those shoes were aimed at us and since our kids don't care about history-they thought they could get away with it. I'm sure the Jewish community had more to do with those shoes getting axed than us.

kamchatka…paragraph 4


Anyone who doesn't see the symbolism here is willfully ignorant. Adidas knew who they were marketing these shoes to and what that group associates shackles and chains to…whether it was prison or slavery, the choice to produce these was, at best, ignorant, insensitive, and disrespectful, and at worst, insidious and hateful. Also, to those commenting on how bad they look, what difference would it have made if the color scheme used was one you find more aesthetically pleasing? Would that have made them acceptable to you? Just curious…


Shackles are, to some, symbols like the words that you are reading in this blog right now. Just like these words have meaning, so do shackles for many. After all that has gone on how can you expect people not to react to this? Life in America has been hard for countless races and creeds. Some are too young to remember but, those memories are still alive and well for a lot of people.

I saw this and was not outraged but, could see the possible backlash from it. It seemed disrespectful; however, I had to check myself. Ignorant acts, no matter the level, are not always due to mean behavior. Sometimes they are just that, ignorant (noun—the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.).

In my opinion this shoe should not have slipped through this far. Some people might ask, was it intentional? Who knows!

You say not to live in the past but, it is the past that defines us.

If it was ruled offensive to enough people for Adidas not make the shoe, think about if that shoe had hit the street. You have no idea what could of happened, and frankly I don’t want to know.


I am done with this muddled mess of madness. When I saw this "controversy" appear on one of my favorite programs, SPORTSCENTER… I knew it was time to take a seat. It's like I am now in the middle of the movie Night of the Living Dead. The whole world has been infected with the slavery virus, turning them into bloodthirsty tennis shoe zombies. So now I have to lay low with a group of people in an Iowa farmhouse. Oh lawdy be, feet don't fail me now. Get me down to that basement shelter because I am done with this debate.


Your Comment The most likely explanation for these shoes is that Adidas announced them only with the intent of engendering controversy and publicity and then to withdraw them once the publicity was underway. Do you know who contributor Anthony actually is?

Adam Scott Thompson

It's a shoe… merely. "There's nothing in the world either good or bad but thinking makes it so." — Shakespeare (but he was white, so…)


They must be the free gift for the 1st 50 movie-goers for "Django Unchained" when the film hits theaters…..


Glad to hear Adidas is pulling the shoe. I'd just written a post yesterday on this. "Maybe Adidas will need parents to sign a waiver absolving them of any responsibility if injuries occur. Out of pocket expenses usually make even the most unPolitically Correct companies rethink their marketing strategy."

maurice emel

all this could've easily been avoided by adidas putting the "my pet monster" pic up along w/these to show thats what they're based on, a toy, smh.


I was sitting in a seminar where the facilitator was showing images of illustrations that were drawn during a period where it was cool to denigrate all races; his presentation specifically drawing attention to slaves. He explained away the elimination of all the other imagery featuring the Irish, the Jew, the German because he thought it would be too much of a distraction from his topic which was the history of illustration. He left the images of the slaves within the presentation, I guess, because he had to show an example. A white couple promptly left. I considered leaving but then stayed because there was a young 'brother' sitting in the front of the room apparently unfazed by the couple leaving and more importantly by what the facilitator had done by explaining away his inclusion/exclusion of said imagery. Several more times during the presentation more denigrating imagery was shown…Al Jolson in blackface, etc. What I learned is that ignorance is only kept at bay by awareness and by people drawing attention to actions, products (like these stupid sneakers) and behaviors. Ignorance is sneaky and contagious and those folks that are determined to make money off of something as offensive as these sneakers will continue to "slip one by" you if you let it. Great design should have a purpose other than capitalising on stupidity and ignorance. I agree wholeheartedly that your money is your power. I wouldn't consider buying these nor will I, if these are released to the general public, be buying any Adidas products. I'm paying attention. When will you?




whatever, these are dope shoes. Everyone needs to shut up and just not buy them if they don't like em. Fuckin whiners.


First of all these shoes were designed by Jeremy Scott, a well known New York designer, who I guarantee you had not one thought of race running through his mind when designing them. Second they are priced at THREE HUNDRED and FIFTY DOLLARS, so how many do you think the big bad white corporate monsters at Adidas had planned on selling? Third to the individual who wrote about how he found the Nivea ad with the black actor cutting his afro to become more civilized racist…its no different than a white hippie looking dude cutting his hair in order to look more "civilized". The only difference is that they chose to hire the black actor because maybe he was more attractive or better at his job than the white or all other applicants…go figure. That insinuates that the intelligent black man in the ad has no idea what he's doing or is just plain ignorant. Finally the slaves were freed, all slaves, its not as if Africans were the only culture to be enslaved in the entire history of the world. In fact almost every culture no matter what the color of their skin have been victims of the atrocity known as slavery at some point in time. We're free now enjoy it for Gods sake and stop perpetuating your self inflicted life sentence. brilliant pioneers like Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. fought for this freedom we now have at our disposal that we continue to waste by reading into everything and making every every everything about race. Yes we even have the freedom to make incredibly ugly shoes and, and if you can fathom it, the freedom not to purchase them. Mind blowing isn't it? Can we all please throw away the thick decks of race cards that we carry around on us like a badge? Because those are the only freedom bludgeoning shackles that I can see.

maurice emel

These are totally based on the 80's toy "MY LITTLE MONSTER" look it up, its totally innocent, probably the timing of Django trailers didnt help this product, oh well they're never being released now, its official. Now you'll only be able to see them on ebay for $10K, lol


hey i like shackle shoes , i can't find it what the company shackle shoes


lol…. way to funny and cute for all the kids to wear while visiting they parent in jail….idk how it got considered racial with all our fine american inmates wearing classic orange…. seriously does it always have to be about slavery… COME ON ITS ORANGE!!!


Man, you know what's really sad about this? All the PR could have been turned around into a positive thing just by red-flagging it and saying it was "in honor of." Bonus points if they got a minority representative of some sort to endorse it, but it's not -really- needed. It's really their silence / ignorance of the issue that killed them.


Slavery? Swastika? Are we not taking the line of thought a bit too far? Why not the symbol of Jesus who might annoy atheists? Or whatever else it is that is perceived distasteful? Then again isn’t one's sense of fashion a personal involvement?

Are we to now grab people off the street and beat them up viciously if they choose to dress in a way that offends us? That I imagine would also go to manufacturers. Nothing after all is more effective than telling the manufacturer that their product is non gratis than us staying away in droves. But will you?


a test market of who or how many Africans are awake in the americans it does not matter we know that they are still sleep


As long as there are displaced African people in American there will always be an issues because are roots has been planted into the soil we live on though blood sweat and tears. When we think its out to forget about where we come from thats when we lose ourselves as a people. We are truly a culture lost "African American" ancestor of a The African Slave Trade.


What is the big deal? If you dind them offense just don't buy them..that will solve your situation. Why does everything has too be soooo offense or racial. Get over it!

not a doktor

I didn't get what the article was talking about at first because I saw something more uh … kinky.

Justin Barkman

I wish people would just live there own lives. Its sorry that a company has to worry about hurting someones feelings all the time. Maybe the people that are bothered about something like this should just grow up and stop being such a CUPCAKE. Because we allways never get the cool stuff because one Jack-Wagon has to cry about it and F's it up for everybody.

Matt Williams

Adidas should fire the idiot who came up with this idea, those who took the idea to production, and those marketing this shoe. How utterly stupid!


Wow and they say slavery does not exist. ADIDAS should be ashame of themselves. What's next an Adidas windbreaker with Massa's whip imprints on the back to match the shoes.


People keep getting robbed for their shoes, so maybe this is an attempt at some kind of security system for sneakers?


I seriously thought they were a bizarre variation of Facebook spam. Those shoes are for real? I don't foresee those being hot in the streets. At all.


Unless you have white guilt you will view this as racist. Other than that these shoes are dope that resemble my pet monster. Adidas has been making some crazy shoes in the past few years. People are stupid go waste your energy on something else.

Dont tell me these shoes are racist too.


"It's coming to a point where people are incessantly looking for racial insensitivities in the media, fashion, and wherever else they can find it and it's getting blown out of proportion" . I could stop right there but I have to ride this discussion to the end because it hits home with me in several ways. @ Blutopaz, we've had our differences, but it's my hope that we might find a common ground of understanding. In my reply to Laura, I mentioned my grandson's desire to own a pair of the tennis shoes in question. Since I am of the belief that we, as adults, bravely speak for our youth and sometimes, “we”, parents and concerned citizens alike, project our issues and past struggles upon them. So when my grandson admired those sneakers…. that some adults proclaimed reminded them of the horrors of slavery, I had to question the right narrative to express my concerns. If I broached the subject of "shackles", there are several roads I could travel. But why go there? I could show him a picture of his great-great-great-grandfather who was a member of the Union Army during the Civil War, who by the way, was a slave. Before the war and after, he used shackles in his profession as an “animal doctor”. I have his tools and a pair of actual iron shackles from those days back in the 1800’s. Also, in my days of incarceration, I had to endure the indignity of being shackled while wearing nothing but my birthday suit. That's right, while being ass butt naked, those restraining metal grips were attached to my ankles and wrists with a chain extended between the two. I tried to hold my head up as I shuffled along. Consequently, I could talk to my grandson about the dynamics and purpose of real shackles. However, like my great-great grandfather, who didn't choose to look back to the days he was in bondage; possibly impeding his forward progress, I couldn’t find a purpose to equate my restraints to a pair of orange colored plastic Velcro strips, which were attached to a pair of kicks/sneakers/gym shoes. So instead of assigning a slave narrative to the appetizing tennis shoes, I decided to talk to him about issues he can use to become a better person ( i.e. money, responsibilities, needs vs desires) . I could not find a reason to wax poetic, or speak in frivolous rethoric about an alleged boogieman that does not exist in his world. Eventually, with the proper tools and experiences of his own, he will become a man who can decide for his self, what's good for him and his family. Lastly, I heard a person say, "Salvation lies within" and "it's a terrible thing to live in fear".


Well, the Adidas facebook page is currently unavailable.
Gee, I wonder if it dawned on them that this wasn't a very good marketing angle?

The company quote referenced in the article says it all:
"Tighten up your style with the JS Roundhouse Mids, dropping in August. Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles"

"Lock your kicks to your ankles?" No. Just. No.
Having critical thinking skills are . . . a beautiful thing.

Afro Boy

A lot of furor over these. If I'm honest though, I see more My Pet Monster (link below) here than enslaved African motif *shrug*


CareyCarey, aka Uncle Remus and his rambling Br'er Rabbit fables. . This is the kind of "urban" individual ad agencies love. Hence, slave kicks that have white suits sitting around conference room tables doubled over in laughter, while thinking about their profit margins.


The saga continues. When last we left, Blutopaz and the girls had lost their minds and their heads in a futile attempt to tell the world that Evil Tennis Shoes were falling from the sky. To their dismay, the well-known scavenging black condor CareyCarey, having noticed their floundering on the African plains, swooped down for the kill. FLASHBACK: The S&A Black Cinema Diaspora Chicks, Chicken Licken, Hen-Len, Cocky Locky, Goosey Poosey and Gander Lander, were squawking around S&A land. Blutopaz, aka, Gander Lander said, "Kiss My Black Ads, dem slave shackles". Britany, a white girl from the Hamptons replied, "Guuurl, if you don’t sit yo ass down. They're just shoes. Simply put: If you don't like them, then don't buy them". Well, that was the beginning of the end. Along the way the black chicks met Mr. Reality, aka Foxy Woxy, aka CareyCarey! He invited them to his humble abode, and there he eat them. Episode 2: Come to find out, the Wizard of Oz, aka Tambay, was the mastermind behind the plot to destroy black folks. He used the long bambozzle stick; THE POWER OF SUGGESTION. He huddled behind his curtain while posting a sign which said "Adidas Intros JS Roundhouse Mids With Shackles". OMG, the natives went wild. SLAVES SHACKLES!? A firestorm erupted. "How dare the white man do this to "us". . Alice was heard saying "where is my male b**ches and the other male prisoners who were sodomized by slaveowners?"… Well, as the story goes, Frank (Chicken Licken) and Ty (Cocky Locky), didn't die in Foxy Woxy's frying pan. No-no, after drinking a little rum and coke, Foxy Woxy fell asleep just long enough for the dashing duo to escape in the woods. They knew they"d be on the FBI's COINTELPRO list, so after a few days of laying low, they changed their names to the "Tin-Man" and "The Scarecrow" (so they could blend right in The Wonderful World of Black Oz). The Tin Man was hyped. He was hell bent on telling the world that Orange Shackles were falling from the sky, and thus, the world was coming to an end. We hear him singing around his camp fire.. "Slide some oil to me I got work to do".
"Let it trickle down my spine, if you don't have S.T.P. Crisco will do just fine. Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance. Been through the fire and the rain, bound in every kind of way, but God has broken every chain, so let me go right now. Slide some to my elbows and to my fingers if you would slide some oil to me, girl Whoo! Don't that feel good! Now watch me dance!" Not to be outdone, The Scarecrow breaks out in The Black Crow's National Anthem: Michael Jackson's "You Can’t Win Child” –>


They're just shoes. Simply put: If you don't like them, then don't buy them. It coming to a point where people are incessantly looking for racial insensitivities in the media, fashion, and wherever else they can find it and it's getting blown out of proportion. Again, they're just shoes.


This is equal to the pants being worn below the buttocks. Most people are aware that this style came from the male prisoners who were the b**ches of other male prisoners. Before that, it was the way slaves wore their pants if they were sodomized by slaveowners. So, now, we have a generation of youth that does not read history and thinks it's okay to wear shackles. Adidas ought to be ashamed. Adidas should not take advantage of their stupidity. BTW, this stupidity is not confined to African American youth…just stupid ones. Parents, do not buy these shoes for you kids. Anyone over 18, you're welcome to "stupid-dom".


what's the big deal? there's no need to cry over any thing you find and relate to racism. I'm pretty sure if Adidas had anything to do with racism they wouldn't make it this obvious, otherwise what would be the point? they could just openly admit it. I feel like a lot of afro-americans and africans themselves are past the white-people-are-the-devil era (i'm not white myself, i'm asian) but yet they still feel the need to act like it bothers them. How is this shoe going to harm anyone? there is a lot of racism in the world such as people getting denied to enter a country because of their race (a lot of mexicans, arabs and iranians) so if you do care about racism then you would look at the types that directly harm people. Oh, and by the way, when dark-skinned people feel the need to defend themselves (and expect everyone else to agree) from anything they can relate to racism, but look the other way(metaphorically speaking) when it comes to racism towards other races, it's more an act of selfishness rather than standing up.


@ Frank, Michele, Ty, Laura, and BluTopaz, ALSO KNOWN AS Chicken Licken, Hen-Len, Cocky Locky, Goosey Poosey and Gander Lander respectfully. This discussion is reminicent of a folk tale with a moral in the form of a cumulative tale about a few chickens who believes the world is coming to an end. The phrase The sky is falling! features prominently in the story. In this case, as it applies to this discussion, Blutopaz, who we will call Hen-Len, believes Orange Tennis Shows adorned with Velcro straps, is something worthy of the king's attention. The story is a negro folktale that makes light of paranoia and mass hysteria. The chicks, Blutopaz, Laura and Michelle believes the sky is falling when Orange Tennis Shoes appear on the scene. Laura declares "OMG! those look like ankle shackles so lets run for our lives". Blutopaz being highly impressionable agrees and says "OMG, they sure do, so maybe we should tell the big man, S&A and the world what we've found? The chicks decide to tell the King. On their journey they meet other lemmings (mostly other fowl) which join it in the quest. Chicken "Licken" Frank and Cocky "Lockey" Ty were all in for a journey down Fool's Errand Road. Along the way they meet Mr. Reality, aka Foxy Woxy, aka CareyCarey! He invites them to his place in the woods and there he eats a few. The other he hangs outside his den to warn the other inhabitants what might happen if you believe in the ridiculous, or lose sight of those things that matter the most in life. The moral to be drawn from this fable of woe should be interpreted as a warning not to believe everything you are told. So when someone tells you that Kid's Sneakers are the new subversive weapon of the Evil White Man — stop, look and listen. But by all means don't be nobodies fool and don't ever play another man's game. Priority-Priority-> PRI-OR-I-TIZE!


I think they are ugly and really stupid looking. Since I don't like them, I won't be buying them. I feel this is the best way to protest.


it was probably someone who has the same mind set that soulja boy has by thanking the "slave masters" for bring him here.


Perhaps this was a design of some blissfully unaware white person, or even non white. But COME ON to ANYONE that can't see this is in poor taste. Adidas is well aware of their AA fan base who they often market to, none of the execs said 'No, this might not be good.'
It's a case of 'Whatever we make, they'll buy it.'


Oh yeah, this post-racial society we live in is just delightful.


At the risk of perpetuating controversy, I must make a quick observation. Someone posted that these shoes, more specifically the shackles, could be a reference to " smack-talking" "you can't hold me, shackles on my feet don't have a hold on me". The reason I must disagree with the above premise is because, this shoe isn't geared toward ATHLETES of any kind. Just look at the shoe, never mind the shackles for now, look at the shoe! In the game of basketball the shackles on these shoes have no practical purpose. So if "hoopers" aren't their targeted audience, then who are? "lil June-bug, lil ray ray, and know the guys that "hold the block down". However, the above mentioned aren't the primary target, their primary target are the children that have a vertical view of the above mentioned! For those who say it's innocent, you've probably never participated in a product focus session. These sessions are conducted to gauge the full spectrum of our collective opinion. In this case: "What's is the first thing you think when you see these shoes" = Measuring you're impulse, What do you like about them = Attempting to gain a positive consensus, What do you dislike = gaining a negative consensus. etc,etc. I only shared this because you need to know the shackles, the color of the shoe, the verbiage that's used to describe them and their target audience is not by accident! It's strategic, divisive (kids will want them and informed parents will deny them), harmful, insulting, disrespectful and down right EVIL!


F.uck my opinion! My agenda: To go into as many dept and sporting good stores as possible (that decides to carry this crap) and raise hell!!! Not tacky or uncivil hell, no,no,no, the type of hell that causes the sales associate to call the floor supervisor, and the floor supervisor to call the store manager and the store manager to call the regional manager, and the regional manager to call the National Director! And it's my hope,that the National Director meet with the CEO of Adidas, Mr. Herbert Hainer and the Board of Directors and collectively decide to PULL THIS TRASH OFF THE SHELVES!!


these shoes are fun, and playful and remind me of "my pet monster" stuffed animal toy i had when i was growing up


these shoes are inspired by MY PET MOSTER from early 90s – people need to calm down and not assume that some orange plastic velcro cuff is a reference to slavery.


Our ancestors were captured, shackled, transported and made to stand for hours in a plaza while one by one they were auctioned off to rich men to work for no money.

Today, our youth’s minds are captured through commercialism. They transport themselves as far as other states to malls and shopping districts. By choice they stand outside for days, and with the money they earn working…….they buy a pair of shackles.

Times have not changed only the methods have. #ModernDaySlavery


SHACKLES?! Oh the horror of it all. Well, I'm really being facetious. I mean, the following is a comment from a youtube song titled "Shackles On My Feet". The gosple group Mary Mary also did a song "Shackles". Anyway, check this –> "People need to get a GRIP out there, the shackles refer to dancing, not anything to do with OUR past history, too many anal word choosing freaks out there, IT IS A SONG, listen to the lyrics!!!!!!, self explanatory!. One of the best rollerskating tunes ever!!!!". So I am suggesting… or wondering if it's fair to jump to conclusions? Well, I guess I am trying to seek first to understand. Maybe the "shackle on my feet" or in this case "attached to my tennis shoes" could be speaking to a basketball phase/smack talking "you can't hold me down". You know, some brothas can jump so high, it's as if gravity doesn't affect them, hence, "shackles on my feet don't have a hold on me". Anyway, listen to the lyrics of the 80's group RJ's Latest Arrival: Oh, pay no attention to the woman washing the car. She forgot a small piece of clothing. Shackles On My Feet by RJ's Latest Arrival—> R-version G-rated version –>


I tried the facebook page and it has been removed and I looked online and tried to find reference to these shoes and could not find anything. There are Roundhouse Mids, but not this particular shoe. Maybe someone in the company came to their senses and eliminated them before they hit the market as they are horrific or they were someone's idea of a bad joke.

the black police

It doesnt even look good.


So what NBA player will be sporting these?


Oh, hellllll naww!


Filing this under Stereotypes I Can't Even Dispute. And there will be people coordinating these with their outfits. My eyes are burning already.


I think the most important observation here is that you will look like a fucking idiot wearing those.


The Worst. :-(


GTFO. The sad thing is I could see a lot of our kids (and grown ass folks) seeking out and buying those 'kicks' and then get indignant because those "who still got the sense God gave us" are offended by the sneakers. I am totally floored.


Not surprised, and they will sell off the hook in Black Neighborhoods, which is sad, was it Dept Of Agriculture Head Earl Butts, who once said all Negroes want is a Warm Toilet, Fried Chicken, and Loose Sneakers, and so much then for Stereotypes!


I love adidas sneakers. but i dont love them this much, this was a silly idea. or, then again, it's sort of poetic. how many folks out there are slaves to their belongings? Eamonn Walker as Howlin Wolf in Cadillac Records comes to mind when he tells Muddy Waters why he opts for his old beat up truck rather than a trophy cadillac that the other musicians' hits had won them.

"This truck? I own it. It don't own me."


This is where we come to as society and as a race to see this being advertised to our youth and being sold to them not knowing the real meaning behind these pair of shoes. This really saddens and I feel disgusted that they have to sell these pair of sneakers to our community wanting to have large lines of folks buying this filth. Where are our leaders protesting about this to get these sneakers from being sold on the market into the feet of our people.


Please tell me this is from an "Onion" article.

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