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Spike Lee To Direct Mike Tyson’s One-Man Show On Broadway

Spike Lee To Direct Mike Tyson's One-Man Show On Broadway

You may recall March news in which, chatting with Dan Patrick on his radio show, Mike Tyson confirmed he was going to put on his own show on the Las Vegas strip – a 1-man show that was then titled Tyson: The Raw Truth, which was to debut in March.

The show, which includes video and photos, is, as the title states, indeed raw, with Iron Mike dishing on all his personal and professional challenges, and it actually debuted in April, with a title change – The Undisputed Truth.

Also, Tyson said he would bring his act to Broadway next year (2013), telling the London’s Daily Telegraph, “It’s therapeutic to talk about what I’ve lived through in front of hundreds of people. And when you’ve been in rehab, you’re very comfortable talking about yourself.

So Tyson on Broadway… let that sink in for a minute :)

Ok, moving on…

Announced early this morning, via The Daily BeastSpike Lee is reportedly going to direct Tyson’s one-man show when it comes to Broadway, which they are also saying will happen later this year (not 2013), with producer Eric Nederlander, signed on to produce the project.

This will be new territory for Spike; yes, I know he filmed a stage production Passing Strange; but he’s ever actually directed a Broadway show before. So this should be interesting. Granted it’s a one-man show, but he could get creative with it.

Anyone seen Tyson’s act in Las Vegas? Thoughts?

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Amazing. Branden and Donella (below) are the only two who have something to say worth reading, because they're the only two commenting on the subject at hand. All others felt the need to display their small-mindedness. We have an individual doing something constructive… creating. A second individual doing the same, in helping the first. Then we have two individuals actually commenting on the projects of the first two. Finally we have a bunch of quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand, dimwitted morons.


Does anyone else think this is extremely messed up? First, Tyson is a CONVICTED RAPIST. Why would anyone give a flying fig what this violent ex-con has to say. Why are they glorifying this criminal? Second, Branden is right. This wll never get to Broadway. No one will invest in this.


Can't wait. I Love one-man shows by brutal, bestial, retarded rapists. Who wouldn't?

patrick brogan

Spike Lee is as big a piece of worthless crap as Tyson…Nobody considers Lee a filmmaker anymore….hello? Where's his last hit. Doesn't he realize he's a bigger joke than Tyson? Then again…if you add "pigeons" Lee might just become creative again.


the biggest piece of c r a p to ever enter a boxing ring, let along an arena, gets a broadway play, a musical, a show, and so forth? what he needs is a freakin prison cell for life because this clown is trash and always will be….


Passing Strange and then The Kings of Comedy. Maybe he can pull it off.


First, I HIGHLY doubt that this will make it on Broadway. Maybe off Broadway but never on Broadway. According to everything that I read, Mike Tyson would just start improvising parts of his show. This man is too unpredictable to really carry a 2 hour and 10 minute show.

Also, Why are Eric Nederlander and Spike Lee attaching their names to this project? Eric Nederlander should know that nobody is going to want to invest into this show. I will be really surprised if this show gets any sort of traction.

If Spike lee wants to get involved in theater, there are other projects that could use a director of his caliber. Not this show.

Maybe I am a theater snob but I am hoping that this will not make it to New York. This show seems like a train wreck and I don't want to anywhere near Broadway. AT ALL. I am fine with him going to the West End and trying this show but nobody there is going to care about it.

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