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THE GAME season finale – What Did You All Think?

THE GAME season finale - What Did You All Think?

Well the season finale for The Game went down last night and it was…well, it was just okay. 

The build-up was pretty significant and pretty engaging, especially for this show that has been quite uneven this year.  But the result seemed rush – or just plainly not well written.  A few points to this:

  • Did Derwin REALLY need yet another speech to realize Melanie was serious about leaving San Diego?  A few episodes ago he did, and then he didn’t (as money was thrown in his face – though that is some SERIOUS money).  The build-up to him realizing how important the Johns’ Hopkins residency was to Melanie was well-done, but everything after that was filler.
  • Malik’s arrest wasn’t really an arrest, which makes sense as all of the Southern California area/San Diego regarded the day as a national holiday, but why didn’t’ they build up to this scene better?
  • I know it wasn’t about the actual championship game, more about the characters involved, but they showed zero clips from the actual game.  It’s a safe way to save money, but really? 
  • And what was up with those cheap-azz champion t-shirts? 
  • Rick Fox was good.  He’s not earning any guest Emmy’s or anything, but as an athlete/actor playing himself I’ve always enjoyed him as himself on The Game
  • The whole Tasha & Pookie relationship ultimately is leaving me empty, despite good acting from Wendy Raquel Robinson and Rockmond Dunbar, respectively. 
  • Tika Sumpter is not a good actress.  Very beautiful, but not good.  Hopefully she’ll be better in Sparkle (because we really want it to be good!), even though she’s in the throwaway role of the third sister.  I hope Salim Akil gave her better notes on that flick than he did as an exec on this show. 
  • Still, when Malik brought her back to rehab, his portrayal of a man losing his lady-love was very touching. Actor Hosea Chanchez has had more on-point acting moments this entire season than in the past. 
  • I’m loving Brandy as Chardonnay! At first I felt her character was corny, but she and Jason (Coby Bell) have great chemistry onscreen.  She’ll obviously be the go-to actress on The Game now since…
  • …as Sergio and Vanessa noted two weeks ago, Tia Mowry (Melanie) and Pooch Hall (Derwin) will not be returning to the show because of promised money that wasn’t delivered.  How can this show stand up without the two leads that are the emphasis of the show?  If Mowry left only, yes it possibly could reinvent itself (a la Shelly Long leaving Cheers and being replaced by the even better Kirstie Alley), but with them both gone, well it’ll be worse than it has been – which is pretty bad. 

I’m disappointed in BET (how many times has that been said in the past 20+ years). The show would’ve been stronger if they ordered less episodes.  I suppose they needed more episodes to get advertising dollars to pay the cast’s contracts, even though it still was not enough to keep Mowry and Hall. 

So what do you all think…

Can The Game thrive next season with out the two leads?

Will Tasha & Pookie survive despite Rick Fox blowing up Tasha’s phone?

Will Malik turn into a bigger a-hole now that he has more fame and has lost his lady-love or will he just become a super athlete now? 

Can a grown-up Brandy carry this show? 

Comment away and let us know!

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sandra delice

I thought the game was excellent show. I love Pookie and Tasha relationship and infact I wanted more. I love to see a person turn the live around the better. I would have love to see Malik find himself and resolved his issues with women. I needed more closure on a lot of characters.

miss Claire

I enjoyed the show right from the beginning. But Derwin and Melanie leaving, c'on, thas got to be the end of the show? There won't be anything to watch


I don't see anything wrong with the show. I still love it and watch every episode. It's not boring at all. Yes i wish kelly would have stayed on and i hope Tia and Pooch have a change of heart but that doesn't mean that the show is going to crash and burn. Why are we always so quick to be negative about our African American shows. Then as soon as we can't get one on, you all want to blame someone else. Stop being so negative all the time. Yes the storyline changed after it was picked back up, but that's just called growth. Can we please try and be supportive of something that we like for once. It doesn't cost us anything.


And what was up with those cheap-azz champion t-shirts? –LOL!! HA!!
Rick Fox was good…but as an athlete/actor playing himself I’ve always enjoyed him as himself on The Game. — AGREE 100%
The whole Tasha & Pookie relationship…despite good acting from Wendy Raquel Robinson and Rockmond Dunbar, respectively. — RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THEM COMES OFF CONTRIVED AS HELL, DESPITE THEM (THEIR CHARACTERS, THAT IS) HAVING GROWN UP TOGETHER/BEING FROM THE SAME 'HOOD.
Tika Sumpter is not a good actress. — AGREE 200%
I’m loving Brandy as Chardonnay! — GONNA TRY TO STICK IT OUT W/OL' BRANDY-BRAN… **SIGH**


Hard to see the show without the two main characters. But I'm not sure the whole Tasha finally gets what she wants (a man that loves her unconditionally) and she messes it up is an interesting storyline. That seems to be the direction they are headed into. Blech on the whole brandy with Jason bit.


I think they are going to make Tasha Mack have some kind of illness. I mean what was the point of making her miss the game. Maybe the big "C"

Curtis Caesar John

So the varied opinions all seem to be that: 1. Brandy will mess up the show being a full-time cast member; 2. Melanie finally got what she always wanted and good for her! ; 3. The Game won't survive without Melanie & Derwin.

What else do you all think? Any opinions on Tasha? Will Malik actually be 'the man' again and will that make him a dog once more? (Trite, but kinda fun to see). Will Jason actually be able to handle Chardonnay? Lemme know what you all think!

Personally I think Melanie was a brat and I'm glad she's gone but I can't see, as I mentioned in the writeup, the show working without her. Still, I'd like to see how they make it work so I look forward to next season for that alone.


Anytime you got that non-singing has been Brandy/Chardonnay on a show, you KNOW it's OVER. Best seasons are past. RIP. Pull the plug or bring us some of the original sizzle but please leave those has been hangers on like Brandy/Chardonnay back in the wine cellar where they belong. Pretty please!


I'm sorry but the Game is over…Good Finale episode but without the main characters it's gonna CRASH and BURN. Shit is already fizzling out. Chardonnay is just a grownup Moesha…I can't with all the neck twisting and fish mouth shit. Coby Bell is damn good but even he can't carry this show on his shoulders. Lights out for The Game

Visionary Media

Melanie Won The Game
For some, there was defeat and loss and for others a significant shift. For Melanie she always played for her heart. Was anyone surprised when Derwin showed up to show his support and change teams (pause) for the sake of his wife and travel to DC? It’s about time Melanie won too! I think this was a good way to end the season and subsequently the end of these characters. Melanie was always honest about her feelings even when there were silly antics involved.


I thought, why did they just call the game the team won the "national championship" instead of "world title" or something that doesn't denote the college game? WTF? I'm sure they probably can't use "Super-Bowl" but it's like none of the writers even watch the game. Why not, "the Sabers are world-champions" or "they've won their second title in 5 years!" something simple like that. I've always known the show wasn't very realistic in portraying pro football, as they preferred to focus on the melodrama of the women but damn, that just came off as amateur, imo. I hope it gets better going forward…

Johnnie MD

BET probably needs the money from Mowry's and Hall's contracts to finance the new shows their producing for the fall. Sad to see them go, but I'm not convinced that this will make the show worse. I think each character has enough of their own story line and development that could carry the show if the writers do it right.


The spit in the face was way too much and gross. She acted like he did her wrong. I would have been through with her after that rant she had and then threw the keys away knowing he had to be at the game of his life. I was surprised he dealt with her after that drama. I kept asking"why is she even there?"

the black police

I think its time for the show to end. Please kill the show. Its at the last stage of its terminal illness. It really shouldnt have been revived by BET. We need new stories, new faces, new ideas! Black filmmakers, get on it. Hopefully now that the leads are leaving, it'll really make them consider cancelling the show for good.

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