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The Playlist Podcast: Warner Bros.’ ‘Justice League’ Plans, Marvel Rumors & The Post-‘Avengers’ Campaign

The Playlist Podcast: Warner Bros.' 'Justice League' Plans, Marvel Rumors & The Post-'Avengers' Campaign

In episode 2 of The Playlist podcast, host Erik McClanahan brings on staff writer Gabe Toro and Comptroller Rodrigo Perez for an extra geeky discussion about the planned “Justice League” movie that Warner Bros. is mounting and the future for the Marvel movie universe post-“The Avengers.” We also talk a little bit about WB’s DC plan as a whole, “Wonder Woman,” and the Marvel chat is full of things we’ve been hearing over the last few months…

We thought it’d be fun to try to pinpoint what, if anything, could actually come to fruition. We hope this content serves as a chance for our readers to listen in to all the chatter happening around The Playlist water cooler. Make sure to leave us some feedback in the comments section. A little warning about this episode: we had some audio issues during this recording, so there’s a few moments where you may hear some odd background noise going on. We apologize for this, but thought the content was strong enough to still post.

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I always thought that Drew Goddard name was pronounced like Jean- Luc Godard..


Warner Brother's doesn't get it.


Dr. Strange has been an official Avenger for several years. Since Civil War.


oh come one. No Falcon?!?!?!?


Re: Nolan and Snyder's movies vs. the JLA>

I want a continuous story. A Batman film or Superman film which doesn't tie-into the JLA is exactly like a Captain America film or Iron Man film which doesn't tie-into The Avengers. There's no reason for me to see a Batman film OR a Superman film OR a Justice League film without that continuity.

Marvel's The Avengers worked because that point-five percent (which is actually much larger than that, you flippant non-researching bums) went into it KNOWING it was based on everything prior to it. Warner Brothers will not have anything approaching a $1 Billion tentpole Justice League movie if they continue on the track of Batman reboots.


How many podcast have their been & where can I hear the other ones?


I completely disagree with their flippant dismissal of the origin story for a JLA movie. The whole point of the JLA film is that its a CROSSOVER film. Its about different heroes from different parts of the DCU that have no business in the same film coming together. This is what made the Avengers so interesting. They aren't united by a common thread the way the X-Men are as mutants. You have to established what makes Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Superman. Wonder Woman, and Batman so unique and different from one another.


is the podcast available on itunes?


1) I didn't hear any mention that the abandoned Justice League movie was CG motion capture film. This was a big factor in the movie itself, I hope I'm mistaken but I didn't hear anyone in the podcast mention this.

1.5) It didn't matter how young the actors were because it was motion capture. All that mattered was the acting quality.

2) I heard something along the lines of it being impossible for Nolan being the last to know. It's easy for fans to say everyone's always known, but WB and the top people knew before it ever got leaked to the public. If Nolan was the last to know he still knew it before anyone online.

3) The mentality that there are absolutely no way for two Superman exist is false. The Dark Knight and the then (inevitable) untitled third Nolan Batman film would have existed along side the CG animated Justice League movie. At the time Superman Returns 2 was not dead in the water there would have been another and two Supermans would have co-existed too.

4) WB isn't losing Batman or The Hangover they can and will always make more. Nolan will stay with WB to produce more Batman movies, that's simply pure truth. As for The Hangover franchise, it's one of their biggest and even if none of the original actors/writers or director came back for a fourth one there's nothing stopping WB from making another.

5) I'm not sure if I agree or understand that Marvel USED to be locked into just superhero films. First of all Marvel is now owned by Disney, there's a lot that can be done. Marvel, like DC, can make comic book films that aren't Marvel. I'm not familiar enough with Marvel to list any. But Road to Perdition is considered to be one of the greatest comic book movies of all time and it has nothing to do with superheroes.

6) We don't need an introduction to all the characters in the Justice League film in the Justice League film. As the audience all we need is an introduction to Justice League as a whole in the film.

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