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Today Show Interview With Spike Lee And Mike Tyson “The Prostitute Hunter”

Today Show Interview With Spike Lee And Mike Tyson "The Prostitute Hunter"

Hey, don’t juimp on me! That’s what Mike Tyson actually called himself in an interview he did with Spike Lee this morning, on The Today Show, about their upcoming one-man Broadway show, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.

In the interview, Spike and Iron Mike talk about how the show came to be, while Tyson goes even further out of control, talking about his past misdeeds. You have to admit there hasn’t exactly been an interview like this on the Today Show in a long time, if ever.

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Adam Scott Thompson

Feel how you like about Mike; brotha keeps it one hundred — always.


I dont think Spike is half as sincere as Mike. Mike is honest and open. On his doc he talked about how fear drove him to success. How dependent he was on attention and admiration. These basic themes of prostitution. Being a whore chaser is his self-projection. Everyday he performed for those people him like a sideshow act. I have more respect for the whores of entertainment more so than the directors like Spike. They are actually sacrificing. I guess thats my problem with actors they arent sacrificing anything.


SMH @ Spike's latest career choices…

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