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Toure To Co-Host New Show On MSNBC

Toure To Co-Host New Show On MSNBC

Author, cultural critic, TV personality and MSNBC pundit Toure (nee Toure Neblett) has been named as one of the co-hosts for a new MSNBC show The Circle, which premieres next Monday.

On the show, Toure will share co-hosting durtes with political senior writer Steve Kornacki, and former Democratic congressional candidate and strategist Krystal Ball, who are also regular MSNBC contributors.

The show will air at 3PM (2PM Central) taking the place of the Martin Bashir Show, whose show moves back one hour to 4PM (3PM Central), taking the place of the Dylan Ratigan’s Show, after the host left the network earlier this week.

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Its The Cycle not Circle.


Toure has got to be the most annoying person. He feels like he is in the "in crowd or whats new" and makes other feel like they are not…….beside music sucks these days and you're not making it……btw, not everyone is an expert. I can't stand him…….I'm done with MSNBC but I'll keep watching Chris Mathews.


i have watched you on halogen and the circle – you are terrific and you're so funny i'm always waiting for the next mess you get into keep going. i'll be watching!


This is the same lawn jockey who tweeted misogynist soundbytes about Black women being raped during slavery, and for a sequel decided to joke about Trayvon Martin-via a tweet as well. I hope it annoys everyone at MSNBC so much they can him immediately, but that won't happen since it's kind knows not to piss off White people too much.

John Brown

Toure SUCKS!


JOE TORRE & AL SHARPTON have a new show on MSNBC!? And suckbutts Juan Williams and Tavis Smiley are scheduled as regular guests? Is that what I heard? Nawl… that's wishful thinking – huh? But that WOULD be a news show I would watch. Yes sir, if I had my way, I'd have Paul Mooney as one of those "professional analyst" — who they'd cut to in a side window. Now that would be great viewing pleasure. Every time Juan and Tavis says something brown-nose(ish), I'd break away to Mooney and then back to Joe and Al. Joe Torre would spank that ass Def Comedy Jam style. Al would preach and pray until they wiped the brown off their nose or cried uncle. Anyway… someone has to tell me, who is this fat-lip-light-skinned brotha with no mustache? Are white folks growing these guys in a gabbage patch in a remote area of upstate New York?

the black police

I hope he doesnt do that sensationalist crap and focus on strong journalistic work with integrity.


Couldn't agree with @Dolow more. Of all the people for to happen to it had to be Toure. Can't stand him.


most annoying person ever, and i hate his voice

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