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Trailer For Charles Murray’s ‘Things Never Said’ (Shanola Hampton, Omari Hardwick Star)

Trailer For Charles Murray's 'Things Never Said' (Shanola Hampton, Omari Hardwick Star)

Sifting through the S&A archives, as I caught up on projects we’ve written about in the past but haven’t updated you on in a long while…

Here’s a first trailer for writer/director/executive producer Charles Murray’s feature debut, Things Never Said, which stars Shanola Hampton (Shameless), Omari HardwickElimu Nelson (The Shield), Tamala JonesDorian Missick and Michael Beach.

This is a project we first alerted you to last summer, but haven’t reported on since then; I checked in on the film’s Facebook page, and saw that a trailer has actually been online since last fall. Obviously we missed it; BUT, this is why I continuously emphasize the importance of you folks keeping us informed of your project’s progress, because we can’t catch every single thing.

Described as a drama/romance, the micro-budgeted film “explores a young woman’s quest for self worth and purpose as she struggles to find the meaning behind her choices and her voice through spoken-word poetry.

Director Murray’s credits include mostly TV, writing for shows like CastleCriminal Minds and Third Watch, all acclaimed series; so, naturally, his abilities as a writer on those programs should extend to his feature film, and should put Murray and his debut on our list of filmmakers and films to watch in the coming year.

You may also remember that he recently sold a female-led police procedural series to CBS (along with Queen Latifah).

Things Never Said is produced by Omar Albertto and Brian Lewis.

I like the look and feel of what I see in the trailer below, and I’m looking forward to eventually checking this out when the time comes!

But you can follow the film’s progress via its Facebook fan page at, where you’ll find a much longer synopsis that reveals much more; or Twitter at

Watch the trailer below:

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The Angel Many Men Yearn

can't wait to see it…it looks interesting….

D.C. Kirkwood

Looking forward to viewing this film. Omari Hardwick is very talented and handsome. He has a self confidence he brings to the screen without being cocky. Alot of young black actors still have that boy-man look or charm to them. He has look to where he can convincingly play a thirty to forty year old character range.


Looking forward to seeing this film. Looks lovely and sensuous. Moody. Would love to see more films with the poetry scene in them. Sexy. Very. Congratz to all who worked and supported to get it done. More please.


Ummm, why was "Love Jones" pretentious???!?!? One of the first great indie films of its genre that blended what we love about romantic ensemble dramas, while also showcasing a segment of black culture that had yet to be promoted. It helped to further shows like Def Poetry Jam, and showcase AA in a light that wasn't all guns and drugs, or sex and buffoonery. Boo to the haters…


This looks like a great project, with a nice cast. Omari Hardwick is clearly everyone's favorite Indie film "night in shining armor", so I'm sure he'll do well. And Shanola Hampton looks gorgeous, and is great on "Shameless". I loved Dorian Missick in "Premium", and he had a great arc with Regina King on "Southland" this season, so I'm interested in seeing him in this flick. Go indie film making!


Totally intrigued! Even before a trailer I was highly anticipating this film — now my anticipation has doubled!
Shanola Hampton is gorge + Omari Hardwick & Michael Beach…that's too much beauty on screen at once


THIS GRABBED ME! This is not a pretentious "Love Jones". THIS feels much deeper… much more sensual and mysterious. And I love spoken-word poetry ( I have a few published poems). And Shanola Hampton is easy on the eyes (very nice) and it appears she can act. There's no questions about Micheal Beach, he IS going to bring it. But Dorian Missick? Uuuuum, I've yet to see anything in his performances that I would write home about. But maybe… just maybe… this might be the vehicle that changes my mind. I'll keep my eye out for this one!


@Turner, what's that old saying? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. These filmmakers put a lot of energy, their heart and soul into getting their dreams up on the screen. Even if you don't like their work, still show them respect for their perseverance and their willingness to share their dreams.


Look forward to seeing it!

Eric Haywood

Nice! Looking forward to seeing the whole film.


I can't wait! Looks like a great movie.


Bad audio, bad lighting and boring….

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