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Trailers from Hell: Bernard Rose on Ken Russell’s ‘The Music Lovers’

Trailers from Hell: Bernard Rose on Ken Russell's 'The Music Lovers'

Today from Trailers from Hell, Bernard Rose guides us through Ken Russell’s big-budget film ballet “The Music Lovers.” Here’s the write up:

The onscreen title reads Ken Russell’s Film on Tchaikovsky and The Music Lovers, to differentiate it from a Russian film released the previous year. One of Russell’s most gloriously lurid fantasias, with Richard Chamberlain and Glenda Jackson brilliant as the haunted composer and his mad nymphomaniacal wife. Despite its many memorable and even shocking sequences this musical fever dream was savaged by the critics, with Pauline herself opining, “You really feel you should drive a stake through the heart of the man who made it. I mean it is so vile. It is so horrible.”

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The Music Lovers is a GREAT film! Thank God it was finally released on DVD and I've got it. And I going have to get an all region DVD player so I can get Russell's The Devils which BFI has finally released on DVD in the U.K. in its original uncut version. Russell's best film ever


the critics were wrong about this one. it was the russell backlash. it is a dazzling film. it deserves better. i agree with bernard rose it IS glorious and moving.

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