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Tyler Perry Wants You (Talent Search To Win Role In Upcoming Movie)

Tyler Perry Wants You (Talent Search To Win Role In Upcoming Movie)

So you say you’ve always wanted to be in a Tyler Perry movie? You’re in luck! 

Via his YouTube channel, Tyler Perry is hosting a talent search to find the next big screen star! Well… ok so it’s for a walk-on role, but still, what’s that saying about big things having small beginnings…? Gotta start somewhere. 

Plus, ya never know; he might like you enough, or something about you might mesmerize him, and he’ll decide to give you an even plumper role in his next film. This is after all a business about impressions and connections; the more you make the better.

So what do you have to do? As the above image says: Submit an audition of you doing what you do best.

The Top 10 will be announced on June 29th and Tyler Perry will select the winner from there.

To enter or vote now, visit:

Good luck!

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Nanette Johnson

I love everything that Tyler Perry do.ALL of its GREAT! I hope that I get to be a part of it before my looks go.


I’ll be great entertainment.


I know I would be absolutely fabulous

Imus Demond Mearidy

Hello Mr Perry if you choose me we want be sorry I’m good at what ever I do and fame is my name

morgan higginbottom

U will not regret given me a chance.

tanijha warren

Gentle voice female

Teresa Hodge

Hi Mr.Perry im a 40 yr old black women of two children an i have always wanted to get into acting but never thought I could actually do it.But I feel that im not getting any younger so maybe I'll dream a little. I love all of your movies an wish that I was in one. Im a bery out going person an like to surround myself with positive people hopefully one of those people in my dreams could be you,so thank you and have a blessed day.

Isaiah Arnold

Here is your next "ARNOLD" FROM THE DIFFERENT STROKES. Isaiah Arnold must see… He is the funniest 7yr old you ever seen. When family members are a little down , Li Arnold is man to call on. Our spirit uplifter.

Tekesha German

Love You handsome I hope you recognize me and remember me
If you do type whoop whoop whoopiiiiiiiiiii on facebook chatline
Or on your cellphone please no photographer(s) thanks.


tyler perry I love to sing but I have no phone to video me sing I sing very very very good thanks love your singer brazil

Venoris Bumpus

Hello mr.perry,I'm a 49yr.young women that has no experience n acting but I have been acting most of my way threw life lol, I'm funny out going,and I would love a chance to have a part in one of your comedy's u will be impressed.

Dewight Coleman

Dear Mr Tyler Perry

I am a 22 years old young man who has an passion for acting and I have always wanted to to be an actor because I feel that I could make a positive impact on our young generation and help our young men change their ways as well as embrace the Word of God and I think if they heard it from someone who knows what its like to lose someone at a young age. Since I was an young teen I've watched your movies and plays and everyone of them had a huge impact in my life and helped made me see things differently and I say thanks to you for being an man of God as well as an inspiration to all young and old and I hope and pray that you see the good as well as the God in me,thank you and God bless you and keep on trusting in God…

Liz Owens

I am a 50 year old aspiring singer, Single mother of 3 and grand mother of 3. I have several YouTube videos. And my one dream in life is to be a part of a Tyler Perry production. you inspire so many people to press towards their dreams and that is what makes me want to be a part of such a wonderful company.

Shakiya Griffith

hi my name is Shakiya GriffithI am an aspiring actress looking to make my dreams come true but I am Not only doing it for me I'm doing it for my three beautiful children you see we been through some very rough times my husband their father was murdered last December so you see I am the only one left to take care of them its very hard being a single mother but I do the best that I can at all times they are my world my everything and even through this trying time we are one close knit family I'm trying to make a better life for my children because I grew up a minority and in the property and I want so much more for my babies and this is my dream something that I'm really good at I know I can be a great actress if given the chance thanks for your time and your hospitality

Danielle Tribue

I'm Danielle and I always wanted to be an actress and I would love to have a chance at acting.

Daniel Seabrooks

I will love to act with you I'm your biggest fan I love all of your movie s

Justice Robinson

I am Justice's mother and I believe he would be a great addition to one of your new movies or shows he os the cutest blonde haired blue eyed 4yr. old and very out going funny smart and talented.I tried to submit a your search for talent but could not get it to work ah well maybe this will help us get started on a new adventure.
P.S. We both love all your show's

Lynda Li

Please give me chance. Thank you


I really like your movies AND plays,I can really sing can u come to hot springs

Isatu bangura

My name is Isatu I'm 22 year old… I will love to be in the movie… I love to act… If you give me the time to meet and talk to you will know why I'm the right one… Thank you

Dennis Warren

Hello shout out to Tyler Perry and Family much love from the True Texas Family …….

Skylar Spottswood

Tyler Perry you are a great gifted man, I would be hondered to work for you, I am turning 16 on November 27, I feel that I am very versitile, love you Tyler- you are the bomb, I submitted a video to you before, which I'm sure out of the millions you received, mine probaly got moved to the trash bin, if you would like to see it, please contact me , I must say its quite unique.

Destiny Heard

I am a 15 year old girl amd I would love the chance to be in one of your plays. I love singing I sing in the church choir and on the praise team at my church I love your plays and your movies


Hello I would love to audition for tyler perry. How do I find auditions? I've always wanted to become an actress and I finnally have time to persue it. Please reply back with any info


You should cast me. I'm bald, I'm dark-skinned, and I hate Jesus.

Daimond Jones

Dear tyler perry I am sending you a message to play in your movies

Henderson Productions

Hey whats up Tyler? Henderson Productions here! you gotta check me out! I got a new movie The Grandmother Baby Scam I know you heard about it! it will hit the Hollywood Film Festival 10 -22- 2013 you might wanna see what Grandma is doing to get her next baby! this movie is based on a true story! if you get around to it hollow back or just goggle this link and check Grandma out for yourself.

Airelle Magee

Hey Tyler Perry. I am 14 years old and I am a singer. I have very good acting skills and I have a very special talent in singing. Being a singer is my dream, I just need a way how to use my gift of singing and acting. Please reply back!!!!

robert c. smoot

im awaiting a response from tyler perries auditions crew to make me aware of how i can audition

Addie Massey

I really love Tyler Perry he is incredible. he makes me proud to know that there is a man like him in the world. I just need to say he is a amazing man Thank you Mr. Perry.

Bernetta Arnold

This is such a wonderful for young adults like myself, to be given the chance to start somewhere. Unfornately I was to late to enter, but I know God will give me my chance one day.!


Hey…….Tyler Perry Fans!!! I Am Musical Vocalist trying to Establish A Career As A Musical Actress!! Please Aspired To Review My Submissions and Tell Me What You Think At BarbieWhite2, or check Me Out on Facebook@BarbieWhite!!! Love ya'll…..Especially Tyler PerryPss….Hey TylerPerryStudios…..I Sent A Demo Three Weeks Ago…yall review it!! Get Back At Me, Soon!! BWhite!!



tanora stokes

Hello everyone I am in the talent search for Tyler Perry 2012! If you're. Not too busy please stop by and support me, and I'll do the same for those of yoi pushing forth to a higher calling as well. Stay blessed! Na I'm not all save, sanctified, and holy ghost fillex like most of you, but my lide deserves a chance, my life have a purpose and I'm destined for greatness!

Victoria Wilson

Hello Everyone! Please check out my performance of "For Colored Girls." Within this performance, I am portraying how women find hope while facing many obstacles. Enjoy and VOTE FOR VICTORIA to be in the next Tyler Perry Production!! You can vote as many times as you like up until Friday, June 29, 2012!! *THANKS!!!!*


Remember "Byronnnn" from Madea's Big Happy Family? Well, click below to see my attempt. Thanks!


Hello everyone I am in the Tyler Perry talent search contest right now if you can please take the time to go check out my channel, and vote!!!! this would really really be a big help thank you :)


Please go vote for my video by clicking the like button(thumbs up) !!!
if the link does not work go to youtube and search Brittani Samuels
Thank you :)


Check out my Video hopefully they put it up in time ! Support please vote subscribe all of that :) thanks !!

Brooklyn Damien

this is a boondocks episode already…look it up…the winner ends up…losing lol


Idk if they gonna put my video up because I tried submitting it.. But if they don't here it is!

So it the link and check it out for me! Subscribe too please


well i been waiting for chance this one for so long so now its time to show more to people than my age or color or hight or any thing else
– thank you

Adam Scott Thompson


Niroma Johnson

I want to thank Mr. Perry for the opportunity to show and prove my talent. I sent the video from youtube to your mailing list. I could not upload it because someone else video taped me. I hope it gets to you. If not please send me an email on how I can send it to you. Thank you

the black police

That billboard girl should definitely seize this opportunity.


Why do Tyler Perry and Billboard Girl keep playing these games with each other? Just hook up already and go make yourselves a godawful movie, ya crazy kids!

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