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Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’ His Worst-Reviewed Movie Ever? Fans Strongly Disagree

Tyler Perry's 'Madea's Witness Protection' His Worst-Reviewed Movie Ever? Fans Strongly Disagree

The above image tells the whole story; the disconnect between critics and fans; particularly of Tyler Perry’s movies; even more particularly of Tyler Perry’s Madea movies, which, on average, are his best performing films. 

His fans love him in the fat suit, wig and glasses. And, as he’s said, as long as that continues, no matter how much he complains about the physical discomfort he feels when wearing the suit, he’ll keep pumping out Madea movies.

Granted only 10 critic reviews are in, but I doubt that the 0% you see there (none of them gave it a positive review) is going to change much. It may not be zero when it’s all said and done, but it won’t be very much higher than that, which would make this THE worst reviewed Tyler Perry-written-and-directed movie ever!

He’s best reviewed movie? 2009’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself, which got a 62% Fresh rating. It’s also the ONLY Tyler Perry-written-and-directed with a positive rating. Keep in mind that he’s released 13 films in 7 years.

Prior to Madea’s Witness Protection, his first film, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman was his worst rated at 15%.

But all of that obviously doesn’t mean a damn thing to his faithful followers, because, as you see in the image above, with 90% of them so far saying that they liked it, Madea will continue to live in cinema.

Let’s see what the box office results for this latest one are on Sunday.

And if you have seen Madea’s Witness Protection, what did you think?

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Tyler Perry being the humerous, straight-forward, and albeit, somewhat crazy Madea! He gets in character, it's hard to resist such a unique humor! :D

Paula Jacobs

I saw this movie and I loved it!! Because Tyler Perry has a positive movie with a great message instead of sex, his movies are underrated. I will continue to go to his movies. It is a family affair. My family loves to go together to see Perry's movie and we haven't been disappointed yet!


I have one thing to say to Tyler Perry: Stop it… just… just stop it.

mickey 47

"wow" my hat off to mr.tyler perry!


I Can Do Bad All By Myself ("which got a 62% Fresh rating") was God awful and Diary Of A Mad Black Woman ("was his worst rated at 15%") is easily his most complete work. So go figure.

I'm one of those holier than thou critics who vowed to never patronize the man again after Why Did I Get Married 2, which to date is THE worst movie I've ever sat through beginning to end…HOWEVER, I caught the first hour of Witness Protection and laughed my ass off and only cringed twice at the Tyler/Madea/Joe cutaways and scoffed once at a plot/character inconsistency. I'm not ready to hop the bandwagon but I can say I've FINALLY seen some growth and improvement in his writing and directing.

His casting, however, remains suspect. You would never know Romeo's been acting since he was a kid. Dude was terrible. And I won't even get into Denise Richards.


I can't take a white critics review of Tyler Perry's movies seriously because their reviews tend to be laced with racism and ignorance. A lot of Perry's movies deal specifically with esoteric humor inside the African American southern culture which is something that white critics don't acknowledge. Also, some white critics have a problem with Tyler Perry because he's not kissing their white asses looking for validation and acceptance. The thing is though regular white people do watch Perry's movies and he's trying to make his movies more multicultural. Perry is expanding his brand to be more diverse.

At the end of the day Hollywood is about money and profit and for a long time Perry is the most consistent black director in terms of box office in Hollywood history. Perry has a lot of power in Hollywood regardless of what those critics have to say.


Excuse my French but DOUBLE F#*K reviewers with a dirty water hose. What exactly are they going to tell me? Are they going to tell me when I should laugh or what characters "I" can relate to? Hell, as someone mentioned, if it's a white reviewer, "I" know they don't have my best interests at heart (most of the time). Heck, if it's a black reviewer, and I find out they were not entertained by last night's BET Music awards, their stuffy ass is outta here. I mean, critics, by and large, are a different breed of movie watchers. Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! They live off the sweat of everyone. Be he black, or be he red, they grind filmaker's bones to make their bread. Hell, what are they really going to tell me? Granted, they may be able to pull my coat on some obscure camera angle, or the lens the cinematographer used, but who are those people and what did they have for breakfast this morning? Well, if I had to be brutally honest, I did use Rotten Tomatoes to find a couple of movies this weekend. That's right, they lead me to "The Secret World of Arriety", "we" loved it. . And while I was there, I noticed they gave The Artist a 98%. Huuummm, I haven't seen it? Somebody will have to tell me what's going on? I did see 21 Jump Street (and I laughed my ass off). They gave it a 85%. But on the flip side, they gave Albert Nobb a 55%. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Coriolanus 93%… with Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Brian Cox, Vanessa Redgrave… I'd give it a 70%. But they can't tell me nothing about Tyler Perry's Madea. I know why he makes me laugh.


It is amazing that reviewers that gave positive and even glowing reviews to a trashy film like "Magic Mike" could be so critical of Tyler Perry's films. They are a breath of fresh air from the stuff that Hollywood has been making for years. If he made films about "Negro" sharecroppers in the old days these same reviewers would love them. It is true that Madea is certainly a character that would not appeal to "some" people. However, once most people get to know her most people love her!

Marlon Palmer

Those ratings don't mean sh*t, those lovely white film reviewers NEVER or if you like hardly ever give black films and kind of positive review – they simply just don't understand or appreciate black films. I have been going to press screenings for years and grew tired of sitting in press screenings with only the handful of black press laughing when the film warranted it and the stiff-neck white writers (some in their 90's, LOl!) sitting their like zombies – stiff as a board – then they go away and write bad reviews!

Adam Scott Thompson

Citizen Coon's newest release is up to 8% critical approval as I type this, with audience approval down to 88%. I'll reserve judgment for after I've seen it… at a barbershop near me ($free.99).


My girl forced me to go see it with her, and although I didn't like the film, I think it's easily his best Madea movie yet, which obviously isn't saying much.

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