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Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be ‘Memories,’ ‘Hugh,’ ‘Ferret,’ or ‘Dances’?

Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be 'Memories,' 'Hugh,' 'Ferret,' or 'Dances'?

Vote below for this week’s Project of the Week.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from an industry consultation.

The four projects up for the prize: “Finding My Dad’s Memories,” “The Ballad of Hugh,””The Ferret Squad” and “Five Dances.” 

Voting will end on Monday June 11, at 11AM Eastern.

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darn!!!! the ferret squad was in the lead on sunday, what happened??? ugh…:(


The Ferret Squad!! Go for it….!!


Ferrets :+)


Go Memories!


I voted for Memories because RangerUp told me to.


If you don't vote for "Finding My Dad's Memories" then the terrorists win.


Voting for "Finding my Dad's Memories." Courage, love and hope personified.


GO MEMORIES !!!!! Vote for "Finding my Dad's Memories" and help spread the word of HOPE.


Well deserved mammal with a top series of anecdotes attached to every "hilarious" act they get themselves into


The Ferret Squad would be an interesting and fun family movie. I am sure my three children would enjoy it. I am not quite sure why ferrets are even banned in California so if this film could help stop them from being discriminated against I am for it.

Susan Jones

Here is the promo video for The Ferret Squad – Please join me in support of this movie and help raise awareness about the 1933 law in California which bans PET FERRETS –
This movie is educational in nature and supports awareness of the need for organized Ferret Rescues/Shelters, educated pet owners as well as clearing any misrepresentation that the media has given pet ferrets as rats, rodents, or vicious wild animals! Thanks for your consideration!

Tom Casey

Finding my fathers memories would reduce me to a puddle even if I did not know the family. However after the self indulgence of emotion, I was struck by Tod's courage and the families love.
In the day to day we we all face challenges "will I get caught if I text while driving", "will the line at Starbucks be too long"…..real important stuff! I would only hope that if faced with the adversity encountered by Tod on a day to day basis I would be able to equate myself with his dignity. Moreover, I would hope my family would be as courageous as the O'Donnell has have been during this difficult time.


Oh such a "different" pet to behold

Henry Fit

In the last year I watched Awakings, The Notebook, Aurora Borealis, Fame, Glee, Dancing with the Stars, A Chorus Line, The Bucket List, and Going in Style. If I wanted to watch something that didn't bring any of these other movies to mind, which would I choose….?

Mark O'Donnell

Finding My Dad's Memories is a real life story about my brother, and the challenges he will overcome as their is no quit in Tod O'Donnell. If this was a football movie, Tod would be Brian Picole and I would be Gale Sayers. Tod's close friends and family members will always help him out, and for me, Tod is not heavy he is my brother.


Finding My Dad's Memories is a real life story that will grab your heart and mind and inspire you like nothing else. It will inspire you to never take for granted the important things in life. It amazes me how miraculous this story is. It will blow your mind. It's more about winning. It's not about selling anything. It's about supporting an amazing family through some of the hardest times and cherishing every single moment that life gives you. (thank you Jeremy for posting the trailer link below!!).

Robbie Swain

"finding my dad's memories" is one of the most inspiring films i've watched in a while. It reminds you of what's important in your life and how important those things are. Father's day's coming up and I don't know a better way to show support such a moving and great film than to vote for it.

Nicola Karen Martin

Voting for The Ferret Squad…….It's sure to be the Bee's Knees, the Cat's Whiskers but above all the Ferret's Business!!! Ferret's Rock x :)


As fathers day is approaching finding memories is especially inspiring!!


Ferret Squad T-Shirts are flying off the shelves! This is a merchandizing DREAM!!!


Family, love, life, sports, dedication, ambition, perseverance….Finding My Dad's Memories represents all of these qualities. You will cry, you will smile, you will more inspired than you can imagine. This is a very REAL story and will have a strong effect on everyone that sees it. Life is short. Vote for Finding My Dad's Memories. You can watch the trailer here:


Yes a ferret movie may well be a lot of laughs and fun for PEOPLE, but, for ferrets it could be a huge and ultimately nightmareish Hell. People watch movies with animals doing cute or heart-warming actions and after the movie's release that particular animal is bought in droves as babies, enjoyed, maybe even enjoyed to the point of abuse, then comes the life-long neglect or surrender to a Rescue IF that pet is lucky. Turning a pet loose to fend for itself is criminal, but few people who do this really care. SO I ask you – if you support this movie – go see it when released and pay attention – there will be messages to teach people about proper care, extremely health care expense, medical care expense and high heart-break rates from owning a ferret. IF you get a ferret, then decide this is not the pet for you, have the decency to give a very large DONATION – cash donation – to the Rescue you now ask to save this baby from your thoughtless purchase… Rescues for all animal types are always strapped for cash so tightly those who run them often can not afford clothes, shoes, good food for themselves and going to a movie or out to dinner is simply out of the question. There are too many neglected, sick, dying pets to save at home, because those who thought "Oh he's so cute – I just have to have one" did not commit to the animal's care for that animals ENTIRE life – good food and vet bills out the butt INCLUDED! Think before you get an "OH He's so cute" pet. It is a responsibility – and comes with EXPENSES of time and money!


Finding My Dad's Memories is one of the most moving and inspiring documentaries I have ever seen. If you have a heart, it will be hard to resist voting for this one.

Holly McNamara

Finding My Dad's Memories will have a huge impact on every human that sees it. Please vote!!!!


Go Ferret Squad! What a unique idea for a movie!


good luck


Go Ferret Squad! Go Ferret Squad!


Ferrets Rule!

Ann Salafia

Nearly there!

Janice DeJesus

Yeah! we are holding our own ! go ferret squad!


If I could vote 5,000 times it would be for "Finding My Dads Memories" What an amazing story of hope and family. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this film to win!!!

Sylvia Reynolds

My daughter Nicola has told me about this up-coming movie, I watched Alison Parker's short film Jake and Jasper…A Ferret Tale, a few weeks ago at my daughter's house, it was brilliant, that little ferret Falcor sure has lots of talent :) I've been told that he is to star in the new movie The Ferret Squad, so this is going to be equally as fantastic as Jake and Jasper. Ferret's are cute, sweet and very intelligent little animals, my girl has kept them for 15 years and is a great supporter of anything and everything to do with these wonderful little creatures. No doubt I'll be watching the movie when it's released and I think it's great that it has a point to get across, to hopefully get people to support the legalization of ferrets in California. Vote, vote, vote for the Ferret Squad x x:)


Ferret Squad!!!!!

Nicola Karen Martin

The Ferret Squad movie is gonna be the Business! It gets the biggest thumbs up from me and 9 little raised paws from my ferrets in support of what sounds like a delightful, ferretastic movie x :))


Go Ferret Squad, we need a feel good movie made for everyone! We need something "different" instead of the same old same old, this is it!!!!!

Alison Parker

Thank you everyone for supporting The Ferret Squad! We have just 31 hours left in our crowdfunding campaign so please help if you can at and if a distributor happens to read this, hey, we don't have distribution yet so please help us out!


Seriously, do we need another dance movie? A Ferret movie is fresh and new!


Ferret Squad needs to be made to help educate people about the silly law in California and also to show how gentle these little creatures are



NameJerry S.

Fun with Ferrets :o)

Kristi B.

WHO DOESN'T LOVE A FERRET? AND IF YOU DON'T YOU WILL. They have a way of grabbing your Heart.

Steve Lewis

C'MON Ferret Squad!!

Ute Clackson

I'd love to see a film about ferrets. They are lovely pets, we have two with very different personalities.


Tammy Golden

Go Ferret Squad!


The Ferret Squad!!!!


3 Cheers for The Ferret Squad!!!

Rose Pierce


Patti Riggert

Go Ferret Squad!

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