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Watch: 1-Hour Documentary ‘NWR’ About Nicolas Winding Refn With Ryan Gosling, Mads Mikkelsen & More

Watch: 1-Hour Documentary 'NWR' About Nicolas Winding Refn With Ryan Gosling, Mads Mikkelsen & More

Nicolas Winding Refn has never been busier. He’s currently in post on “Only God Forgives” with a number of projects in the works including “I Walk With The Dead” with Carey Mulligan; he’s producing a prequel to “Maniac Cop“; looking at “The Button Manto direct; and bringing “Barbarellato the small screen. So Refn continues to quickly move forward, but thankfully, someone has slowed him down just enough to take a long look at where he’s been.

Laurent Duroche has directed “NWR,” a one-hour documentary about the filmmaker that features extensive participation from Refn himself along with input from his friends and collaborators, including Alejandro Jodoroswky, Ryan Gosling, Mads Mikkelsen, Gaspar Noé, Zlatko Buric and more. The doc takes a journey through Refn’s filmography right up to visiting him on set as he shoots “Only God Forgives.” For Refn junkies? Here is your fix. Note: while portions of this are in French, Refn himself speaks in English. Watch the whole thing below (via Filmmaker).

Speaking of “Only God Forgives,” wondering where it will fit in Refn’s oeuvre, one that is arguably a mix of gritty realism (the first half of his career including the “Pusher” films) and fantastical (“Bronson” and everything that follows it)? Well, while speaking with Empire in the latest issue (though not online) the Danish filmmaker says the Thai Western ‘Forgives’ is a direct continuation of those films and where he left off with “Drive.”

“This one is very much a continuation of that language,” he said of his latest picture. “It’s based on real emotions, but set in a heightened reality. It’s a fairy tale.” The director also notes that “Only God Forgives” — which was supposed to originally follow “Valhalla Rising” — changed after he worked with Ryan Gosling on the aforementioned neo-noir. “I wanted to do a Western, a straight up gangster movie after ‘Valhalla Rising,’ ” he said. “But all that changed.”

In related news, as has been known for a while, Refn has shot a short film with Blake Lively for Gucci that will premiere on September 1st at the Venice Film Festival (check out an image of the pair looking over their work below). Could this be greater evidence that Refn will also be there with “Only God Forgives”? Let’s hope so. And speaking of which, here below you’ll find some behind the scenes pics from the film (via Lawless) that have been knocking around the web for a while now.

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Laurent Duroche

Of course, I'm really happy to see that the movie raises interest, that's why we made it. In an ideal world, I would have put it myself online for people to watch it for free. But a movie has to live a certain life (festivals, TV, DVD) to allow people who made it to live from it. Of course, when it's Transformers 3, who gives a damn ? The movie will make billions whatever happens. But for a very small production like this documentary, it could easily kill it before it even began to exist. I hope you understand my point. Anyway, I'm glad people like it, and I invite you to follow the Facebook page of the movie to be informed of his availibility when things will move forward (


Please don't watch this. People should be paid for their work. Posts like this one are killing the career of this documentary, it's a shame.

Laurent Duroche

Please, consider that this video has been illegaly posted online, and is not authorized by the author, being me.


Very interesting protrait.

But what a guy :D. He's kind a shy poser.


I'm watching it here right now if anyones looking for a link. There's a bunch of annoying commercials tho unfortuantely-


removed.. where else can i find it?


That's also why he showed up et won a Cannes. Les francais make awesome stuff.


Loved this doc! Thank you for posting it!


from what this doc shows, nwr seems to be a highly functional autistic savant. the shyness, unable to read until a teenager, strong visual sense, little importance to dialog, obsessive (the robot thing was quite touching), etc. am i wrong about this? it's just an observation on my part having had kinship with other autistic people.


It's a great documentary, and even if you found it pretentious i still love it, i didn't understand the french parts obviously but i still didn't like what Jodorowsky said.


That was great! thanks


what is gaspar noe saying?!

pichi moham

As much as I like Refn, dude is a little rude.


This is a monument to himself. I am speechless.

blue ivy

There is something terribly wrong about Refn directing a short film for Blake Lively… one is too good for the other.

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