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Watch Anthony Mackie Slice & Dice In New Clip From ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

Watch Anthony Mackie Slice & Dice In New Clip From 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

We finally get a proper look at Anthony Mackie in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Check out Mr Mackie, co-starring alongside Benjamin Walker as the titular Abe, in action, chopping up some Vampires onboard a speeding train.

Mackie plays the role of Will, Lincoln’s BBF.

The flick will be in theaters, in 3D, on June 22 – next week Friday.


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Ronald T. Jones

Check out the Chronicles of Harriet Tubman by Balogun. It's the same concept where a historical figure is endowed with superhuman abilities and tasked with battling fantastical villains. I like the premise in both Balogun's book and the upcoming Abraham Lincoln movie. Those of us who are historically aware can ably distinguish the fantasy of slaveholding vampires from the reality of who and what these people were.


This movie is for the sci -fi buffs ,not to be historically accurate. FYI vampires are not real. The horrible institution of slavery was very real. This movie just uses that historical fact to build its fiction on. I like my vampires to be bad and ugly not sexy. The real issue is why we don't see more blacks in the sci – fi genre and making sci – fi movies. We don't have to be so deep all the time . Our life is hard enough. Kill those bloodsuckers !


Chauffeur Birmingham Brown! That's it. Anthony Mackie is Hollywood's new Mantaan Moreland. Mackie, with his bulging eyes and cackling laugh, is quickly becoming a favorite (do-boy) supporting player in Hollywood movies. Come to think of it, I hear Mackie is in discussions for the remake of the Charlie Chan series…. and no, he's not playing the fictional Chinese-American detective.


This looks like a disaster. I really, really, don't like the premise of the novel and (by extension) the film. Portraying slave Owners/Confederates as vampires is a denial of the fact that the institution was the foundation of western capitalism. The South, North, Midland, and West profited from the system in one way or another through both economic and social capital. Slavery and its later incorporation into other industries affords whites race privilege in the present. So is vampirism = racism? Does slavery = vampirism? I'm confused as to what connection we are supposed to make from the relationship b/t the anti-blackness of slavery and white supremacy and vampirism. Or am I missing the point? Probably… the film isn't about black people (or slavery really), it's about the superman of all abolitionists, right? Abe Lincoln as a screen surrogate for white progressives/liberals/hipster-racists.

Yes, brother Mackie, next time just say no! You're too talented to let folks borrow your chocolate for a cheap dessert. He'll probably be the bright spot in a terrible film. I'm not looking forward to this.


Ha! Name any horror, vampire, zombie movie out, and I've probably seen it. I will be there opening night lol. Forget what any one says. I AM EXCITED.

the black police

That didnt look right. Unfortunate.


Did anybody notice that when Anthony and Lincoln shook hands there was dialogue but their lips didn't move? Brother Anthony, sometimes you gotta say no. Hollywood does whatever the **** they want. That was horrible. Made Prometheus look like a masterpiece. SMH


that was unpleasant


Is this a thrown back UNSTOPPABLE train scene filmic quote ? :)

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