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Watch Behind-The-Scenes ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ Featurette w/ Dwight Henry

Watch Behind-The-Scenes 'Beasts Of The Southern Wild' Featurette w/ Dwight Henry

As you should know by now, Behn Zeitlin’s Beasts Of The Southern Wild is now in select theaters since this past Wednesday.

And it’s also a must-see, if our coverage since its Sundance premiere is any indication!

Here’s a very interesting behind-the-scenes featurette by Fox Searchlight featuring one of the film’s stars, Dwight Henry. The video highlights his bakery work at his regular job in New Orleans, his involvement in Beasts, and working with the other film’s star and young revelation, Quvenzhane Wallis.

If you haven’t, read Tambay‘s Sundace review of the film HERE. By the way, click HERE to find out if the film is playing in your city and at what times.

Watch the featurette below:

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Vanessa, you sho know what to "say"! This featurette w/ Dwight Henry speaks louder than one hundred reviews. I am snagged like a catfish at the end of a dewworm baited hook. Now I have to decide if my short money goes to this film or Tyler Perry's Witness Protection — both opening today? Oh hell, that's a nobrainer… I just checked… Beasts Of The Southern Wild is not playing within 200 miles of my humble abode. Whew.. I sho am glad because it's my lady's turn to pick this weekend's movie. And she's already talking about BUYING "Witness Protection"… and not on bootleg :-) I am dead serious. 30 minutes ago she said, "Am gonna buy that from the store b/c I know it's gonna be good, I got to have that in my collection"

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