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Charles Judson

It's a Campus MovieFest film. Shot, written and edited in a week's time, over 95% of the CMF films are made by college students who have no intention of going into film and are doing it with friends just for the fun of it. Prior to being with the Atlanta Film Festival I hung out with a few the teams during their shoots to write about CMF. I've also attended several of the campus screenings (and still do when I have the time). It's usually one or two people per team that are the aspiring filmmakers. Everyone else, actors included, are just friends in it for a fun ride, a good making of story, and a shot at temporary glory if the film is picked to screen on their campus. I wouldn't critique this one too harshly.

JE from the CG

Not bad, I cracked a smile once or twice…plus I love a good booty-shot. But the greenlighters will look at the revenue the last attempt at this genre cumed ("Black Dynamite") and probably pass on it.


So over the top you cannot possibly take it seriously..and I'm sure the creators know that. The length was just right. I'd watch another episode


I get it. Afro Thunda was strong and full of much ass. That's blaxploitation. The acting was corny. However, that too rings of the blaxploition period. Also, drugs were a major storyline of many blaxploitation movies. But I don't remember if blood and gore was as prevalent in that era as depicted in this short? The cussing? Well, personally, I could do without but again, I believe cussing was part of the blaxploitation period. Overall, I'd say this production is working with something. They're moving in the right direction. But to the question "funny or not". Not.


The acting was atrocious and the cussing was out of place even for a spoof! Everybody's a director nowadays. SMDH.


Not funny. Some 20 year olders trying to mine the Blaxploitation Era icons and missing the boat. It's not offensive. Just not hitting the mark. Is it a satire, parody, or tribute. Sorry it was boring. But they should keep at it. Maybe they may get it by the few more tries.

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