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Watch: Clip From ‘The Expendables 2’ Has As Many Horrible One-Liners As Bullets

Watch: Clip From 'The Expendables 2' Has As Many Horrible One-Liners As Bullets

The old men of summer are back, having rubbed in the gallons of Ben-Gay and endured the hernias for “The Expendables 2,” the most expendable movie since the last one. And now a new clip has come along to highlight just how potentially terrible this will be.

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham get the highlight here, in a scene that manages to show off many things at once. First, the terrible one-liners seem to have doubled since the last movie. Do real men only communicate in sly asides? And then there is the startlingly shoddy-looking filmmaking, perhaps not helped by the movie’s overall cheap, digital look. Finally, there is the relentless cutting — it seems we get a new camera angle every 1.5 seconds — that all tries to prove that Stallone still has the reflexes to (pretend to) gun down a bunch of bad guys without a single one of them getting a shot off. Right.

You get what you pay for kids, so when you buy a ticket on August 17th, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Took my wife to see it and it was like pulling teeth to do it. She loved it so much though that she said she can watch it again… much for this review !!! We laughed alot in this movie with the one liners


Somehow, someone who never saw the film already knows it sucks. I didn't know you could see the future.

Nevertheless, all the fan reviews I've seen so far seems like this movie is going to be the most kickass movie of the year.


Also, use spell check more. Or are you only 'prentending' to be a professional movie reviewer?


Yeah, this is a poorly written article. Try to class it up a little bit next time.


Yes with you Haines! Lucky i have never listened to his reviews or i would have missed some good movies as this one shall be.


Er, the point of the clip is that Stallone is bluffing and the sniper in the distance guns down the bad guys. Good to know Mr. Jagernauth is paying attention and not pre-judging anything…

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