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Watch Episode One Of ‘Single Ladies’ Now + Learn How Denise Vasi Got The Gig

Watch Episode One Of 'Single Ladies' Now + Learn How Denise Vasi Got The Gig

Based on your comments in response to how many of you watched the season premiere of VH1’s Single Ladies, and what you all thought of it, there isn’t an overwhelmingly one-sided argument in favor of or against the series.

About half of you are cool with it; and the other half aren’t. 

We’ll see how it goes over the next 2 or 3 episodes.

Episode 2 of season 2 airs on the network tonight, at 9pm; and ahead of tonight’s episode, VH1 has made last week’s episode, the season premiere, available for watching on its website, for free of course. 

So those of you without cable TV, and who are interested in checking out the new season, watch the full episode, which is embedded below. 

I’m sure episode 2 will be available online as well, after it airs tonight. I believe VH1 did this last season as well.

I actually watched episode 1 (it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it), so I can at least claim to have seen some of it – enough to talk about it. Let’s just that I won’t be returning for episode 2.

Never did I think I’d say that I missed the Stacey Dash, but after watching several of season 1’s episodes, season 2 is definitely lacking a certain something, and I think that something is the presence of one Stacey Dash who was probably the best actress on the series, the most believable of the trio. Plus she’s a hottie, and she was often, should I say, under-dressed in each episode, so that probably helped a bit :)

Her *replacement* is played by Denise Vasi, who should’ve stuck to modeling; I know many of you griped about the acting – her’s specifically. But you can thank her twitter followers for helping her get the part; here’s the story she tells:

“When Stacey decided to leave the show, I found out via Twitter. Fans of mine from ‘All My Children’ started tweeting me. So, I called my manager and I said, ‘Hey, there’s this show on VH1. Apparently an actress is leaving. So, let’s just keep an eye open, or let’s set up some meetings and be proactive about it.’”

Of course hers agent handled her business, and the rest, as they say, is history. You mean it’s just that easy? And they say it’s hard for black actors! 

I still haven’t seen any numbers for the season premiere, which is odd. Unless I just missed them. But I’m damned curious, so if anyone can link me to episode 1’s ratings, please do. I’m really curious to see if the 3 million who helped make the show a hit last year are still watching this year.

Watch episode 1 below:

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Oh people please!!!!Give the new lady a chance. We need to support our black shows. Yes the new character isn't as strong as S Dash character but so what. She will get better as time goes on. That's what's wrong with the black race, we don't support our people. I will continue to support the show. It has potential.


oh help me somebody.. that lisa R chick cannot act.. she really needs to go and take some acting lessons


Look…she's a gorgeous woman who happens to be terrible at acting. Period. I was one of those who slammed her on this site months ago and I stand by it. Even for daytime soap standards she was pretty awful. You expect most of the really young and pretty actors/actresses to be the worse (in terms of acting) of the lot on a daytime soap. A daytime show is lucky when they come aross ONE who is actually great at acting. They'll glady take it if the really good-looking ones are merely good actors. The rest of the young and pretty ones, well, if they are lucky and stick around a couple of years they may become "okay" actors for daytime standards, mostly as a result of growing comfort and lots of practice in front of a camera. Vasi? Never improved one bit. AMC tried to make her a star early on but the gal didn't have the acting chops and in my opinion brought everyone around her down. Truth is she should have been let go from AMC, but she had a decent following of strong supporters. Roughly the last two years of the show she got almost nothing to do but TPTB kept her around anyway. Why? In part because her fanbase (who acted as if she was the next Halle Berry) was very vocal. I'm no big fan of stacey dash's abilities either but she's an all-world talent compared to Vasi.


Ratings for last weeks episode from tvbythenumbers:

The first episode had 1,762,000 viewers and a 1.0 in the demo.


Yes, Stacey Dash was on "All My Children" and her acting was reviled by many and loved by few. Seriously, I think Vasi landed the role because she closely matched Dash's look plus she also has a number of AMC fans who will follow her.

Finally, I hope that Dash can return for season 3 if there is one. Dash was the best actress and brought some much good will because of her long history in the business.

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