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Watch: First Full Trailer For ‘Dredd’ Reveals It’s Basically A Futuristic Version Of ‘The Raid’

Watch: First Full Trailer For 'Dredd' Reveals It's Basically A Futuristic Version Of 'The Raid'

In the future, drugs are still a problem, everything looks like “Blade Runner,” and dudes in helmets with consta-growl voices are the only measure of justice. Welcome to the world of “Dredd,” the remake of the “The Raid” you didn’t know you wanted.

Starring Karl Urban in the lead role — wearing a perma-helmet and armed with as many cornball one-liners at his disposal as laser bullets or whatever — the film brings the comic character to life in a brand new story about an age old problem. A drug kingpin Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) is dealing Slo-Mo, a trippy new thrill, out of her Peach Trees apartment complex, and no one can stop her. EXCEPT DREDD. BRAAAHM. Teaming up with what looks to be a thoroughly miscast Olivia Thirlby (sorry kid, we love you, but it’s true) the rest of this thing basically looks like “The Raid” as Dredd and co. have to infiltrate the building and kill a bunch of anonymous people in order to get to Ma-Ma. Cue explosions and us falling asleep.

Directed by Pete Travis and penned by Alex Garland, this looks pretty dull. Oh, it’s in 3D too in case you care. And for those of you wondering, the song in the trailer is La Roux‘s “In For The Kill” (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix). Watch below. [Total Film]

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How is a film's similarities to another good film a bad thing? We only saw 2 and a half minutes of this thing and everyone's saying that it ripped of "The Raid" and it sucks.


This was actually in production way before The Raid was released. So the similarities are just a coincidence.


I love Garland and I loved Dredd comics when I was a kid, but this looks pretty awful.

Funny how it seemed for years people were like "Thirlby's so awesome! When's she gonna do some big studio movies and get noticed!" Then she did just that, and the movies were Dredd and The Darkest Hour. Ouch. Please, Olivia, go back to indies, stat.


A super lame studio version of The Raid? No thanks.


Failing to mention Stallone's first stab a this tells me that Kevin is way younger than I am. As a big fan of the comic book I was really hoping second time would be the charm, but those similarities with The Raid are truly unfortunate.

tristan eldritch

Looks a SHITLOAD better than the Total Recall remake, anyway.


All kidding aside, I'm actually pleasantly surprised with this trailer. I expected this all along to be the filmic equivalent of some street pizza; comfort food, indistinguishable from its peers, hits the spot when you're jonesing for some, but you forget about it the next day. Sure, that it now looks more gourmet pizza than Papa John's doesn't change the fact that it's just pizza, but hey… Sometimes you just want some good old fashioned junk food. If I wanted filet mignon or foie gras, I'd take my business elsewhere!

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