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Watch: First Full Trailer For Quentin Tarantino’s Slave Revenge Pic ‘Django Unchained’

Watch: First Full Trailer For Quentin Tarantino's Slave Revenge Pic 'Django Unchained'

An Entertainment Tonight official premiere…

Here's your first trailer for Quentin Tarantino's much-anticipated Django Unchained, which stars Jamie Foxx in the title role.

Watch it below:

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So, If a film is produced that depicts whites tracking down and killing blacks who have caused an injustice, let's say murdering a few whites, then of course the WHOLE black community including Samual Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, the NAACP, Obama, MLK (if they could resurect him), the complete liberal press and TV would scream R.A.C.I.S.T!!!!!!!!!!!.

This film in fact is a classic example of racism in it's truest form, it is nothing but political correct R>A>C>I>S>T!!!!!!!!!


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I am not sure why white people wouldn't want to see this. I for one have no guilt and there were several plantations owned by my family on my father's side. It is a tarantino film and most of his films have proved to be pretty good if not entertaining. While I don't think that Jamie Foxxx is all that great of an actor, his performance should be more than adequate to enjoy the film.


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@Wow "weez all quote happy today, isn't we?" that quote was by me. I think you get where I'm coming from otherwise you wouldn't have responded. I think VonnB and you are completely missing the point by dismissing all that we are saying here as merely vapid, tired complaints. Ignore us then. Go see the movie. Eat popcorn. Drink coke. Be entertained. Go home self-satisfied, drink an American beer, watch Dolemite, laugh your ass off, play World Of Warcraft for four hours. Go to sleep. Repeat. Who cares? And why do you assume no one wants to see a serious slave movie? Remember a little movie called called Roots? Bottom line: See the movie if you want. We'll complain if we want.


There is a saying.."Black people ain't happy if they're NOT complaining." I don't know many people who want to see a "serious" slave movie. As for being "brainwashed" for seeing this film, that's just dumb! No one I shared the trailer with objected, in fact quite the opposite. Trailer looks good and entertaining. You don't have to see it. I am positive I am as educated and well read as anyone on this site. Get over yourselves! How's that militant BS working out for you anyway?

Put em overseas and they'll be beggin to come back! –Ice Cube


Did any of us really expect Jamie Foxx to be the hero of this film? White savior/interracial buddy films puts white butts in seats. It makes them feel good and reinforces historical revisionism. A film where a black slave independently kills white folks for the injustices visited on him and his family would force whites to think about the historical and current advantages of whiteness. Whites want to deny that this country was founded on genocide and slavery and they are certainly not going to pay $8-9 to see anything that remotely suggests black slave agency or the true extent of the sadistic cruelty of slavery. I hold out hope for 12 Years a Slave or watch Sankofa again.

Miles Maker

If you know QT's work, you're probably not surprised by this trailer. We know his style. We know his aesthetic. We know nobody's gonna be up for an Acting award, but the film will be highly entertaining despite a blatant disregard for historical relevance. This is Hollywood, and THIS touts the potential to sell more tickets than truthful storytelling ever will. If we want different, we gotta make different.


Hey, wanna see real stomp down racist comments on Django? Check out this site on Yahoo. When last I checked there were 200 comments (the post has been up 2 hours). Al Sharpton's name appears in a couple of comments. Something about him squealing like a greased pig. Of course Kerry Washington's name comes up… hey, it's a white site and they're taking no prisoners. There's also a "like" link. Don't be surprised at which remarks are getting the most "likes" Here–>


As someone who has no plans to see this movie, I have to admit the trailer was pretty good…aside from Jamie Foxx making crazy "Soloist" eyes. Looked like a fun, kick ass movie.What was up with that last scene, though? Looked and felt super-modern.


I'm highly disturbed by the portrayal of Django's wife and Leo DiCaprio's character, as a seemingly consensual and apparent romance. Ummmm no. Try again. Curious what "justice" the film will do to what seems like another historical revision.


SMH…. this looks a LOT worse than I expected..


Waka Flocka
The Game
Basketball Wives
Chris Brown
Red Tails
All Big Momma's House movies

I just named 6 things off the top of my head that should be more offensive to black people than this movie. ITS A MOVIE. Did the jews cry when he made Inglorious Basterds? You have to be black now to create a movie loosely based on black history? How fucking ignorant do you have to be? Go feel sorry for yourself on your own time.

Not to mention none of you idiots have even seen the movie. I mean… Jesus Christ. Go find something else "racist" to cry about.


I feel bad for any uncle tom house negros who pay to see this movie. If you're black, please, download this movie and don't support it financially.

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

Slave exploitation? I'll pass. Yall fools enjoy. Next question.


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The fact that this is not a black-helmed film, the previous revelations about the plot, and now this light-hearted trailer definitely leave me concerned about the ultimate outcome. I'll try not to be a killjoy and reserve my opinion until I see it, but I honestly don't expect much. I'm just concerned about how insensitive and reckless it has the potential to be handled. BTW, am I the only one troubled by the "Django is off the chain" tagline?


I see a whole lot of complaining, but I guess most of you can't even appreciate a film with a black cast being in the spotlight without giving it negative connotations. It's an exploitation movie homage that is meant to simply entertain, so quit throwing a bitch fit about it. Regardless, all the controversy will only aid the film's success. You're doing exactly what Tarantino wants you to do, so the haters can keep on hating.

Charles Judson

It is enjoyable to see people condemn an entire film based off a 2 minute and 36 second trailer. Makes me wonder why we even question the wisdom of concluding an all Black cast makes a film more difficult to sale or will only appeal to the Urban Domestic Market, and not anyone over seas. Or be upset that folks see a film by a Black filmmaker and instantly feel it won't be worth their time. Seriously, as a collective of filmmakers, we really do seem to like taking on the characteristics of the people we supposedly despise or have issues with and reapplying it, only with a "Black" brush. Healthy skepticism I expect and encourage. It's how as artists we grow and challenge ourselves. As a screenwriter, as a film reviewer, and as festival programmer, I firmly believe one should never go into a film expecting the best or worse and regardless of what you see, reaching the conclusions you already expected. Baseless cynicism and subjective conclusions filtered through limited view points I find both disappointing and confing. It's been 26 years since SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT, 32 years since Sidney Poitier became the first Black director to have a $100 million film, two decades since the supposed Black film boom of the 1990s (which is more of a blip than anything substantial) and we're still effectively in the same freaking place. No offense, but I did this dance when I was 19. At 39, I don't plan on pushing the rock up the hill when I'm 59.


Who cares…


Still a white savior film where a the black man has little to no lines and his black wife is raped repeatedly. And no James Brown is going to change that!

Carlton Jordan

Cant wait to see this…despite the culture police and Black film snobs protesting it. Actually, makes me want to see it more. Ever since this site sold out to Indie Wire, it's gotten a little militant.



Dankwa Brooks

On paper I was HYPED about this film. After seeing this trailer…not so much. I wasn't expecting a serious pic about slavery, but I wasn't expecting it to seem so trivialized and stylized. I DID NOT LIKE the addition of the James Brown song. I know that's Tatantino's style and it's probably for the trailer only, but it seems like something "From the creators of Black Dynamite" meaning turning slavery into parody.

Dankwa Brooks

On paper I was HYPED about this film. After seeing this trailer…not so much. I wasn't expecting a serious pic about slavery, but I wasn't expecting it to seem so trivialized and stylized. I DID NOT LIKE the addition of the James Brown song. I know that's Tatantino's style and it's probably for the trailer only, but it seems like something "From the creators of Black Dynamite" meaning turning slavery into parody.


Very nice. Expect no less from Tarantino.


Get your life Tarantino! This dude is such a biter not a writer. He uses one James Brown song and negroes are won over. I see nothing militant or lead actor worthy about Jamie Foxx in this trailer. The white man is leading the way throughout this entire trailer. Jamie Foxx, excuse me, Django is nothing more than a "Do Boy" in this trailer. Wake me when they make a film about the slaves revolting and led by a slave…not a master. Until then, I will be spending Christmas Day watching some authentic 70's Blaxplotation movies instead of this copycat clown's jovial take on slavery.


What's the James Brown song called?




Really sad that all it takes is a trailer with James Brown music playing and one or two lines where Jamie is talking about killing white people to make people forget this is a white savior movie at the end of the day. Some are so desperate that they'll take anything that they are given even if it's not progressive at all. "A film with a black man with balls"? Yeah, Sergio. And it seems that those balls are on loan from the white man in the movie.


Black people who see this and think "Django is off the chain" are as brainwashed as white folks want them to be. No self-respecting, conscious Black Man or Woman can look at this and be straight-out excited. I look at it and see a privileged White Man playing with the pain of our ancestors in pure fanboy fetish fashion. I guess the S/A crowd will be lining up to drink the kool-aid.


Misha, see that's where you're just wrong in your perspective of the film. Django doesn't need a "White Knight" at all. They need each other. He Purchases Django to help him find his Bountys and Django gets help finding his wife. The point of the story is that color lines don't exist between these two characters that couldn't be socially any further apart despite their color and race. To think of it your way is just simply old fashioned and missing the point.

Shawn Taylor

What is up with Tarantino and his addiction to black everything? From "dead nigger storage" to Dennis Hopper's Sicilian monologue in True Romance, to the fetish pastiche of Jackie Brown…Dude needs help. There is no doubt that he is a good filmmaker, but if you leave aside his perma-homage, 70s boner; there is something profoundly disturbing in his oeuvre. There has always been a certain level of hipster-racism in all of his stuff, but this seems to be more pathology laced than anything. It was if 'dead nigger storage' was foreplay, and now showing the enclaved and the brutal conditions they endured is the consummation. If there were equally weighted positive images (and black filmmakers) in the public sphere, this would (probably) not sting so much. My next essay: Quentin Tranatino–White Privilege/Black Image.


They need to make a movie about "Nat Turner's Rebellion." But, i guess this is a start…


Oh and I cant be the only one who wasn't impressed with Jamie in the trailer? He's a very good comedian and great at impersonations but as for making an original character his own…well, I'm not buying what I'm seeing so far. And from the 3 seconds of Kerry in the trailer, was she wearing a long weave? LOL!


It looks cool. I rather watch this than movies like Precious and For Colored Girls any day of the week.


So much "cleaner" than I had imagined. I was confused when I caught some of the leaked footage and pics. I really felt it would be dirtier with QT, but it looks really clean and digital… no major "old school" treatments on the film (film specs: What I would imagine for a Will Smith (with his humor) as opposed to a Jaime Foxx who, for me, is an actor who can authentically tap into something quite serious. I think those who had reservations before might feel a little more at ease after seeing this trailer which kind of feels like a slightly more serious "Maverick". Yes miss Nichole… represent mama.


Ten bucks says this film will receive at least one OSCAR nomination. Yeah, that's right. I said it. 'running for cover…..'

Steven Flores



"Marinate'? MARINATE???????? What are you talking about? It's there's! It's all there right in front of you! This is the film I've been waiting for. A film with a black man with balls. Black man punishing and killing evil white men! I haven't seen this since 1974. And the trailer is only the tip of the iceberg. Tarantino is writing and shooting new scenes for the film making it even more intense and bloodier. Cannot wait to see this. I'm SOLD! Can it come out sooner?


GODDAMN!!! ***Stompin' my feet… clipping my hands and dancing around like it's Christmas morning*** Yawl have to excuse me while I say it like I'm in MY front room. THIS MUTHAFUKER IS GONNA BE GOOD! Did you guy see Jamie (Django) whipping the shit out of that white man? Come on now, this ain't yo daddy's Oldsmoble. And gawddamn… I screamed when Django said "To kill white folks and they pay you for it, what's not to like about that?". But wait, it got better. Jame Brown's "Big Payback" is playing in the background while Jamie shoots a klansmen, and says "I like the way you die boy". DAMN…. it don't get no better. Well, the "artistic and snobby woe is we crowd" might think differently, BUT I CAN'T WAIT. In fact, I think I'll invite some of my white neighbors to come along with me and my lady. Yep, I have a few redneck friends, and I think they need the BIG PAYBACK.

mighty mo rodgers

Wow…another film about miscegenation and titilation using the muscularity of the "beauty people" of Hollywood, with James Brown screamin' his soul/blues. Please!
Revenge! It never happened…..Black folks as a people were turned inside out. And the only thing we came through with is our…Holy Howl…Blues….which comes from God to deny the lie
of our nothingness. Tarantino once again mines the black vernacular text……such silliness.
Anyone who goes to see this crap….well, really ain't got a cue


Except for the weak link Leonardo DiCaprio (who can't wear period clothes without looking like he's a boy going to a fancy dress/costume party), "Django Unchained" looks like Tarantino fun.

Charles Judson

I dug it. Can't wait to see it. I wonder if this is a TWC leak. Quality seems awfully high on all the sites and new links to find it are popping up pretty fast. And it showed up just a few hours before the end of the work day when people are more likely to start tuning out of work and tuning back into their life. A lot of heavy social media use is between 3 and 6 pm. If it is, it's a great way to create buzz for a few hours by having people hunt down the newest link.

Django Luis

Trailers are a wild beast. After watching the Prometheus trailers I was downright convinced that that movie was gonna be amazing. Lo and behold, the actual film ended up disappointing me big time. Now here comes the Django Unchained trailer. Like Leo so eloquently puts it, the first time I watched it they had my curiosity. After several more viewings they certainly have my attention. Plus showing Franco Nero at the end? Very cool.


This is the trailer that got Tarantino fanboys…err ummm…I mean, some "journalists" all excited at the CFF? *blank stare*

Jesse Jackson

Hmm I like it.


Hmmm…. I have to let that marinate for a moment.


Another site still alive


Gone in just 30 minutes…….yeesh!!!


aaand its gone =(

the black police

Um I dont know what to think…

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