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Watch: First Trailer For “Flight” (Denzel Washington Stars As An Alcoholic, Drug-addicted Hero Pilot)

Watch: First Trailer For "Flight" (Denzel Washington Stars As An Alcoholic, Drug-addicted Hero Pilot)

Paramount has set the wide release date for Flight for November 22012.

First reported last April, at the time Denzel Washington was said to be “loosely attached” to star in the action drama, to be directed by Robert Zemeckis – who was, at the time, in negotiations – from a screenplay written by John Gatins (who was once attached to direct).

Obviously Denzel and Zemeckis signed on, with shooting completed last fall.

The story centers on an alcoholic and drug-addicted pilot, on course towards a life-change who saves a flight from an engine malfunction, rescuing the plane and the passengers, and becoming a hero, only to find his non-public substance abuse problem, brought to light, thanks to an FAA investigation into the case.

Naturally, lots of drama ensues… Denzel saves a massive, fast-moving object (sound familiar), but this time, he’s an alcoholic. So he’s like Hancock without the super powers :)

This will be Robert Zemeckis’ first live-action film since 2000s Cast Away, with Tom Hanks. Since then, he’s been dabbling in animated programming with films like The Polar ExpressBeowulf and A Christmas Carol, none of which really fared as expected domestically, relative to budget anyway.

By the way, Don Cheadle and Garcelle Beauvais amongst many others, co-star.

Here’s your first trailer for the film:

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Sharon - Tarpy Tailors Uniforms

Our company collaborated on the pilot uniforms and provided many of them. It looks like a great movie and it was a pleasure working with the wardrobe department!


I really want to see this. Denzel and Don. I'm there.


I wonder if Sully Sullenberger will be invited to the special screening/red carpet (lol). Don't know why but the first time I saw this trailer, I immediately wondered what he'd think of this (lol).


The flight scenes in the trailer are enough to keep me on the ground for a long time! It looks good but seeing it will further my fear of flying! Lol.


I was a flight atendant in my college days, so I'm interested in the subject matter, and of course Deezy! Maybe now black boys will see this and know that we are commercial pilots. LOL


Thanks for the heads up on this movie. Color me interested. :-)


Initially I was concerned since this is a Robert Zemeckis joint (as the post said, his "animated" films were unsuccessful and pissed off we animators with their poor motion capture/replacing actors technology) and I still haven't forgiven him for allowing actors to over-act in "Contact" which otherwise was a good movie. That said, it's great to see Washington again play a character with vulnerabilities. The cast looks outstanding and Zemeckis' direction looks more restrained. This has potential!

the black police

The medical examiner from Law and Order SVU! Theres lots of blacks in this one, yippee!


I just want to know who convinced the filmmakers to change the lead to a black man. It's hard to believe that it was always supposed to be one. This is such a departure and I couldn't be happier for Denzel & Tamara Tunie. Django Unchained doesn't excite me as much!

Harvey Dent

Oh wow…I'll go see it just to watch that plane flying upside down…WOW


I like what I see from the always reliable Tamara Tunie as flight attendant Margaret. She is in this trailer almost as much as Cheadle. Look like a decent role for her. Trailer looks pretty good too. Paramount gave the film a key opening date that's for sure.


Lotta folks are gonna come away with side eye of Denzel. He really is diggin' into his dark side in his old age cuz this one goes there. "Dabbling" in drugs & alcohol is putting it mildly. Got a feelin' he's bringing some of that "Troy Maxson" heat. I'm in!

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