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Watch: It’s Madea Vs. A Freaky Looking Matthew Fox In First Trailer For ‘Alex Cross’

Watch: It's Madea Vs. A Freaky Looking Matthew Fox In First Trailer For 'Alex Cross'

He’s put away the wigs and oversized floral dresses, and now Tyler Perry wants you to consider him as a Serious Actor. And we’d love to, but unfortunately “Alex Cross” unintentionally looks like a parody of the cat-and-mouse crime thriller.

The first trailer for the film, based on the best-selling James Patterson novel, could be direct-to-DVD fare if you removed Perry and Matthew Fox, but even with them in it, it barely looks much better. Basically the story is this: a freaktacular-looking Fox plays one of those bad guys who is seemingly able to hatch well-planned schemes, each more fiendish than the last, and is taking a particular delight in targeting Cross, a D.C. detective who vows to bring him down. Rob Cohen directs with all the nuance and subtlety of the many explosions that happen in the trailer (it seems Fox’s psychopath/UFC fighter? has a particular penchant for entering or leaving a room and creating a path of destruction) overall, this just plain looks ridiculous.

Looking like your average, run-of-the-mill late Saturday night cable thriller, “Alex Cross” opens on October 19th. Watch below.

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Is it just me or does Perry look terrible in this? I was never impressed with his acting in any of his own movies, but taking a real role with somebody else behind the camera, I was at least curious. But he seems to be extraordinarily un-subtle. Almost embarrassingly so.


Yeah, now I get why Idris Elba was steering clear of this, & I wasn't aware Rob Cohen was involved.


…..goodness gracious.


So this this already a spin off of The Bourne Legacy? Aaron Cross' brother?

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