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Watch: King Bachelor’s Pad Presents ‘Last Wish’ w/ Guest Star Robert Ri’chard (Web Series)

Watch: King Bachelor's Pad Presents 'Last Wish' w/ Guest Star Robert Ri'chard (Web Series)

It's not only a slow news day today, but I've also been buried in other work (we all have *day jobs* for those of you who don't know).

So to fill the time… I'll make my inbox a tad lighter by unloading a new web series or two.

Starting with this one from Bachelor's Pad TV

King Bachelor's Pad presents Last Wish with guest star Robert Ri'chard.

In episode 1, Howard (Robert Ri'chard) must watch his best friend Ben (Andrew Bachelor) suffer from a severe battlefield wound. In his final moments before death, Ben gives his ridiculously twisted last requests!

Watch and rate in the comments section:

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Charles Judson

That was some funny sh*t. Quotable as hell. Well done!


Well-shot and very funny…although it got kinda gross. Easily the best new web series y'all have posted in a while. Robert Ri'chard is looking like the love child of Terrance Howard and Chiwetel Ejiofor these days.

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