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Watch: Sony E3 Preview Of Video Game ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Starring Ellen Page

Watch: Sony E3 Preview Of Video Game 'Beyond: Two Souls' Starring Ellen Page

The line between video games and movies continues to blur, as the medium has evolved considerably since the days when “Pong” was a revolution. Now, cinematic cut scenes, epic storylines and celebrity casting is pretty much the norm for the industry, who throw blockbuster-sized bags of money at games, with franchises as important to the console world as they are to Hollywood. And one only has to look at the Sony E3 presentation of “Beyond: Two Souls” to see just how much has changed.

Developers revealed the new game at Sony’s E3 conference yesterday, along with a five-minute-long sequence, not of gameplay, but essentially one long cut screen that might as well have been a movie trailer. Intriguingly, Ellen Page is the star of game, playing Jodie Holmes, who has telekinetic powers and is wanted by the police for some reason. A long interrogation sequence gives way to explosions and apparently this was met with quite the reception from attendees at the conference. It’s a certainly a bit more of an ass-kicking side to Page than we’ve seen before, and the game looks good. How it actually plays remains to be seen. But the twist is that Sony teases that the game will take a player through the entire life of the character and asks “death is the biggest mystery… what is beyond?”

No release date for the game has been set yet, but you can take a look at what will be coming to your PlayStation 3 below. [IGN/ArsTechnica]

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Of course! From the creators of Heavy Rain… I dont think is goin to be for a next gen console. I mean have you ever play Heavy Rain? That is a freaking movie so if they did that with Heavy Rain they can do it again and I really think this game is going to be played just like Heavy Rain.


As has been stated elsewhere, there's a good chance this is a launch title for the next gen machine expected to hit in late 2013 or 2014 and not a PS3 title.


As a film fanastic not a gamer I'm still up to this cool fun thing. Also an Ellen Page fan, just saw Hard Candy, which is just fucking awesome.

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