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Watch: Teaser Trailer For Chloe Sevigny’s Transgender Assassin TV Series ‘Hit & Miss’

Watch: Teaser Trailer For Chloe Sevigny's Transgender Assassin TV Series 'Hit & Miss'

Certainly, Chloe Sevigny — who has movies like “Kids” and “The Brown Bunny” on her resumé — has never shied away from risky or challenging roles, but unlike those aforementioned films, this latest endeavor might be for her most mainstream audience yet.

The actress will star in this summer’s ambitious and somewhat odd “Hit & Miss” where she’ll be playing a hitman who also happens to be a pre-op trans woman. Okay, then. Written by Sean Conway and directed by Hettie Macdolany, the story revolves around a transgender assassin who suddenly finds out that in her previous life, she has fathered several children. The show includes people who were behind the original U.K. versions of “Shameless” and “Skins,” so they have a firm handle on how to be provocative, but “Hit & Miss,” despite the somewhat out there premise, will apparently have much more accessible core about family and love.

Either way, it’s definitely one of the more unique offerings coming this summer to your television. “Hit & Miss” premires on the Audience Network on Wednesday July 11th at 10 PM after “Damages.” Watch below. [Queerty]

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Mr Anonymous

This is already showing in the UK on Sky Atlantic.


First off, I'm going to say that I am a transgender woman. That being said, I'm super excited about this!!!! For so long, our community is souly depicted as prostitutes, serial killers, victims or simply a joke. I'm so happy to see a transgender character that can kick butt and is not a victim. I'd like to have seen a real transgender person as the protagonist but I love Chloe Sevigny. If a genetically born woman is going to be the lead, I'm glad it's her. Being pre-op trans would bring quite an interesting twist to the world of assassins. Finally, a character I can relate to. I hope they paint a good picture of trans-people but I am super excited for this. Now I just have to switch to DirectTV.


Chloë Sevigny rocks.

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