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Watch the Premiere of ‘Spoilers,’ Kevin Smith’s Crowdsourced Movie Review Show

Watch the Premiere of 'Spoilers,' Kevin Smith's Crowdsourced Movie Review Show

So here it is folks: the premiere of “Spoilers,” the movie review show from director Kevin Smith. In this debut episode, Smith and a group of 50 average film lovers discuss “Snow White and the Huntsman” (Spoiler alert: Smith cops to falling asleep during the movie) and chat with “Star Wars” star Carrie Fisher. In “The Criterion Lounge” segment, Smith also briefly recommends Jim Jarmusch’s “Stranger Than Paradise.”

I have my own thoughts, but I’m really curious what you guys think. Did you enjoy it? Is this a new evolution of the venerable movie review show format? Is it even a movie review show at all? How do you think “Spoilers” washes with his well-documented hatred of film critics? I welcome your thoughts in the comments below.  

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Matt Cohen

A better show would have an undercover film critic in the audience who calls out Smith for his idiocy each episode.

But seriously, it's easy for critics to poke fun of this, and while I think his hatred toward critics (as represented by giant, evil, muscly demon?) is unfocused and misguided, I suppose this is the most antithetical format.

Matt, I thought your take on A.O. Scott and David Carr's discussion on criticism posted on Friday really hit the nail on the head in that the world of film criticism is, in a way, a world of masochism. But if that's so, isn't Smith just as guilty as the rest of the critics with this show?


"We paid for the movie like everybody else, actually I paid for it…" How is that different than giving the press a free preview screening? This is so incredibly infuriating. I like Smith's early movies, but he is totally off his rocker by now. Hulu, please cancel.

Zack McGhee

Ah, so I guess he only opposes *informed* opinions.


He's almost onto a good premise with an interactive audience to discuss film with, but the shows needs much better moderation than a whoever-shows-up-can-talk rule. If I want to hear haphazard analyses and selfish opinions of movies I'll go back to film school. Not to mention the fact that crowd sourced film criticism has already been done… by the internet. And what's up with that billboard of a mumu he's wearing?

Richard Caveman

In response to Kevin Smith falling asleep during Snow White while running a review show, I will not watch this and make a judgement: this is awful, the lowest common denominator pandering, and the irony of Smith having a movie review show while whining about legitimate film criticism has gone beyond sickly amusing and now simply makes me sick. Oh, and stop with the Star Wars please, oh god, please.

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