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Watch Tyler Perry Play Detective In 1st Trailer For ‘Alex Cross’ (And So It Begins…)

Watch Tyler Perry Play Detective In 1st Trailer For 'Alex Cross' (And So It Begins...)

Well, here it is folks… no intro necessary.

My only question is, is there enough here to convince you to want to see the rest of it?

What I will say is that, I can’t help but notice that, just like in the poster that debuted yesterday, Matthew Fox’s character seems to dominate the trailer as well. He gets just as much screen time in the 2 1/2 minutes, as the man whose name is the title of the film. And he gets most of the “action” sequences. Tyler spends a lot of time on the phone, or pontificating. He feels like less of a presence, despite the tagline being “Don’t ever cross Alex Cross,” suggesting some heavy-lifting by the title character.

I was hoping we’d get a glimpse of some of those brutal and realistic” fight sequences that stunt/fight coordinator Mark Hicks said were shot for the film.

I’m not entirely convinced based on what I’m seeing here; and, as I stated, I feel like Lionsgate isn’t either, based on the poster and now, today’s trailer. They really seem to be intentionally pushing Matthew Fox’s image.

And I’m surprised we don’t really get a look at Giancarlo Esposito in this. He’s in the movie, and given how much more aware maintream audiences have become of him lately (thanks to his performance in Breaking Bad, and all the critical acclaim that’s come with that), you’d think that they’d want to capitalize on some of that notoriety. Plus, he’s a well-respected actor.

Will I see Alex Cross? Of course! I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

It opens October 19.


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I hate when they give too much away in a trailer cause when they do you know the movie's gonna suck. I think we need to give the guy a chance. Tyler Perry is awesome & I know he's gonna do a good job. Tyler Perry is brilliant in everything he does. So stop being haters.


I've read a lot of Alex Cross books and he was the coolest cop and so damn sexy I was a instant fan.He just had it all,my first black superman.And I'm really sorry Mr. Perry but you just don't do it for me, all I see is Madea and Why Didn't you stay bauld. I can't lie I like you as a actor but this isn't your break out role.I see you more as a Barney Miller type cope then a Alex cross cop .I'vejust seen the trailer but I'm planning on seeing the movie I sure hope you can pullit off, Maybe you should read pop goes the weasel by Mr. Patterson made me think the man was black. In that book he got inside the cops and villians heads so in they are believeable ,made you want to watch the man at work.That's what you do when you want to make a damn good break out flick.Go to cops , go to the FBI,Talk to the family, and go to the crimnal.I really like you Mr. Perry but that part you have to work hard for my money. Peace and Love M&M


I got my pimp stool down ( driver's armrest) driving my great big Cadillac. Gangster whitewalls, tv antenna in the back. Diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin the scene with my ganster lean. I'm standing tall through it all as I drive down snobbery lane. I am driving this car because some of my black brethren seem to have the movie game jammed in a stuffy analytical bottle. In other words, they done jack the shit up. I mean, what analytical genius, aka Mr. & Mrs. Snobby Dooby, goes to a film with the intent to figure out whether or not they should laugh? And what blue-eyed brown skinned monster, views a movie cringing in fear with the thought of "Now the rest of the world will believe that's how we ALL do." I mean, seriously, that's some f'd up shit, ain't it. Most people go to a movie to be entertained. For many, it's also a means of escape. What type of person sits in a movie with pen and paper in hand, jotting down the alleged errs of the writers and director? I believe that person or persons are in a small minority. I mean, what type of snobs burden themselves with trying to figure out what moves them emotionally, while other folks are free of such silly "anaylisis"? More importantly, why should someone give a fat fk about what another person thinks about them? Well, I don't know either, that's why I'm gonna continue to drive my machine with a ganster lean, right down haters street & bashers avenue. And I don't care if Billy Bob or Suzy Snob don't like it. GO TYLER! Do your thang.


Going to see it regardless of what you say… I support TP… not because he's black, but because this deserves a chance unlike all the other b.s. ya'll put up on this site to talk about, that I generally skip over until I see something working looking at.

Joseph G.

I just come to this site because they keep me informed on the latest in black film, but there is definitely a nasty spirit when it comes to black people who are "too" successful for these people.
Saying you are not hating means nothing when you actually are means nothing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's a fine line between constructive criticism and just criticizing with no reasons to back it up.


I hope people reading the comments are not thinking that we are Tyler bashing. This film look as if it's a first run original for TNT, TBS or any other basic cable channel. The script sound amateurish. Tyler Perry is just plain miscasted. Ed Burns is blah, Matthew Fox is trying too hard. There's nothing in the trailer that pops, that calls for a big screen treatment. I mean as badly as John Carter was panned, it had a big screen feel. This film looks as if it was made for a small screen. Nothing jumps at you. This is something that when a commercial break comes, you go to the bathroom or get something to snack. This fail of this movie is much deeper than Tyler Perry playing Alex Cross.


I'll see it. I like Tyler. I like Matthew. I got no beef with neither one. I am no movie critic. It's not that serious… I like a movie with a little action. I don't need it to be believable… I got a real life. I want a little entertainment. I want to see a Black Man being the good guy… plus seeing Cicely Tyson is well worth the price of admission.

I have no need to pontificate my thoughts on a film that I didn't make, that I can chose to see or not. What does anyone get out of tearing people apart over a role in a film? Don't see it. Damn.


so um…yeah…PASS…


After watching the trailer the bottom line is Tyler Perry just isn't believable. And if you can't be believable in a slam bam quick cutting trailer then….


Tyler's not doing it; he sounds like he's giving a speech in every scene. More importantly, I checked the cast list: Matthew Fox AND Ed Burns are in this? Is that even allowed? Why not throw in Michael Vartan, Ben Affleck, Luke Wilson, maybe a Wahlberg or two and just have a bunch of vaguely similar, world-weary looking dudes running around, confusing everyone?


In the early morning, the dark figure stood on the shore, but the disciples did realize who it was. Some thought it was Tambay, others cried out Sergio's name. He called out to them, "Friends, haven't you any fish?" "no," they answered. He said, "Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some." The regular disciples did just that. When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of Tyler fish. "Oh boy," one was heard saying in glee, "we've made it to the promised land," . They carried on in their usual negro merriment; shuckin' & jiving, peepin' & hiding; talking that thang. Now although the usual suspect (regular disciples) had grown accustom and somewhat tierd of the diet of Tyler Perry, nothing soothed their souls more than pureed Alex Cross. Yet, one lone subject, stricken with guilt and same, dropped his head and mumbled a few wise words, "We should not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good". Those wise words infuriated the crowd sitting around the S&A campfire. One fired back, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, there's absolutely nothing wrong with analysis and critiques". Trapped like fat black rats with nowhere to go, the rest of the minions continued to gorge themselves on the scrambled perry eggs. The most gluttonous of the group cleared the greasy drippings from her mouth long enough to offer a defense of their evil ways, "If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head". Off in the distance there was a mighty roar, Sergio yelled: "AMEN sista-gurl, think I'll pass on this one, down with Tyler's head. Pass the peas and who has the hot sauce?"


I did not cringe. Not once. That's a good sign. Will I go see this? Probably not. I will rent it, though the plot and everything about it seems quite predictable. Also, Matthew Fox is a lean, mean, wannabe-Patrick Bateman/Tyler Durden, ultimate-fighter-fighting machine. Or something.


He can't act but he's a megalomaniac so he won't let a trivial thing like talent stop him.


Eh. Looks okay. The poster is better than the trailer. Tyler Perry doesn't look very comfortable in his role. And the plot seems heavy-handed. I never saw so much action in an Alex Cross type film. I'm glad Idris Elba didn't do this film.


Patterson is a hack writer and I have found the Cross books to be down right goofy. Lots of product placement and plotholes. I see Cross' wife is in this. Thats weird, she was supposed to have been killed by "the butcher", a bad guy who likes to kill with a knife and bow towards his victims.


Once a film is in the can. The amount I like or dislike an actor or director dissipates. My hunger for film, brings me back to curious. The thing with this is, I didn't believe one single performance. They all have awkward, non plausible footing. Idea vs Substance. The "idea of a character" vs "becoming a human." Big budget or not, the characters must become 'people'. This trailer is laced with a series of talking heads.
This film could've rolled on an escalated 'Se7en' type vibe, if they chose a complex director and brought on Idris' or Chiwetel's level of force/natural ability to layer &nuance.
Bummer for us domestic but I bet it does well oversees.


One more thing one before I quit, the real test is how this trailer will play in a theater full of people and not watching it online. I've seen many a trailer just die a bloody death in a theater because of negative audience reaction. How will people react to this one? Will they say "Yeah I've got to see this NOW!" or breakdown into howls of uncontrolled laughter? My guess is the latter or they may "haven't I see this all before?" yawn. Either case if they do the film is doomed


Sergio, Rob Cohen's best movie was not the first "The Fast And The Furious" movie. It was "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story".

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

Just watched the trailer. What the hell is that voice that Tyler is doing? Does he always talk like that? That low, strained, "Wanna-be Sexy Minneapolis Late Night DJ" voice? Oh man, my feeling is someone higher-up is going to lose their job over this dud.

that dude

Man, that script could not be more generic. How many TV episodes have we seen like this, let alone movies? And poor Matthew Fox…when he was on LOST, he really looked like a contender. I hope he gets another good TV series soon. As for Tyler, did they really start the trailer with him romancing some woman? C'mon, son.

It's not that Tyler's career is based in comedy…there are good comedic actors who can make credible dramatic turns. But Tyler isn't one of them. When he plays a "regular guy", whether in his films or others, his painfully limited range is obvious.

I can't imagine a man, straight or gay, who wants to see this. So the question is, will his female fanbase support the film to box office success?


Wow. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. But not good either. Really does feel like throwback, 90's direct-to-video. Kudos to Tyler tho for doing something where he actually seems decent. That tagline is horrible tho.


I think sometimes in life people just have to accept you can't please everybody. People have complained about Tyler Perry on this board making the same kind of movies. Now, Tyler branches out and people complain about a short trailer. Why rush so quickly to make a decision?

I am glad Idris Elba didn't get this part that's for sure because he is not a star and Tyler Perry is definitely a star. Whether people want to admit it or not Tyler Perry is more famous in Hollywood than Idris Elba.

I will definitely see I Alex Cross because this is the first time Tyler Perry is taking a risk in his career and trying to show the world he is a serious actor. The trailer looks excellent. I am also
interested to see how Matthew Fox does he seems to be convincing in his role as well.


Fatherly, preachy, asexual Tyler Perry as the lead in a dramatic thriller with a romantic love interest? Their tagline should be, "This isn't your Dad's action movie…well actually, it kinda is."


It looks interesting (the storyline) although I am having a mental block of seeing Perry as Madea….always
Perhaps this role will urge him into retiring Mabel Simmons.


*uncontrollable laughter*…oh wait, this isn't a comedy? oops


I giggled during certain scenes. I don't believe that was the reaction the producers were going for…


Seeing this just makes me wish all the more that Idris had gotten this part. Alex Cross is an American, less damaged John Luther and he would've devoured the role.


I might go, just because of Ms. Tyson, Ms. Ejogo, and Jean Renoir (all of whom I like) , but I swear to the Almighty that if Madea shows up, I'm leaving and will demand a refund.


Watching TP using the hacksaw cracked me up!


If both Ebert and Roeper give it a decent review then I'll check it out. The trailer really does not sell any of the performances. It seems like they were going for Slick and Pulpy but ended up with Ridiculous trying to hard to be complex character driven crime drama.



Adam Scott Thompson

Like I said, they made a great poster. LOL

Michele B

I agree with Sergio and Marie.
Tyler has spent more than a decade doing comedy, and in drag none the less.
I've watched his plays and most of his films and its hard for me to take him seriously.
It MIGHT make it's budget back, I have no idea what its Box office competition will be in Oct. but I doubt this will be a new franchise, it looks straight to DVD at best.
They would have been better going with an unknown lead, and I'm not buying Matthew Fox as a psycho killer either.


As usual, this trailer tells the entire story. I know who the bad guy is so it's just a matter of the good guy catching him. Snore. Initially while watching this I was imagining Idris Elba as Luther as Alex Cross but once I realized that the script was trite, I decided it doesn't matter who the star is. After hearing the on-the-nose dialogue, I'm glad that Elba didn't make this movie. And Perry is exactly as I expected…uninspired.


Let's see now: routine generic "seen-it-before-a-1000-times" script, PG-13 rating, Rob Cohen as director (notice how the film mentions the ONLY good film he's ever made?) and oh yes, there's Perry. Think I'll pass on this one. I think maybe Elba was smart to sit this one out. I'm still trying to figure out who's going to see this film. Those who would usually go see something like this will stay away because of its tame rating and Perry is in it. And Perry fans will mostly stay away because this is not their kind of film or and he's not right for the part. Who do you have left?

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