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Weekend B.O. June 1-3 (The Mystery That Is Kristen Stewart)

Weekend B.O. June 1-3 (The Mystery That Is Kristen Stewart)

Kristen Stewart is, for me, another one of those “just-how-exactly-did-she-become-a-movie-star?” movie stars. I mean really?  Her screen presence is nil; she has only one expression on her face (either on or off the screen) – that of someone who just got a tooth pulled; and her whole “I’m so uncomfortable this whole Hollywood thing. I wish I was somewhere else” B.S. bit gets on my last nerve.

Take a look at the picture above. C’mon, do YOU buy her as this Amazon Joan of Arc warrior ready to do battle against the evil forces? I mean seriously? If it wasn’t for those Twilight movies, would she have been anywhere?

Anyway, now that I got that off my chest, her new film Snow White and the Huntsman topped the B.O. weekend chart, beating MIB III. Though Prometheus beats Snow White by a huge margin in overseas markets.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel continues to be an art film hit; and in case you didnl’ take notice, The Avengers is now the third biggest grossing film in history, after the James Cameron duo, Titanic (No. 2) and Avatar (No. 1)

1) Snow White and the Huntsman Uni. $56,255,000

2) MIB 3 Sony $29,300,000 Total: $112,300,000 $225

3) Marvel’s The Avengers BV $20,273,000 Total:$552,737,000

4) Battleship Uni. $4,810,000 Total: $55,123,000

5) The Dictator Par. $4,725,000 Total: $50,835,000

6) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel FoxS $4.600,00 Total: $25,497,000

7) What to Expect When You’re Expecting LGF $4,430,000 Total: $30,723,000

8) Dark Shadows WB $3,860,000 Total: $70,834,000

9) Chernobyl Diaries WB $3,045,000 Total: $14,416,000

10) For Greater Glory ArcEnt $1,800,000

11) The Hunger Games LGF $1,500,000 Total: $398,274,000

12) Bernie MNE $937,000 Total: $3,651,000

13)  Moonrise Kingdom Focus $849,000 Total: $1,709,000

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I wonder why Kristen Stewart receives real estate and press on a site dedicated to "cinema of the African diaspora?"


Curtis, Nadia, Solaam, BluTopaz, ladies & gentlemen of S&A. I am waving the white flag and an Alford plea (also called a Kennedy plea). It's a plea stating "I'm guilty but I didn't do it", In United States law it's a guilty plea in criminal court, where the defendant does not admit the act and asserts innocence. Under this white flag, I, the defendant admits that sufficient evidence exists with which the prosecution (Curtis and the gang) could likely convince a judge or jury { in this case, many S&A visitors who can't stand the truth and thus are not looking for the truth, but instead will rationalize and justify their racial remarks} to find the defendant (me) guilty. I've come to this conclusion after watching — yesterday — the movies The Caine Mutiny and The Talented Mr. Ripley. In "Mutiny" a US Naval captain (Humphrey Bogart) shows signs of mental instability that jeopardizes the ship, the first officer relieves him of command and faces court martial for mutiny. Well, the first officer was found not guilty, however, in the end he faced the most scruntiny b/c he exposed the "deficiencies" of a great US Naval captain. Now, as that movie pertains to this discussion, it's obvious that I, like the alledged mutinus officers, cannot "win" even if I am "right". That's right, as Nadia said, I've come to realize I was on a fool's errand. What purpose would it serve to shine a light on the more than 200 comments that I believed had racial/racist undertones? I mean, when I looked back at what I said and how Curtis and others tried to frame it, I knew they were not looking for the truth and thus were so entrenced in their position that they would never acknowledge the errs of many who visit S&A. That reminds me, look at my statements –> "@ SOLAAM, in all fairness, if you read Greek's comment, he wasn't necessarily speaking "only" to Blutopaz. In fact, the GIST of his comment has been voiced by many others. I mean, if you've been around S&A, you would know that many comments (not cast and crew) have a RACIST TONE" and "So Nadia, it was nice kicking it with you but there is a distinct difference between the words "Gist" and an "exact model/clone". Each person or place in question may have similar characteristics but "Gist" by definition: 1. The central idea; the essence. 2. The grounds for . 3. the point or substance of an argument, speech, etc. 4. the essential point of an action. So again, looking at Nadia's and Curtis's rebuttles (( Nadia said: "Because no matter how many comments you find that are "racist" you definitely won't find enough to support Greek's comparing this site to a blatantly racist, white nationalist and supremacist, neo-Nazi Internet forum that was created by a Ku Klux Klan leader" and Curtis said: "I suspect you [Carey] and I define racism a bit differently. So we'll see. And I'm not asking for comments made against Hollywood, or Oscars as you put it. I'm asking for comments that are plainly racist against white people. I've seen comments from regular readers attacking a person claiming to be white, but because the person claiming to be white set things off with a racist comment of their own")). Yeah riiiight. A blind man can see that Nadia nor Curtis are looking for the truth. They'd rather rationalize and justify and change the meanings of words and frame the arguments to suit their narrow vision, than admit that some S&A visitors are just as racist as those they scorn. So again, I am offering my Alford plea and waving the white flag. This one… this debate is in my rear-view-mirror. Oh… btw, if anyone is wondering how The Talented Mr. Ripley fits this discussion, you'll have to watch the movie (and it's a great one).


i think she is great just because she doesn't do the normal hollywood thing all she needs to do now is get rid of robert pattison


The girl doesn't smile anywhere, even in interviews. They put her in ugly dresses which she is clearly uncomfortable in. I think she is a lesbian which is why they put her in those ugly dresses and pair her up with Pattinson, who couldn't open a movie by himself if he tried. She only has one expression or role – that of "bad girl", hence why she doesn't smile. I thought she was a boy too in Panic Room. I just don't get her. Obviously she is getting these roles because Twilight was such a big hit. But like what happened with the wolf boy, just because you're in a movie that makes tons of money, doesn't mean you can act.

Kid chaos

How can a horse faced white girl get more commets then most of the stories on this site?I t must be alot of black dudes because blacks love white chicks(the ugly ones that is)


K-Stew fans, I know it's hard to understand why people don't think the way you do or share your opinions, but ranting & raving in the comments isn't going to change anyone's mind, make you feel better, or benefit Kristen in any way. For those of you who are young, you'll eventually grow out of it; for those of you who arent…well, damn. All of you have better things to do than e-thug on random sites, even of if that better thing is rewatching one of Stewart's projects or writing her a letter.


Anyone who says she only has one facial expression clearly doesn't have eyes that work. Take a moment and look at pictures of her, and get some glasses if you need to.


I have been a Kristen Stewart fan since I saw "Speak" – try it and Into the Wild, Adventureland, Something About the Rileys, and The Runaways. She was good in the first Twilight, but once that became such a huge success, people like you, who I suspect think of themselves as an "intellectual" have trashed her – probably because she makes more money than you and isn't comfortable "in the public eye" where people like you are ready to jump on her at a moment's notice. Probably because she has a teen fan base you feel superior been so harsh. I have known so many like you and all you can contribute is negativity… trust me, shortly you will crash and burn… no great loss. I just saw Snow White and frankly loved it and her performance. It was a kind of fairy tale I remember from childhood. I recommend you go out and get a life…


Your hate for her is very telling. Are you real for this trash article?


Are Kristen Stewart and Lana Del Rey "besties" yet?


Moviefone had a pretty interesting OpEd called In Defense of Kristen Stewart this weekend and they cited the fact that quite a few critics seem to like her. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Personally, I think she was decent in Snow White and the Huntsman, fantastic in The Runaways, shitty in Twilight, fantastic in that film where she played a teenage stripper with Melissa Leo, etc. I just have to say I find this intro a more than a little mean spirited, sorry. Also, A.O. Scott and Dargis (NY Times), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone), Betsey Sharkey (LA Times), Todd McCarthy (from THR), Ebert…there are quite a few critics that seem to like her quite a bit. Maybe you are being objective and that's your opinion, but the fact that you brought in her public persona…probably not. When people like those critics like an actor/actress, I tend to give them a fair shot and to be objective…maybe you should try being objective, instead of subjective, too.


That is way too harsh, man. Have you seen any of her other movies besides Twilight? Probably not. Loved her in Into the Wild, Adventureland and hear she rocks it in On the Road. I also thought she did damned good in Snow White. I mean Charlize is a goddess no doubt, but I find Kristen Stewart to be very beautiful and sexy. You are acting like a raging hemorrhoid and it is completely unnecessary.


Why are her fans so hardcore? It didn't start until after Twilight and Bella Swan is boring and she's boring playing Bella Swan. It's one of the biggest mysteries today.

Blah except

She was pretty good @ playing Joan Jett in The Runaways.


I felt the same way until I saw her star turn in Welcome to the Rileys with the stellar James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo. If she keeps going against the grain and doing indie films where she can prove her talents KS will be around for a long time.


Jeez. Sergio surely knows how to get the party started on a Sunday morning. Yikes.

Geneva Girl

I have to see Snow White and the Huntsman because my daughter wants to see it, but I just don't buy the premise: When the queen asks, "Who is the fairest of them all?" it's hard to believe that Kristen Stewart would be chosen over Charlize Theron. Really? At least in the very weak Mirror Mirror it made sense that the Snow White played by the very pretty Lily Collins would be chosen over the tired-looking Julia Roberts. I just don't get Stewart's attraction either.


I quite enjoyed this version of Snow white.. Very cinematic, insightful, and even had a bit of hope as its underlining message. In a world of darkness, there's hope. The main actress displayed that very well. Some parts reminded me of a bit Twilight, but, that is why they cast her in the first place, to get those audiences dollars $$. It was executed very well in my opinion.


Its business. She starred in a franchise that's grossed over a billion dollars worldwide.
I remember when I saw the Hunger Games, the last two trailers that they displayed were Snow White and the Huntsman and the last Twilight movie. They're trying to get that crowd. They even have a little love triangle built in.


What are you talking about Blutopaz? White girls are some of her biggest detractors. Some of you really need to get into this girl's filmography outside of "Twilight" because she's proven herself in other films ("Into the Wild," "The Cake Eaters," etc.). She reminds me of a young Jodie Foster, who isn't exactly a supermodel or character actress (aside from her turn in "Nell") either.


Maybe you aren't smart enough. BTW, just-how-exactly-did-you-become-a-movie-expert?


She is a major draw for all the plain jane White girls who want to see themselves on screen.

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