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Weekend B.O. June 8-10 (‘Madagascar’ Beats ‘Prometheus’)

Weekend B.O. June 8-10 ('Madagascar' Beats 'Prometheus')

It was expected that a family friendly animated film would beat out an R rated sci-fi movie. But for a minute, it looked like Prometheus was going to edge out Madagascar 3 this weekend; it’s even more surprising, considering that Madagascar is playing in over 1000 screens more than the Ridley Scott film.

But in the end, it was the kids who beat out the adults, with Madagascar beating out Prometheus, which has also already raked in over $91 million in its opening overseas box office markets.

In the meantime, The Avengers just keeps rolling on, heading towards a $600 million domestic total.

1) Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted P/DW $60,350,000
2) Prometheus Fox $50,000,000
3) Snow White and the Huntsman Uni. $23,021,000 Total: $98,500,000
4) MIB 3 Sony $13,500,000 Total: $135,505,000
5) Marvel’s The Avengers BV $10,809,000 Total: $571,860,000
6) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel FoxS $3,235,000 Total; $31,009,000
7) What to Expect When You’re Expecting LGF $2,710,000 Total: $35,745,000
8) Battleship Uni. $2,286,000 Total: $59,830,000
9) Moonrise Kingdom Focus $1,579,000 Total: $3,750,000
10) Dark Shadows WB $1,360,000 Total: $73,736,000
11) The Hunger Games LGF $1,050,000 Total: $400,250,000
12) For Greater Glory ArcEnt $845,000 Total: $3,439,000

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Do I get a prize for correctly guessing that Elba's character would die towards the end of the movie and HOW he would die (trailer gave it away)? : ) MIB3 won't even make 200,000,ooo domestic but it doesn't matter because its been doing gangbusters overseas. Still even with relatively good reviews there was no one was dying for Hollywood to make a third film of the franchise. And it shows.


I'm not surprised by the final numbers. I do think Prometheus will have a significant drop-off next weekend.


..but isn't the real story MIB:3? Out 3 weeks… week 1 gross: $83 mil; week 2: $39 mil (-53%) and now week 3: $13.5 mil. There are some real weekly compare and contrasts that could be made from "Hunger Games" (production budget of $78 mil) to "Think Like a Man" (prod. budg. of $12 mil) which in its third week made $10.6 mil in half the number of theaters MIB:3 is showing (prod. budg of $225 mil). Of the many stories that can be found in this data, I think this information could be used as a resource/argument for another S&A post that asked its readers, "Is there a 'NAME' Actor who could Convincingly play Black Panther, You Decide." ( Is a name really necessary, or is it just expensive? Would the Old Spice guy have been as successful if he were a "NAME" actor? eh?

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