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Where to Watch the First Episode of ‘The Newsroom’ for Free Online

Where to Watch the First Episode of 'The Newsroom' for Free Online

Ladies and gentleman, Aaron Sorkin is back!  Something of a mix between his previous television series “Sports Night’ and “The West Wing,” “The Newsroom” shows off Sorkin’s mile-a-minute dialogue in the context of a contemporary television news room.  Of course, the mess that is cable news is the object of Sorkin’s ire, and as our own Alison Willmore put it, the show is classic Sorkin…and that’s both a good and bad thing.

In the show Jeff Daniels plays the anchor dealing with the crazy state of 21st century news, “Law and Order” star Sam Waterson represents the old guard, and the cast is rounded out by the likes of Dev Patel, Olivia Munn and Alison Pill.

HBO has made the series’ pilot “We Just Decided To” available to view for free on the HBO websiteDailyMotion and YouTube

Take a look and let us know what you think below!

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Catherine Benamou

I was pleasantly surprised by this first episode, good pacing of dramatic moments, crisp writing, although the weight of the acting seems to fall on Jeff Daniels, Emily Moritmer, and stalwart Sam Waterston, and other assisting actors, such as Dev Patel, could definitely carry more screen time effectively. The videography in the first scene was particularly effective in tricking us into subjective alignment with Daniels' character, only to detach us in the next personnel change scene, and to become reattached from the confines of the control room. What the real strength is of this show is the willingness to take on actual historical events and take on the contemporary civic and moral quandaries in the U.S., taking some inspiration, I think from Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck. I am sympathetic to critiques of the strong dose of histrionics attached to women, and am interested in following how the producers and writers will treat the diverse cast, particularly curious to see latest show that touches on immigration and SB1070.

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