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2012 BET Awards Winners Telecast; Did You Watch? Was It ‘Too Big To Miss?’

2012 BET Awards Winners Telecast; Did You Watch? Was It 'Too Big To Miss?'

In case you haven’t heard, the winners of the 2012 BET Awards were unveiled last night, with categories in both music and film as always.

And since we care more about the film categories here on S&A, we’ll focus on those alone. I’m sure you can find the full list of all nominees and winners with a quick Google search.

Samuel L. Jackson hosted the July 1 awards ceremony, held at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditoriumas black Hollywood showed its wares down the red carpet, prepped and primed to give and/or receive. It was a night of music, movies, laughter, with an unexpected occurrence or two, all while Twitter feeds exploded with commentary from viewers, ranging from abhorrent to awesome.

Did you tune in? Do you care? Was it too big to miss (that was this year’s tagline)?

Last year’s awards show drew 7.7 million viewers; I haven’t seen what this year’s numbers were for last night; but I’m sure they’ll turn up soon enough, and I’ll update this post when that happens. I’d guess that it was probably more than last year’s figures, thanks in part fo the expected Whitney Houston tribute.

But as always, everyone had an opinion as to who should’ve been nominated or who should’ve won over the others, etc, etc, etc… although, unlike last year, there was no real audience backlash this year; 

This year, eyebrows were raised when Kevin Hart was awarded the Best Actor trophy over the likes of Don Cheadle, Idris Elba, and Denzel Washington.

In the Best Actress category on the other hand, Viola Davis’ win pleased most. 

And finally, in the Best Movie category, The Help picked up the trophy, over Good Deeds, Jumping The Broom, Laugh At My Pain, and Red Tails.

The backlash last year was quite overwhelming that BET chose to eventually formally respond; and they did so via Stephen Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials, and the executive producer of the BET Awards.

And I think maybe the most important thing Hill revealed that many would like to know is, how exactly the nominees are chosen each year:

“We assembled the [Voting] Academy. We try to make it as varied as possible. But when the Academy comes back with their results—again, it’s not any of our individual shows—that’s the decision we’ve made, to trust the Academy. When they come back with a decision, we stick by that decision… I want to be very clear. It’s not like, “Oh, we like four of them but we wanna stick Chris Brown in as an actor.” That’s who they voted for. Between music industry folk, bloggers, writers and fans, Chris Brown was nominated for an acting award [last year]… Like every time, there’s a collection of music industry folks, bloggers, music writers and, most importantly, a collection of fans that were gleaned from We call it the Voting Academy.”

So there ya go, if you’ve ever wondered…

See the full list of winners HERE.

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In my opinion, which I am allowed, BET used to be one of the most watched programs that showcased black entertainment at its best. What happened? There are many talented people who were not even nominated or even recognized. Is this a popularity contest or a true recognition of talent that is worthy of the award. But wait, BET is not black-owned anymore but black managed and to this I say, GET IT TOGETHER FOR NEXT YEAR.


FIRE! ALL THE GROUND & POUND HATERS EXIST STAGE LEFT! Okay, now that all the stuffy prudes have left the arena, let's talk that real thang. First, Samuel Jackson was arguably the best host in the history of BET awards shows. He was unpretentious and a natural. That "Husbands" skit was hilarious. When Samueal Jackson cutoff Kevin Hart's arm, I died laughing. And yes, the room was filled with beatiful black women with a WHOLE LOTTA ass. What's to dislike? And who can complain about the special awards given to Rev Al Sharpton and Maze, featuring Frankie Beverly? BET alloted enough time to do them right. Even ol'school D'angelo did his thang. But he better be careful. BET gave Heavy D a shot at a comeback and he died a few months later. **slapping my hands**. Nevertheless, I couldn't quite get into the new voices of music. The dude couldn't sing (imo) and the sistah's music just didn't touch me. But I do understand how Kevin Hart received the award for Best Actor. Let's face it, he carried much of "Think Like A Man" and his "Laugh At My Pain" was a huge hit with black audiences ( I know I laughed until I slobbered on myself). On the tribute tip, Brandy, Monica and Chaka Khan did the damn thang. The acceptance speeches where not overly long, with the exception of Yolanda Adams. Jiminy cricket, what was she talking about? But I did enjoy the gospel segment of the show. On the flip side, I could do without the rap and Chris Brown. I guess I just don't understand? I think I miss the days — and the flavor — of Tupac and Biggie…. nobody can touch that. Overall, as awards shows go, I give BET's 2012's offering a resounding 5 stars! On technical merit, I give the Technical Director a B-minus. Oh, I give Kerry Washington an award for trying to party like a sistah. And my most beatiful woman of the night award goes to…

Young Baby Daddy

The only thing" too big to miss" is Nicki Minaj's azz!!!
Lord be praised. She has a big future behind her.


They should just call it "The Black People's Awards 2.0," a la that In Living Color skit. SMH.


I didn't watch, but I may catch it when it re-airs. I think that all of the Black Awards shows should have a meeting of sorts and decide what each program will focus on and their respective voting processes. The BET Awards is not the NAACP Image Awards. So I understand if people win by "popular" vote. However, a clarification and distinction between 'comedic' and 'dramatic' performance is necessary. You can't just through folks in the same category. If Chris Brown was nominated last year, then why not a 'break through performance' or 'triple threat' category? At any rate, for better or worse, it doesn't REALLY matter b/c BET is engaging in fan service mostly not prioritizing the opinion of critics.


How many Denzel or Cheadle movies did most people see/enjoy last year vs Kevin Hart projects?

Based on the nature of the "Voting Committee," obviously that's the question you should ask, not who's the better actor.

broke artist

Who wins the awards is often irrelevant, because it does not seem credible. Folks tune in for the performances, fashion, and jokes. They should make a conscious effort to go below the surface of the radio heavy artist, and present new talent to the world. Don't have the fans vote!

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