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Aaron Run! Jeremy Renner Takes To The Roof In New Clip From ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Aaron Run! Jeremy Renner Takes To The Roof In New Clip From 'The Bourne Legacy'

So after “The Dark Knight Rises” throws a cape over theaters this weekend, summer is over right? Not so fast. While August overall looks pretty dismal with a remake (“Total Recall“), a sequel (“The Expendables 2“) and a Meryl Streep programmer (“Hope Springs“), there is one hope for a last burst of blockbuster entertainment: “The Bourne Legacy.” And it looks very promising.

After a couple of solid trailers, the first clip from the movie has arrived, and it’s pretty damn good. In the scene Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) and Marta — who is involved in Operation Outcome in some capacity — are already overseas and on the run from the local authorities. With a quick word of warning from a pretty spine-chilling yell from Marta, Aaron is out of the window and up on the roof evading the cops, before shimmying down a wall and knocking some heads. You’ll notice the Paul Greengrass shaky cam is gone, but the immediacy is not, and we’re still up close to every punch and head smash Aaron delivers. Nice stuff. And from what we hear, this is just the tip of a much longer sequence.

In case you’ve forgotten, the movie has been moved back slightly by one week to an August 10th release date. Mark your calendar and watch the clip below, which is followed by an interview with writer/director Tony Gilroy and Renner with AMC Theaters about their approach to this spinoff from the previous films.

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Good God not another rooftop chase.


i'll see any movie with jeremy renner and rachel weisz, i can't wait for august 10th


that's no big deal i jump off buildings and kick people in the face all the time, this does look pretty great though


Looks like the other movies.

charlie o

this seems pretty badass, glad they ditched the shaky cam too

art vandelay

man that really was a spine chilling scream from weisz, i'm definitly interested in this one


renner seems pretty awesome here. the action looks great


Oh a roof top chase, just like the last Bourne movie. exciting. Now if only there will be a motorcycle chase and at some point Cross will say he wants out and dont look for him.

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