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Amy Adams Joins Bradley Cooper & Jeremy Renner In New David O. Russell Film

Amy Adams Joins Bradley Cooper & Jeremy Renner In New David O. Russell Film

We can’ t have been the only one that felt that Amy Adams got a little cheated at the Oscars a few years back. Melissa Leo is a wonderful actress, and was very good in “The Fighter,” but she wasn’t even the Best Supporting Actress in that film, let alone among the nominees. That particular honor went to Adams, who was tremendous in David O. Russell‘s film, and if we’d had our way, it would have been her walking away with the statuette in February 2011, not Leo.

But it looks like Adams is going to have another chance at glory in a Russell film, as The Hollywood Reporter brings news that the actress, soon to be seen in Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master” and Zack Snyder‘s “Man Of Steel,” has signed on to the director’s latest picture. Formerly titled “American Bullshit,” and now unsurprisingly untitled, the film stars Bradley Cooper as real-life conman Mel Weinberg, who teamed with the FBI for a massive corruption case, with Jeremy Renner (who replaced Christian Bale in the film yesterday) as the agent in charge of the case. 

Adams will play Max Gardner, Weinberg’s co-conspirator and girlfriend, and it sounds like yet another part that’ll let one of the most gifted actresses of her generation show that she’s got far more range than we all suspected from her breakout rules in “Junebug” and “Enchanted.” Megan Ellison‘s Annapurna Pictures is backing the film, with Sony set to distribute in the U.S, and filming gets underway in February, so we could see this as soon as next year’s award season.

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Not one of, but rather THE most gifted of the actresses of her generation. In fact, the most gifted and versatile actress not named Meryl Streep working today.


Hey, guys, c'mon, don't be such jerks! When i came across with this article i got kinda irritated because Leo's performance in The Fighter was not just the best among other nominees but one of the most memorable and outstanding in a few years. Everyone already knows that Adams is a wonderful, just magnificent actress but lets not distract Leo's achievements too. She did just great in the movie and, i think most of others will support me, definitely deserved her Oscar.


Amy Adams in Catch Me if You Can with braces… yes.



I don't think you guys are from the New England area, but growing up near Boston, people like Leo's character are everywhere, and she pulled it off brilliantly. I definitely think she deserved the trophy.

art vandelay

great director, great cast, i'm definitly interested in this


No way, Melissa Leo deserved the Oscar. I believe Anne Hathaway will beat Amy Adams from winning the Oscar again for "Les Miserables." Hathaway showed she has unbelievable range in TDKR , and this is her year with TDKR and " Les Miserables."


The more I read your entries, Oliver, the more I like what I read. Totally with you on Adams' lived-in performance in THE FIGHTER over Leo's cackling performance. Not a fan of every Adams' role, but she owned it then and would have gotten my vote for the Oscar too.


Kind of an odd statement, Adams was good but the role was mostly against type and not as interesting as Leo's. I'm an Adams fan and she deserved it for Junebug (when's that new Phil Morrison film coming out?). She'll certainly get her due, particularly as long as she's in Weinsteins new stable.


Totally agree about the Fighter, plus I think she should have won for Junebug. Basically it just hurts me that Adams doesn't have an Oscar yet, and will probably get her 4th nomination in 7 years this year and still be overlooked.

Don't forget she also is in the new Spike Jonez movie, also produced by Ellison.

Anton Jacoves

What? That scene with Leo and Bale in the car singing to each other was the movie and both deserved their respective awards for that scene alone. Adams deserved it for JUNEBUG however.

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