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And The Nominees Are? (64th Primetime Emmy Awards)

And The Nominees Are? (64th Primetime Emmy Awards)

Congrats to Idris Elba (Leadest Actor In A Mini Series Or Movie), Don Cheadle (Lead Actor In A Comedy Series), Giancarlo Esposito (Supporting Actor In A Drama Series), and Luther (Mini Seires Or Movie), for their Primtetime Emmy nominations (specific categories in parentheses), announced just moments ago.

Any notable ommissions from your POV?

Maybe not much of a surprise, Scandal didn’t get a single nomination (maybe next year); and as much as folks continue to root for Regina King (for Southland) she was shut out as well (again, not much of a surprise to me).

Anybody else you think should be on this list that isn’t. Also, based on the actual list of nominees, who do you think will/should win?

Looking over Curtis’ predictions (HERE), he actually wasn’t so far off from the actual nominations.

I’m sure there’ll be the usual debates on who should have been nominated but wasn’t; who was nominated that shouldn’t have been; etc.

I also expect to see the usual articles lamenting the lack of diversity on the list of nominees in.

Tune in Sunday, September 23, 7e/4p for the live broadcast of the Primetime Emmys to find out who’s going to walk home with trophies this year.

For the full list of nominees, click HERE.

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Giancarlo, yay! Congrats to Idris for Luther as well.


I thought Regina King had a good shot at nabbing a nomination, but it seems the Television Academy isn't quite ready to forgive her for the "As White as Ever" letter she wrote a couple years ago.

D Wilson

I don't understand why they continue to shut out any women or minorities for their best Variety Program category. I think Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle have been the only minorities nominated in that category.

Bohemian princess

As much as I love Kathy Bates (I was sold after Misery) she really didn't deserve another nomination for that crap fest of a show known as Harry's Law. I watched the entire first season. Don't ask but that slot could have easily gone to another more deserving actress. Harriet Korn is not one of her finest roles. Dare I say I would have preferred to see Kerry Washington with a nomination. Not exactly the popular thing to say but whatev.


Guest Actress/Drama: Loretta Devine, GREY'S ANATOMY
Guest Actress/Comedy: Maya Rudolph, SNL; Margret Cho, 30 ROCK


Happy for Idris and Don but SOOOOOOO happy for Giancarlo!!!! I really hope he takes this one home.

I know it's too early to "predict" winners but I think Kevin Costner is walking away with the Lead Actor in a Movie/Miniseries. He did his thing playing Devil Anse. And the Hatfields/McCoys had record viewership for The History Channel.

And Madmen is a good show but 17 noms? Really?

I love Homeland. Glad to see their noms.

And I think Shonda Rhimes needs to tighten up the storyline for Scandal before the Emmy nods start rolling in.

Oh and I was shocked that Sophia Vergara's name was omitted from the Lead Actress Comedy category. Especially since Modern Family got 14(?) nods.

Other than that, no real "surprises" for me.

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