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Anti-Obama Doc Opens Big; But Get Ready for Precipitous Drop

Anti-Obama Doc Opens Big; But Get Ready for Precipitous Drop

Just like the Republican candidates who surged and fell in the Republican primary race, a new righwing agit-prop doc aimed at President Obama called “2016: Obama’s America” brought in big audiences at a single Texas movie theater over the weekend, but it will surely drop in subsequent weeks.

No one should make too much hay out of the opening numbers. Remember that Ayn Rand adaptation “Atlas Shrugged.” After the first solid weekend, box-office pundits were readying to inaugurate the deceased body of Rand the next female president of the U.S., then in its second weekend, the movie’s box office dropped 47%.

If “Obama’s America” expands to 400 theaters, as one of the producers indicated in The Hollywood Reporter article that has continued to give ink to a movie that doesn’t deserve it, you can bet per-theater numbers will be paltry. I know Obama is much despised by millions of Americans, but how many of those people go to gossipy and manipulative political documentaries? Go ahead, rightwingers, prove me wrong.

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There were 100 people in the screening room when we saw 2016, it was very informative & not
"anti obama" as this writer is determined to describe it. It merely gives the viewer backround on Pres O that the media in 2008 managed to overlook. That Pres O is basically a 3 rd world
influenced individual who sees US as an imperial nation that needs to *experience some misery*
like the 3rd world does. He will get that to us via joblessness, wealth redistribution, (taxes on wheelchairs, pacemakers, walkers, crutches, medical devices of all types,) high gas prices $3.77 & climbing, plus the crippling debt which he totally ignores & added to with a 9billion stimulus for his SEIU friends & his 530 million Solyndra grant dispersed to Pres O's campaign bundlers who were backers for Solyndra. Guess we can t say Pres O dosent look after his own. Way to go Barack.


Nothing like fiction.

Cindi Messing

I've been following the release of this film and was happy to see it finally released in our local theater. I saw the movie last night, and it was packed. The movie is very informative, and was fact – not propaganda – based. My sons, 23 and 20, were pleasantly surprised at how much insight they gained, and are now 'Facebooking' to get the word out. In their words, "You can't believe how liberal our universities are and how the school and teachers are trying to ram liberalism down our throats."

Jim Murphy

If there was a preciptous drop as your article suggests then why was the theater that i attended tonight packed? If that was a right wing movie, why do I view as nothing more thana statement of facts given to the viewer, who is intelligent enough to reach their own conclusion

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