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Calling All Actors, Writers, Editors, Producers… What’s Your Story?

Calling All Actors, Writers, Editors, Producers... What's Your Story?

We tend to focus heavily on filmmakers (directors), neglecting the fact that there are other crucial roles in the filmmaking process that deserve to be given their own platform; and I’m working to do just that.

For example, recently DP extraodinaire Cybel Martin began contributing a monthly cinematographer’s column for S&A, which many of you seem to really appreciate. 

And now I’d like to start doing the same thing for actors, screenwriters, editors and producers

So consider this a call for those of you out there who fall under anyone of those 4 labels who’d like to share their working experiences with the rest of the world. 

What would these contributions include? It’s entirely up to you – it could be about your process; an interesting or enlightening experience you had on a film set; how you approach your job; how you decide on what projects to work on; pet peeves; etc.

One of my goals in creating this site, if it’s not already clear enough by now, has been pull back the curtains on the process a bit, and give readers an insider’s first-hand account of what happens, that most of us will never see or experience. I think it’s easy for us on the outside to level criticism at the choices those on the inside make, and so I think having a better understanding of each role’s POV may inform our critiques, or possibly even eliminate them altogether.

Really, it’s all an education that I think is important. Granted not every experience is the same, which is why I hope we can get a nice wide variety of folks from all 4 categories to share their individual experiences.

I’ll say no more; if you’re interested, email me at, and we can chat further about whatever it is you want to share, and go from there.

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Emil B. Garuba

Good stuff for finally giving all the others involved in filmmaking a voice! Sometimes, they forget that a movie isn't just featuring the main shot callers (directors or producers). There are tons of people behind the scenes that make it what it is. All those people listed in the end credit scroll? Yep, they got paid as well and should be respected for their work. I'm one of the many screenwriters working in Nollywood (the Nigerian film industry) and we've got stories to tell…

other song

Great post, Tambay!

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