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Choice Skinner, Anton Troy Creating New Sci-Fi/Action Film ‘Alexus’

Choice Skinner, Anton Troy Creating New Sci-Fi/Action Film 'Alexus'

From Choice Skinner, long-time S&A reader/commenter and whose work we’ve featured on S&A in the past…

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2012 – Anton Troy of the Indie Cult Favorite “Chillerama” and actor/director Choice Skinner to create new sci-fi/action film “Alexus.”

The short film “Alexus” will star Troy, Skinner, Farley Jackson and George Vincent.

Troy is best known for his roles in “Chillerama” and “Filth to Ashes.” He is also one of the stars of Adam Rifkin’s upcoming scripted comedy “Reality Show” set to debut this fall on Showtime.

Skinner directed and acted in the award winning short “Brotherly Love.”

Jackson starred in “Brotherly Love” and “I Want to be a Soap Star,” while Vincent guest starred in “One Life to Live” and starred in “Devils Inside.”

The cast also includes Daffany McGarry Clark, Veronica Mejia, Leon Walker, Edwin Bennett, Juan Gil and Steven Molony.

Tony Germinario of Vincenzo Productions, LLC wrote the film’s screenplay, which is described as “Die Hard and Lethal Weapon meets The Fifth Element.”

The film will be shot in September in Los Angeles and will be produced by Troy, Skinner and Jackson.

Here is a brief synopsis of “Alexus”:

Anton stars as Gideon, an impulsive, brooding undercover detective, who, along with his watchful veteran partner Daniels (Skinner) must infiltrate the stronghold of Russian kingpin Ivan (George Vincent) to recover a mysterious package from what appears to be a routine drug deal. Everything goes smoothly until Gideon is gunned down and nearly killed during an unsuccessful negotiation. In the encounter, the thugs become suspicious and want to know what’s so special about their newly intercepted merchandise. Awakening in a pool of blood, and driven by a rage for justice, Gideon is forced to sacrifice everything — including the love of his life, his partner and his sanity — in a desperate effort to retrieve a package that he alone knows is far more precious than himself and maybe even the world.

The piece is a 30-minute short that the producers are planning to turn into a feature. A three issue graphic novel also is being made.

Those who are interested in helping to bring the vision to life can donate to the official Alexus Kickstarter page.

The Alexus Kickstarter page HERE.

Watch the video pitch below:

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My man, my man… Die Hard and Pulp Fiction and Sci-Fi. OOHWEE… that's a lofty goal. Bruce Willis and Quentin Tarrantino has huge shoes to fill. But I'd be interest to know the journey behind your new endeavor. You know, things like who first approached who? What's behind the name? How long have you been working on this project? What's your past connections with everyone involved? How do you, or whomever, determine your budget? Are the actors paid during "rehearsals"? How involved are you in the editing? What types of cameras do you use (and how many) ? How do you chose your locations and at what cost? Do you ever use gorilla style shooting? Who designed the poster and who's behind the opening graphics (I liked them)? Yes my man, I know, I am asking a lot of question, but inquiring minds want to know the whole package. :-) btw, I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley with that gun in your hand. You look like you might hurt somebody. But, you're the good guys in this short, right?

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